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YouTube New Rules....!! Did You Know That..?? YouTube Authorities Can Disabled Your YouTube Channel...!!

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YouTube New Rules....!! Did You Know That..?? YouTube Authorities Can Disabled Your YouTube Channel...!!

Hello friends how are you… ..? I hope everyone is good . I am good at the mercy of God. If no one is good, don't visit FlagBD. Thanks for coming to FlagBD.

Currently we all use smartphones. Many again watch different videos on YouTube. We search YouTube for much of our needs. After doing some search, I get the solution. Nowadays, YouTube is being recognized as a great medium for entertaining people.

There are so many of us
Marketing on YouTube or uploading videos to YouTube and earn money.

But now YouTube's new policy has left content creators worried. YouTube's new policy states that if the content is not profitable, then the entire channel can be deleted by the YouTube authorities.

YouTube's 'Account Suspension and Termination' section has added new terms, saying that if YouTube channel content does not seem commercially viable, YouTube or Google will terminate portions of Google accounts exclusively or completely.

The new policy will go into effect on December 10.

Analysts say that YouTube's new rules mean that if they can make money from YouTube user content, they will give importance to content creators, otherwise the YouTube channel will be closed.

Beginning last week, YouTube began notifying users about new rules. YouTube has also sent a mail to YouTube asking them to ease their new rules.

According to a report by the technology website Mashable, the terms of the new rules account closure are not clear to YouTube and users. They have not yet been able to say exactly whether the rules will apply only to content creators or to all YouTube account holders.

Earlier in 2018, YouTube changed the monetization rules. Strict rules for earning money from YouTube videos were put in place. In this way, many content creator channels closed the way to income.

YouTube authorities will find it very difficult to earn money for many youtubers given these new rules or policies.

Currently, many YouTube channels will be closed to give new policies to YouTube.

Currently the video sharing service site
YouTube. People are learning a lot at home now through YouTube. Again, many people chose YouTube as a way of income.

Please tell me how the comment looked like. And like

Top 5 Free SEO Tools for 2020.....!!

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Top 5 Free SEO Tools for 2020.....!!

Free SEO tools are really awesome, especially when they allow you to drive extra traffic to your website. At the same time, you will be able to earn money, rank, reputation, page rich, etc. Fortunately there are thousands of free and powerful SEO tools on the Internet. But the caveat is that there are some tools that can lead you astray.

As we all know, SEO is not a specific task. This is a changing process. Every year there is a change in the SEO industry. As a result, depending on a particular tool, it is foolish to invest now. Also, for those who are new, it is best to start with various online free courses without going to paid courses first. If you are interested in a free SEO course, here are the top 5 free online SEO courses.

Free SEO Tools:

When you do SEO, you must do a lot of work in less time. One of the reasons that SEO tools are needed is:

• Finding the Right Keyword
• Setting meta tags.
• Troubleshoot website crawling.
• Checking the URL.
• Analyze backlinks.

There are many tools available online that provide all of these benefits together. But the problem is most of them are paid tools. However, there is no reason to be disappointed with the SEO tool. Today I'm going to share with you a list of the top free SEO tools. I can claim that these tools are very effective, powerful and tested. And most interestingly, they are absolutely free.

Google Analytics:

As oxygen is essential for human survival, Google's free tools are just as important to online marketers. It would be impossible for them to survive without it. If you haven't used it yet, I'll recomend your Hailey to use it as soon as possible.

You won't find any other data source across the Internet that will give you high quality and so detailed information like Google Analytics. The current Internet is not Google-ruled. And you may be surprised to know that all the other services that you are using or thinking about will be collected by Google.

Google Search Console:

If Google Analytics is the oxygen through which online marketers breathe, Google's search console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is the food they eat.

Google Search Console and Google Analytics provide almost the same data. However, the type of data it provides from Google Analytics is different and easier. It is very easy to know which backlinks are harmful to your site and it is possible to take necessary action.

Keyword Planner:

An alternative version of Google Keyword Tools is the Google Keyword Planner. After logging in to your Google Ad account, you have to select Keyword Planner from the Tools menu and start working on it. It is very easy to do keyword research using it.

This gives the user a lot more benefits than the previous keyword tools.


Information is the main driving force of the Mausoleum. Using it will help you understand what SEO is really about. Basically, the information you need to know about Competitor for SEO represents a moment of fun.

