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Any Apps Can't Use 1KB Data Without Your Permission...!!!

Any Apps Can't Use 1KB Data Without Your Permission...!!!

Assalamu Alaikum Hope everyone is fine. Today I came up with another excellent apps review.

No more fear of losing data !. Now you have control of everything! . Drag the data itself...!!!

App Name: noRoot Firewall
Link: Play Store

This app is a data saver app. No more unnecessary MB spending. Now 100% control is in your hands! . 1 kb data and may not be used without your permission.

The NoRoot Firewall app can stop using data from all apps and system apps in your phone. Especially Google Play Service. If you notice that Google is taking data from you in 24 hours! Phone Data Saver Can Do Nothing to Google! The net continues to be used throughout the day. NoRoot Firewall can be pulled from Google.

There are data saver apps like Google and noRoot Firewall. However, it is the same to use and keep a cock hostage near a fox. Using the noRoot Firewall increases browsing speed. Because this app can stop data usage in the background.

noRoot Firewall launches VPN service. It does that app on Google. When VPN is turned on it is not really like VPN. This is because VPN is launched so that no other apps can run without the permission of noRoot Firewall. While VPN is running, it does not use data like VPN.

When you start the app, the data on your mobile will be handed over to you completely.
From there you can see Pending Access Some apps are waiting for your permission to use data. Tick ​​the apps you need or the apps you need. And cross-mark those whom you will ban.

When you go to an app and you can't use the data! If no tick mark is given.

If you have questions,
noRoot Firewall uses data manually. ?

Answer: No one is saint. Turn off NoRoot Firewall's Background data from your phone's settings. Then hopefully the data will not be used. So far today.


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