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Make Small App And Earn  Money With Admobe

Make A Small App And Earn Money From Admobe...!!! [Last Episode] 

Assalamu Alaikum How are you ?? Hope you are well
First of all, I got a lot of love from those who have been waiting for my second episode.

I apologize to everyone for being so late in giving me the second episode of this poster.

However, those who see the previous post and the next post will be able to take adadata today.

In a previous post I showed how to create a site app?

And in today's post I will show you how to add to the apps we have created?

And those who have not seen the previous post are watching it will not be disturbed. Be harassed unnecessarily.

Make A Small App And Earn From Admob. [First episode]

Now let's get started:

First of all, go to the following link:


Now Flow The ScreenShort:
According to the above will be a page. Now click on Get Start.

If you do not have an Adobe account, then create an account. Then login with your mail

Click the place shown above

Click Apps Apps.

Click on ADD APP text.

If you have uploaded the app that you created in the Play Store then yes and no then no.

Our app is Android so give Android.

The app is created in Adobe Now we will take the ad so click on Ad unit.

At first we had two banner ads on our apps so here we will take two ads.

Now click on Create ad unit.

The ad unit has been created. Now copy the ad unit shown above.

Now go back to Thaunkable. Open the app that you created in the previous episode.

Now click on Admob Banner 1 on the right.

Now paste the copied ad unit. In the same way, again create another admob banner ad unit and place it on Admob Banner 2.

And this time I will take interstitial edata. So click on the ad unit.

Now select Interstitial Aid.

Again add the name of the ad unit.

Copy the ad code above as well.

Then come back to Thankable and click on Interstitials and paste the ad code.

Now click on Export and save.

I hope you understand? I will appear in front of you with such extraordinary content.


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