It acts as a browser toolbar. When you visit a website, it collects all the information on that website. The process of getting reports from it is also quite easy. Visit the website you want, and click on the icon in the menu. All information on that website will come into your hand at the moment of the diarrhea.

This toolbar is available as an add-on for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Again it has separate software for Windows and Mac.

Neil Patel SEO Analyzer:

This is what I liked most about the tools I saw. No prior experience is required to operate this tool. At the same time it is one click tools.

All you need to do is paste the URL of this website here. The rest of the work will be done by the free tool itself.

With the Neil Patel SEO Analyzer, it is very easy to know the on-page SEO score, organic monthly traffic, organic keywords, backlinks of any website.

At the same time it is possible to know about health check, site speed check and other critical errors of the website. This tool will also point you to the SEO issues of your site so that you can easily fix your site's SEO issues.

All of the above free SEO tools help a webmaster to do SEO. Especially for those who are new to the SEO industry, I found it best to practice using these free tools without first using paid tools. Please be sure to comment any of your questions regarding the tools.

How To Upload Files And Folders To Google Drive..??

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How To Upload Files And Folders To Google Drive..??

Internet users almost all need to upload files to Google Drive. Google Drive is an online file storage service for Google. Here you can store up to 15 GB of files for free and download and use them anytime from anywhere.

Many times we cannot properly upload files to this cloud storage. When uploading the file again I could not arrange it properly. One of the best ways to organize files in the cloud storage is to keep the files in folders. Keeping a file in a folder size can easily find any file.

So considering these aspects, today we will discuss how to upload files and folders to Google Drive. One more thing, without Google Drive, if you want to have unlimited photos, you can use Google Photos.

Upload file to Google Drive

Upload rules to Google Drive:-
Since Google Drive is a cloud storage service, it is normal to upload files here. There are usually 3 types of files that can be uploaded. Namely:

☆ Document - Popular in document file are pdf, docx, epub, doc etc.
☆ Image - Popular among image files are jpg, jpeg, png, gif etc.
☆ Video - Popular among video files are mp4, mpg, avi, mov and so on
☆ Audio - Popular among audio files are mp3, amr, wav and so on

These are the 4 types of files we usually use. You can upload these files to your own account, as well as allow other people to upload the file, as well. However, for the time being we do not know how to upload files. There are 2 ways to upload files or folders to Google Drive. Namely:

☆ Directly through the website
Through that software

Again, uploading files or folders through software is like that. Namely:-
☆ Through computer software
Via the Android phone app
ত iOS or iPhone app

There is nothing to fear or worry about, no matter the medium, we will show the rules for uploading files or folders in all ways.

Upload directly via website:-
First let's look at how to upload files directly through the website. In order to upload files through the website, you must first access the website from any browser.

But keep in mind that this will work only on the computer. In order to work via mobile, the browser has to adapt to desktop mode. After logging in to Google Drive, you must be logged in to your Gmail account, and log in if not logged in.

When you log in to Google Drive you will see a box called New on the left side.

After clicking on the box, many options like the following will appear. If you want to upload the file from there, then click on the folder you want to upload the file and folder.

Now select the file or folder you want to upload, ie the file or folder you want to upload. Besides, if you want to upload a file or folder on your computer, the drug will be uploaded to the Google Drive website and the file will be uploaded. When the file is uploaded a green tick mark will appear.

Uploaded by Computer Software:-
The file can be uploaded directly through the software, as shown in the browser directly. And you can download the Google Drive software from the download link at any time.

Upload via Android and iPhone App:-
First you need to download and install the Google Drive app from the Play Store and the Google Drive App from the App Store for the iPhone. Once installed, you will need to log in to your Gmail account and Google account. Once logged in, sign in to the Google Drive app. Now click on the + button at the bottom right.

After clicking the plus icon you will get many options. Now if you want to upload the file, just click on Upload. And if you want to upload a folder, click on Folder and upload the desired file or folder.

Last words:-These are the simple and concise rules of uploading files and folders to Google Drive today. Note that the file you want to use again on Google Drive will need to be downloaded. This is why you can download and log into your account. You can also share the link and give others the opportunity to download.

