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Hack Facebook Account - Using Termux✔️ No Phishing ✔️No Brute Force Attack

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Hack Facebook Account  - Using Termux✔️ No Phishing ✔️No Brute Force Attack

Let everyone know at the beginning ️ AssalamuLaikum ️ ️

Hope everyone is well. Alhamdulillah I'm good too.

So today I will share with you a great tutorial. Today I'm going to show you.

New way to hack Facebook:
We have only been posting about phishing or brute force attacks so far.

Today, I will show you how to check the password of all your Facebook friends with just 1 password.

That means, if you attack with password123, all your Facebook friends will check the password with which the ID will be hacked.

So let's get started:

Install the Termux app first

Issue Commands For Installation

Kpkg update && pkg upgrade

Kpkg install git python python2

⭕git clone

For Run This GitHub

⭕cd flb


In fact, you will understand that you are doing everything right.
Now you need to login with your Facebook ID number and password

NB: You cannot login with email, you must login with number 

Inlogin successfully

Login to the forum

Now you have to give a password that is used by ordinary people.

I'm giving you the password: i love you

This password will be checked on the ID of all the friends you have.

Heck when it matched.


I have an ID password, i love you

Now login to that ID
Facebook ID number and password e are sufficient.

Facebook login page:

Email or phone: 1000089653674
password: i iove you

So you can hack like this.

Note: The ID I am hacking is changing my ID and my ID password now. So, don't try to login to anyone.

I hope everyone likes my post.If you have any problem please leave a comment.

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