Thursday, October 3, 2019

Flight Mood Is On..!! You Can Turn On The Internet..!!!

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Flight Mood Is On You Can Running The Internet..!!!

Hello friends, Many of you are running the net while your mobile is heating up! This problem is mostly due to Xiaomi Mobile. How can you operate the net with flight mode on. You can. Phone is not hit when flight is on mobile. But when the flight mode is on, the SIM is off, isn't it! No problem
First of all, go to Network Settings on your phone and make a data connection that you want to run on the SIM net.

After turning on the flight mode, go to Dial Paid on the mobile and dial Dial Karun * # * # 4636 # * # *.

Click on the SIM you want to turn on the data. Then, when you scroll down you will see an option called Mobile Radio Power and click on it.

Diameter Now Run the net. To return to the previous state again, the flight will be on mode.
If you don't understand, take a look at the skinshots below:

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