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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Hosting,, Some Of The Lowest Hosting Service Providers [For beginners]

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Hosting,, Some Of The Lowest Hosting Service Providers [For beginners]

Assalamu Alaikum Hope you all are well. This article is for those who don't know about hosting. This post is mainly for their knowledge. Hosting services are required to host our personal blogs or business websites. There are also some types of hosting services. Again, finding the best web hosting at a lower cost is not as easy as we think. For that Google has to do some research. For beginners, the matter becomes a bit more complicated. So today I will discuss the types of hosting for beginners and some of the best hosting providers at low prices. Let's get started

What is hosting..?
Suppose you build a house. So what do you need first? You definitely need space, don't you? Hosting and so on. After creating your website you will need to buy a place online to connect it to the Internet or bring it online, where you will place your website. This place is hosting.

There are basically three types of web hosting:-
(1) Shared web hosting
(2) Virtual Private Server Hosting or VPS
(3) Dedicated server hosting
Shared Web Hosting:-
When many websites are hosted on a physical server, this is called shared web hosting. This kind of web hosting is suitable for those who have a personal blog or a small website, and for whom the size and cost of the server is more important than the bandwidth and functionality.

Namecheap offers the best hosting service for the lowest cost users. Here you will get 20 GB hard drive storage, 50 email addresses, cloudflare support and the convenience of installing all kinds of software for just $ 2.88 a month. NameChip is the best quality hosting service at your lowest budget. Learn more about them You can visit the website.
Virtual Private Server Hosting:-
When you start to visit more than 10,000 traffic to your website, you will need a Virtual Private Server or VPS.
Since a lot of traffic to your website is starting to come in, it does not make sense to use hosting by sharing with anyone else. Then you will need a Virtual Private Server. In this case, you have access to the entire server only and you can control it the way you want.

Inmotion is one of the best VPS hosting on SSD storage and excellent fast support. Even if you have only three VPS plans, you will get excellent uptime and fast tech support. Visit them to find out more about them From the website.
Dedicated Server Hosting:-
When your website starts to get so much traffic that VPS can't control it, you will need dedicated server hosting service. When used to control your website, including a complete private server, CPU, RAM, and system resources, it is called dedicated server hosting.

There are three plans for hosting a dedicated server. For 1 tera byte hard drive you will have to pay $ 105.69, 2 tera byte hard drive will cost you $ 166.59 and for 1 tera byte SSD storage you will need to pay $ 519.49. Visit their website for details Can come from

Before purchasing a hosting, be sure to keep in mind the current location, number of traffic, speed and price of your website.

So far this year, it will be another episode. Thanks.

Download Jamuna Tv's Newspaper Theme and Plugin for Free...!!

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Download Jamuna Tv's Newspaper Theme and Plugin for Free...!!

Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim. Assalamu Alaikum friends hope all is well. I brought you a new topic today.

The Newspaper theme used by jamuna television's website. This is a wonderful theme to look at. Very popular theme.

Theme: -
• Mobile friendly &
• SEO friendly.
• Adsense approved

There are many more that you can understand right when you visit the Jamuna Television website directly.
However, take a look at some of the screenshots and then download.

Demo: - Click Here

The download link is given below.

Download Here

Thanks For Visit

Allah Hafez.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Use Parrot OS Shell In Termux | Use Termux In The Command Shell Of Parrot OS...!!

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Use Parrot OS Shell In Termux | Use Termux In The Command Shell Of Parrot OS...!! How are you ?? Hope you are well. I'm fine too
He goes to the post without saying much.

Seeing the title of the post, you understand what I'm coming to tune in with today. Yes Brother Termux can use the Parrot OS shell. With this you can easily find out what kind of bad kinamber command you are typing. But he has to download a file that has been posted.


☆After downloading, place it in the Home directory of your Enternal Storage. Like the following 5

First open the Termux app and give the command

☆→ apt update

☆apt upgrade

☆pkg install nano


☆cd usr

☆cd etc

☆nano bash.bashrc

☆This time open the downloaded file with a text editor and copy it from PS1 to the end. Put your name here in Captain's place.

☆Come back to Termux this time and paste the copied parts here

☆Now press CTRL and X keys from your keyboard.

☆Enter this time
This time you see that you have Parrot OS Shell installed in Termux.

All will be well until today. Stay healthy God damn it

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

How to add Contact form Page in Blogger...??

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How to add Contact form Page in Blogger...??

Hi Guys!! Hope you are well. In this tutorial I will show you, "How to add a contact form on your blogger site in Page". Honestly, It is not a Hard work. We can do it in 3 steps. So, Let's do it.

