Wednesday, October 30, 2019

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Now You Can Create PDF File On Your Phone....!! Any PDF File Create In Just One Minit....!!!

Assalamu Alaikum Is everyone hoping the news is all good, I am good to Alhamdulillah with your blessings too!

The topic of today's post is completely different and let's start without raising the word

In fact, what I will show you today is that you can easily create any pdf file and share it with your friends without the help of your phone.

Everyone does not see the post with skinsort from below. Everyone will follow Screenshot well.

That's why you open your phone's Note pad or Memo

When docked on Notepad, you can write whatever you want by clicking the + icon!

You may notice that a new page is launched in front of us

Once you have everything written down, you may see that there is an option called More on the right side and click on it.

Then you can see a text called print to take it over

After Kara, a page like this will be opened, then clicking the red mark there will open another page

So you can see that we can sort our pdf file here just like we can arrange and change the color and color!

After you have done everything right, when you click on the yellow text named pdf, your file manager will open. You can place the pdf file as you wish.

You may notice that my pdf file has been created. Hopefully everyone understood then and those who did not understand please contact me on social media

If there is something wrong, then you will see forgiveness.

Many thanks for reading this post so carefully

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