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Make A Small Apps And Earning From Admobe. [First episode]

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Make A Small Apps And Earning From Admobe. [First episode]

Assalamu Alaikum. How are you friends? Hope you are fine? And so today I brought you a wonderful post.

Adsense is the best way to earn online. And it is very difficult to get this AdSense. So not everyone gets adsense.

But Google has another podcast called Admobe. It doesn't have to be extra hard to get Admobe. ADS just started to make some good apps after getting some users.

Today, I will teach you how to easily build an app and earn it?

Today, let's not create apps first. Today we will create apps for a small site. And in those apps, admobe ad nibo.

So first of all go to the following link: 

Click Here Thunkable For Make App

Sign in with Google+ now.

Now click on the "Create New App" text.

Name the apps like Twicebd.

Now come down a little to the right.

Delete the title by clicking on the title Visible text from the screen.

A lot of times there are problems with the ads coming to the title.

Come down a little to the left.

Now click on the "Experimental" text.

This time we will take Ed.

First, drag the Admob Banner Ad to the top of the screen.

Put another one down again.

This type of text may be displayed while dragging the ad.

So click on OK.

Now, place the "Admob Interstitial" ad and drag it between the screens.

Now click on the user interface interface to the left.

Now just drag and drop Web Viewer right in the middle of the screen.

Now click on Web_Viewer1 on the right and go down.

Enter your site link in the Home Url text.

E.g. http://www.FlagBD.Com/

Now click on the above Blocks text.

Now, by clicking on the Screen 1 text to the left, click on the screen next to When screen 1 intelizise do and then drag the white spot to the left.

Now click on the web viewer and call web viewer. Go to url and drag it back to the empty space.

Now click on Text.

Now take the blank box and bring it back to the blank.

Now set all as shown and click on the place shown.

Now put your site link or any site link there.

So we said that it would be two episodes.
So in the first phase, I will show you the ad code.

Now click on Export to save the apps and click on App (Save my computer).

Make A Small App And Earn Money From Admob [Last Episode] 

Like today, I am leaving here. Stay healthy at the moment.

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