Add a Contact Form Gadget in Layout

First, we need to Add a Contact Form Gadget in Layout. Login to your blogger Dashboard >> Layout >> Add Gadget >> Contact Form >> Save it

Hiding Contact Form From Your Sidebar

Then, we need to hide the default contact form from Blogger’s sidebar widget. Navigate to your Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML. Search and paste this code just above ]]>: Then save the template.

display: none !important;

Adding Contact Form To A Page

Now, we will add the contact form to a static page of your Blogger blog. Navigate to your Dashboard > Posts, and click on New Page and select Blank Page.
Now, in your blank page, click on HTML option to switch to HTML editor mode. Add following code and publish your page:

<form name='contact-form'>
Name<br />
<input class='contact-form-name' id='ContactForm1_contact-form-name' name='name' size='30' value='' type='text' />
<span style='font-weight: bolder;'>*</span><br />
<input class='contact-form-email' id='ContactForm1_contact-form-email' name='email' size='30' value='' type='text' />
Message<span style='font-weight: bolder;'>*</span><br />
<textarea class='contact-form-email-message' cols='25' id='ContactForm1_contact-form-email-message' name='email-message' rows='5'></textarea>
<input class='contact-form-button contact-form-button-submit' id='ContactForm1_contact-form-submit' value='Send' type='button' />
<div style='text-align: center; max-width: 222px; width: 100%'>
<p class='contact-form-error-message' id='ContactForm1_contact-form-error-message'></p>
<p class='contact-form-success-message' id='ContactForm1_contact-form-success-message'></p>

That’s it! Note that, It is just a Html structure but, You can also customize the contact form with custom CSS styling or jQuery. If you have any question comment below !!

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Upwork Or Freelancer - Which Is The Better For You..??

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Upwork Or Freelancer - Which Is The  Better For You..??

When you think of earning online, the first question you may have about the marketplace is upwork or freelancer. Currently Upwork and Freelancer are two popular websites. You can earn money from two websites and there are some differences between them even though there are jobs available. Knowing these differences, you can easily select the preferred marketplace.

Here are the top 10 marketplaces for outsourcing work. And every marketplace has its advantages and disadvantages. So knowing these advantages and disadvantages will help save you both time and money. Today, I will discuss in detail these two platforms, based on which you can make the right decisions for freelancing work.

First of all we will know the identity of the two marketplaces. Then I will discuss the two marketplaces as a freelancer and the reasons for choosing a single marketplace. So let's know if upwork is good for you or freelancer will be good.

Upwork or freelancer ...?

What is upwork ...?
Upwork initially had two separate freelancing marketplaces called Eleans and Odesk. Later, these two marketplaces came together to form Upwork. This was renamed and integrated in 2015. Upwork's current office is in Mountain View, California, USA. Stephen Casriel is currently the CEO of Upwork.

Upwork claims they have 14 million users in 180 countries in their marketplace. Freelancers earn about $ 1 billion annually from their marketplace. Understand the amount of work demand in their marketplace. Besides, they currently have 8 million registered clients and 1 million jobs in their marketplace. As a result, you do not have to worry too much about working on upwork.

What is a freelancer ...?
Freelancer is basically a marketplace where jobs can be posted and jobs can be taken. That means you can find freelancers to get the job done from here. This is a website similar to the one discussed earlier. This marketplace started in 2009. Founder and current CEO of Matt Barry. Its headquarters are in Sydney, Australia.

The marketplace has more than 30 million registered members, of which 15 million work regularly. Right now, there are more than 85,000 jobs in their marketplace.

Hopefully you get some information about the two marketplaces that help you finish the primary stage of deciding which one is better for upwork or freelancer. Now let's discuss what opportunities will be available in the two marketplaces.

1. User Interface
Upwork - Upwork's user interface design is relatively simple and straightforward. You can easily open an account. But after opening the account, they must get Approval from them.

Freelancer - The main attraction of freelancers is their attractive dashboard. In addition to their design simple, Gorgias. So in terms of the user interface, everyone is the best in their position.

2. Job Types
Upwork - Job types in upwork are two types:

Hourly Hours: A bell based job is where you set your hourly rate and the client will hire you. For example, suppose you are a graphics designer and your $ 25 per hour rate. Now if a client wants to hire you for his work, the hour he works with you will be $ 20 per hour. They will know how many hours you are working with their own tracking system software.

