Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Best Cricket Game..!! I have Ever Played In My Life..!!

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The Best Cricket Game..!! I have Ever Played In My Life..!! 

The best cricket game I have ever played in my life, unless the cricket lovers see pasta.

Assalamu Alaikum. How are you all I hope you are fine. Not just a two-team game, but now it has become a money game there. Let's talk about that. We know that Android Deplover of India Itya continues to create new games must be played apanara Cricket Career, Real Cricket, wcc2, and played the game.

Some of you may have also played the game I will share with you today. I've been playing for a month. The game is called world cricket bettle. Let's not forget the details of the game

Benefits of the game:-
We have the most favorite feature player action in the game. If you want to play in the IPL then you will be given a fixed amount by any team that you can buy a player of your choice.

National Anthem:-
Here is the national anthem of all the groups. Stand still while singing the national anthem

Multiplayer System:-

Here you can play two friends with each other with a data connection

New Tournament:-
Here you can enjoy the fun of all types of tournaments of 2019

Many stadiums:-
There are more than 20 stadiums, including many big stadiums around the world, including India

Also the BGM is very good. You will receive fluency in two languages. English and Hindi

There are many more things to say that will go a long way

Disadvantages of the game:-
The game is 301 mb (which is a little more than the good price) .This game will cost you a lot of RAM.

The game charges a little more..!!

It is normal for each item to have both advantages and disadvantages. Those who wish to play may not download from the Play Store by download or download from the bottom (if you wish).

click Here For Download

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