Price-based: The cost-based job is that the client will post one of the job offers. There, various freelancers will bid at the desired price. The client will then assign the work to whomever he wishes.

In addition, if you are divided by category, you will get a job if you are experienced in any of the following 12 categories. Jobs are mainly available in the following 12 categories.

• Web, mobile and software development
• IT and Networking
• Data Science and Analytics
• Translation
• Engineering and Architecture
• Design and Creative
• Legal services
• Writing
• Admin support
• Customer Service
• Sales and marketing
• Accounting and consulting

You can find out more about the free-lancing jobs you can do in Upwork in these 12 categories above.

Freelancer - Freelancer job type has three types namely:
Hour-based: The hour-based job is that you will be hired by the client for a certain hour and will be paid hourly based on your rate. This approach is essentially similar to a bell-based job in Upwork.

Price-based: Clients post jobs for value-based work and other freelancers bid there with a rate.

Competition-based: The competition-based job type is very similar to the 99 Design Marketplace. Here a client offers a logo design and other freelancers submit their logo. Once the deadline for the logo submission is completed, one declares the winner and pays them according to the prior announcement.

Besides, they also have different types of jobs in different categories like Upwork.

In terms of work, I will put the freelancer ahead. Because here you have the opportunity to do three types of work. But in Upwork you get only two types of work. However, if you plan to work here, find out how to start earning a freelancer account.

3. Subscriptions and fees
You should also take into consideration the subscription and fee aspects for choosing either Upwork or Freelancer.

Upwork - Upwork is paid through 5 such as:
• Direct deposit
• PayPal
• Bank transfer
• Local fund transfer
• Pioneer

There is usually a 3% charge cut on each payment method. Upwork requires a certain amount of charge to bid the job. In addition, they have premium membership benefits. And Upwork deducts money from freelancer payments based on a specific percentage. Namely:

• 20% off for the first $ 500 or less.
• 50% to $ 10,000 at 10%.
• 1% on $ 10,001 or above.

Freelancer - Freelancer also has premium membership benefits. And the method of taking their payment is like freelancer. Clients are charged 3% of the total money and freelancers are charged 10%.

Freelancer charges are very low when it comes to fees, so I think freelancers will be good for beginners. But upwork is best for high budget work. That is, if you want to earn more, you can work upwork. Freelancer, if you judge the relative ease of getting work done side by side.

4. Support
Upwork - The list of upwork's support systems is good enough. You will receive support from them in various ways, such as:

• Live chat
• Phone
• Online Massage Request System
• FAQ options

Freelancer - The freelancer support system is also good enough. But you will not get any support facility by making phone calls on it. Ways to get support:

• Live chat
• Online massage or email
• FAQ options

You may be wondering what else to do with the support on these websites, the income is real! One of the really important things about working on any website is their support system. What matters is how fast and well you get support. Many times, you do not get the money from the client or if there is a problem with your account, in which case you get faster support, more good luck for you.

5. Built-in app
Upwork - When you do a bell-based job, Upwork will provide them with a software called UpWork Team to regularly give clients updates on your work. With this software you can see if you are doing well.

This means that the app sends screenshots, memos, activity logs and pictures of the freelancer's computer. This allows the client to know the latest status of your work, as well as whether you are working for their hours.

The software for their desktops works on Windows Mac and Linux operating systems. They also have separate apps for Android and iOS.

Freelancer - Freelancer like Upwork has its own freelancer tracking software. You can use their desktop software on Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems. The functionality of this software is similar to Upwork's software. Apart from this, there are Android and iOS versions that allow you to do all the work in addition to bit by bit.

But good to say you can use third party apps without their own app. Built-in apps have two marketplaces in common. Therefore, it is not possible to put anyone ahead.

Last words:This time you decide whether your upwork or freelancer is good for you. If I have to say, I would say freelancer for beginners and upwork for old as well as experienced. But in my words, the decision will not be made, you have to think about your benefit and decide accordingly.

Best 10 Tips You Need Successful Do For Freelancing...!!

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Best 10 Tips You Need Successful Do For Freelancing...!!

Many people prefer freelancing rather than jobs. And there are many logical reasons to choose. Freelancing requires special skills like a computer, a net connection and something else. Many people started freelancing as a hobby and later took up freelancing as a profession. And when you consider freelancing as a career, you will need several things.

It is important to know how to take your freelancing career further, or how to lead a risk-free life through freelancing. Many see the beginning of freelancing very successfully, but later cover life with failure and disappointment.

One of the main reasons for failing freelancing is that you do not know the things you need to do for freelancing. Or you didn't even know it. However, today we will discuss the 10 things you need to do for freelancing. And after knowing these, you can earn money by freelancing from these top 5 websites

Everything you need for freelancing

1.General Chat Chat Lounge Plan
The key to success in any task is the right plan. Because, without a plan, no work can be successful. You also have to plan in freelancing. You have to decide what kind of skill you have and what type of marketplace you want to work in.

Websites or designs are sold in marketplaces such as themeforest or graphic river, while upwork or freelancer sites have bells, bids or content based work. Make the right plans for what you want to work on now. There are a few things you need to think about before freelancing the whole thing. Ex:

What kind of skill do you have? How is the language past skills or Communication Skills?

If you need a computer to work, is it there? What kind of marketplace do you want to work in?

2. Ideas
If you have no idea what you want to do freelancing on, then bringing sixteen of your freelancing career is useless. In order to be successful freelancing you need to have the full idea of ​​your skills and marketplace.

For example, if you want to do freelancing of graphics design, you must have the idea that graphics design can be sold on any website. Or, you should have ideas about different ways to earn from graphics design.

Similarly, whatever sector you do not want to be freelancing, you must keep enough ideas about that sector. Another way of earning an idea or knowledge is to do enough research on that subject, study it, note it down, look at the subject repeatedly.

3. Pricing
Pricing is one of the steps of freelancing. No matter what kind of freelancing you do, if you can't determine the right price you will lose work. For example, if the bell-based job is not rated correctly, then the client will lose. Besides, if you bid abol at the time of bidding, then it is more likely to not work.

On the other hand, if you work in the market place of Invato type, if you cannot pay the right price for your product, then your product will not be sold. So, you understand that you need to determine the value of your work and do it in a very thoughtful and accurate way.

If you are new to any job and have entered the marketplace like Upwork or Freelancer, you can rate your working hours at a modest price. That is, 1 to 5 dollars. If you rate higher than that at the Beginner level, no one will want to hire for work.

Again, if you are an expert in a task, you need to rate a little higher. Otherwise you will suffer from two sides. One, your income will be lower. Two, the client will hesitate to hire you. Therefore, determine the true value of your work.

4. Savings
Freelancing is a free profession and hence saving can be called compulsory. Because, there is no guarantee that you will get the job up front. And if you spend all the money as soon as you get the money, then you will have to pay back in the future. Therefore, a certain portion should be saved by measuring the expenditure sector.

5. Holding Clients
For those who do client-based freelancing, the client is the heartbeat. So try to retain every client. In addition to protecting the client, always try to get the best out of the job. Things you can do to keep a client going:

• Emphasize the client's needs.
• Bring transparency into the work.
• Deliver work on time.
• Try to provide additional services.
• Ask questions if you do not understand the task.

6. Discipline
Since freelancing is an independent profession, many people actually live a very bundled and disciplined life in this profession. It's a very bad habit. Discipline is very important for freelancing. By doing this you will be able to retain the client, while also keeping your life neat.

7. Perseverance
Freelancing is impossible without perseverance. When you ask all the famous and successful freelancers of the world about success, they will first speak of perseverance. They continue to try, even when clients are not available or fail repeatedly at work. So you must be diligent when doing freelancing.

8. Portfolio
If you are a new freelancer, you must have a portfolio. As a new freelancer they will verify you as soon as you see this portfolio. The words in your mouth and they will not understand how experienced you are. So if you want to start freelancing, create a portfolio of your work.

9. Research
Research or research means keeping yourself updated and aware of what is currently in demand. Do market research, try to understand what is currently most demanding. Try to find your own weaknesses. Try to understand the pros and cons of successful freelancers. Always try to learn something new.

10. Ability to withstand criticism
To be a good freelancer, you need to be able to withstand criticism. However, it does not have to be criticized. You need to correct that yourself. Improve yourself by seeing the client's criticism positively.

Last words:This was a brief discussion of the things you need to do for freelancing. In fact, freelancing will have to be done carefully if you want to become a successful freelancer. So keep trying to implement these things within yourself.

Create An Auto Message Reply Method On Your Facebook Page....!!

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Create An Auto Message Reply Method On Your Facebook Page....!!

We all use less and less Facebook. And now even if a kid is told that, say, what is Facebook? "He can tell.

Because Facebook is now 6 years old to 60 years old and uses it. I think people in the current age are the most read about Facebook.

So now the point is that Facebook is not just about chatting with each other but it does.

In addition to chat, Facebook has many other futures. You know it better than me. Today I will discuss the message system of Facebook page! Facebook page is not for everyone!

It is made for some of the most famous people, homes, institutions, etc.

Suppose you are a fan of YouTube more than other youtubers. Now you can open a Facebook page like this!

In fact, at present I have seen many people who are not famous but have opened their own official fan page.

Again like on those pages 50000,60000. Can they be imagined? How can he get such a liking without being a famous man? What else will I say? He took auto likes. Now exclude these.

Who have their own pages. No one is always active on Facebook. So what if someone gives a message to your page at that time?

I will show you today how to do auto message system on facebook page.

So let's get started:-
I opened Facebook Lite.
You can do whatever you want with it.

Now click on the menu shown.

Click on the Page option.

A list of all your pages will appear in front of you.
Go to whatever auto message system you want -

Now click on Show.

So now click on Edit Settings.

Go to Message Settings.

Now, first turn on the Instant Reply switch.
Then… click Edit you instant reply.

When someone gives you a message on this page, give the robot what to answer.
Then save.

I also did the system on my page to show in this tutorial.
So let's click on the message that shows the evidence.

I just typed HI and made a message immediately and the reply came out!

If you have a little interest in reading today's topic, then of course you will come back to visit our site.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

[Power DiRector Android App MOD 6.3🔥] Use The Power Director MOD To Create Premium And Mood Versions Of Android's Best Video Editing App For Free With Out Water Markless Professional Quality Video Edito..!!

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[Power DiRector Android App MOD 6.3🔥] Use The Power Director MOD To Create Premium And Mood Versions Of Android's Best Video Editing App For Free With Out Water Markless Professional Quality Video Edito..!!  

Today we bring you the best paid version of a video editing app for free. Let's go to the main topic anyway.

The app I will share today is PowerDirector. This is a reliable consumer-level video editing software. All kinds of people can easily edit any video professional quality with this app. It is perfectly adapted to fit the user experience and confidence level.

Some of its key features include express project, magic movie wizard, 360-degree footage, action camera tools, motion tracking, content aware and multicam editing, and encoding. The Power Direct app is very important for all new youtubers.

This app was published in the Play Store in 2014 and has been downloaded more than 50 million times since then, this app from the Play Store, as well as nearly 1 million people on this app. This app has a current Play Store rating of 4.6 ★

The Power Director app will make any of your videos more appealing. Let's take a look and what features come into this app.

Key Features of Pro:-
• Full Version Unlocked
• Reflection on the video
• Can change Blur, Opacity, Shadow, Border, Fades, 3D Setting etc.
• Resize video to give 3D design look up
• Can use RediMate Particle.
• How many Redemption Templates you can use for All Pax Untext?
• Effect can be used in video or image effects.
• Edit, enhance and personalize your video files
• Easily add audio tracks, text titles, transition effects, video filters to the video.
• All Sales and Services activities have been deleted
• All types of AIDS have been removed
• No watermark of any kind
• There are several 2D and 3D transitions as well.
Most interestingly, you can download templates for this software from their website.

So this was such a special quality of this app, however I use the Power Director app myself so I can say you can edit any video easily and I am giving the premium version so no tension.


Download From (rexdl): Download

Download from (moddroid): Download

Google Play Store: Google Play

How to install and activate:-
Download the app from what you like from the 2 download links above

Once downloaded, click on the app directly from the browser or from where you saved it

Follow this unless you have previously installed apps other than the Play Store (settings> security> allow unknown sources.)

Diameter, this was the method of downloading and installing

It was as much as a rule. I hope everyone understands everything if you have trouble understanding it, comment in the comment box. And if you have a little benefit in today's post, you will visit our site.

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What is Udemy..?? How To Download Free Development Courses From Udemy For Free...!!

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What is Udemy..?? How To Download Free Development Courses From Udemy For Free...!!

What is Udemy..?
Udemy is a popular online learning platform. Udemy has video courses on various topics through which anyone can do different types of skill development. For those who want to do something good in the IT sector in this technology world, this may be the best option to learn. Udemy has various video tutorial based courses like Web Design & Development, Programming, Graphics Design, Networking, Digital Marketing, Life Style etc.

Why Udemy...?
Those who work in the IT sector to build their careers in the current IT sector or in the freelancing world, they take courses in various IT and many are unable to attend these courses due to lack of money and those who have been admitted do not get the result. In this world of technology, money has become easier to live by showing the way of income rather than income. In our country, various offers of IT are being accepted by accepting lots of money, such as some offers - earn free money in six months, earn six months of web design, earn free money, learn free web designing online freelancing career. Do not believe what these guys are saying? Yes, it really does not admit to the greed of the students but they tell them the real money does not say in the freelancing world.

Events go around learning something about IT, they are often fooled by this kind of betrayal, but again this is not the case at all IT. At present, it is seen in the work and do not learn as well as they do not match their words, without some good IT. The IT institutes or online Bangladeshi mediums who offer to teach different tasks say the truth is less. So be careful before looking for any IT admission and remember that IT institutes do not teach everything and there is no end to learning. It is important to learn and practice on your own.

Now let's talk so much about the real thing that you will find the reality and say it is your responsibility to say it. Udemy is giving you various skill development opportunities wherever you are betrayed. Different professional people here create different video courses and here you will not be tempted to earn money, they will lure you in the beginning, in the course of learning what to do because they have come to teach you the truth and take some dollars as a result. As many of us know, Udemy is a paid online learning platform, sadly here I am saying that Udemy is an international site and here we have to buy various courses in dollars and which is difficult for the elite of our country.

But don't worry I'll show you today how to download Udemy different courses for free. It is not just for them that they can afford to buy the courses but please those who have the ability to take the course must pay the respect of your teacher. As I have said before, this is an international site so often the courses are in English but there is no reason to be afraid that those who know fairly English can easily understand the videos and if they do not understand English then they will come here first. And if you can't learn English by watching the video, then there are videos on the subject on YouTube. Keep learning by watching these lessons when you learn English.

One thing to note is that if you can't learn by watching a video, then if you are looking for someone to teach you by failing in your hands, then it is very difficult because you will see all those who have gone to a good level to learn the job online. Try to learn more and more yourself The end of learning so you have the ability to learn beyond the course.

How to Download a Free Course: -(Udemy paid course for free)
To download to Udemy Paid Course Free, we need to do two steps: install a software and see where to download it.

1. Utorrent Software Setup:-
First, utorrent from their official site Utorrent Classic

Download the version or download the Utorrent Classics Pro Version from here

Take it down. If you have an Android phone, you will also get the Utorrent App on the Play Store for that.

Once the software is downloaded, install it.

2. How to download udemy paid course for free:-
Now we will see how to download Udemy paid courses for free. We will download courses for free from a website where Udemy will find popular courses. You may not find the course you are looking for, but you can easily find another course on the same subject. The site name is:

First, enter Udemy's web site and search for the thing you want to learn or find out can be Graphics Design, Programming, Web Design and Development. Or you can visit Direct Freecoursesite to find various category search options there and choose which one you prefer.

After entering Udemy, select any course of your mind that you would like to learn, then copy the title of that course.

Now visit the Freecoursesite and look to the right of the search option and paste the name of the course there. Then you will see if the course is going on. If there is no course on that site then there are some more sites on this site. Find a course Since I got the course, I clicked on the post and entered.

Now see the end of that post, click Download Now.

Then a short link will take you to the site and scroll down to get a recapture and fill it and click here to continue. Then wait 10 seconds then click Getlink then a torrent file will be downloaded for KB only.

You can find the downloaded file in the download folder on the computer or where you are downloading the file directly from the browser.

After opening the file, Utorrent will enter the software and you can select from below the download location and make sure all the files are selected.

If all is well, download will start and download will take time depending on the size of the downloaded file.

Hope you understand if there is a problem with the place, please comment and apologize for any errors in my words. Please visit our site daily to get different types of posts like this.

You can visit our site https://www.FlagBD.Com to get a variety of tips and tricks

Note: If I was doing a series of blogger tutorials on FlagBD, then I would be giving them videos on my YouTube channel continuously to better understand new ones. If you want, I will share the videos in this box.

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