Thursday, October 3, 2019

How to set specific custom url to a blogger page..??

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How to set specific custom url to a blogger page..??

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A custom URL on a page of the blog site enhances the beauty of the blog, giving the visitor a clear idea about that page, which may interest the visitor; This increases the number of visitors.

By default, there is no option to set a custom URL on a Blogger page, but it is possible to adapt to a simple rule by using a small one. The first thing you need to do in this regard is to follow the steps below.

1. What you want to set as the URL of your page is to first copy it into a Notepad or a text editor, and place it in your clipboard.

Let's say your desired URL is about us. To view it as a URL, we need to copy about. This will result in your entire URL structure -

yourdomainname.ext / p / about-us.html

That is, the space between the words about and us will become a dash or a hyphen (-).

2. Now, by logging in to your account on Blogger, go to the Pages screen from the sidebar of the desired blog, click on New Page.

3. Now quickly paste the copied text into your clipboard into the Page title box, then click the Save button. Do this step so fast that you cannot get Blogger autosave before pasting the copied text. Maybe every 30 seconds Blogger gets autosave.

Well, here's the custom URL for your page. Now you can edit the title of your page and edit it.

Blog pages are very important content for a blog. Because they carry important content like Contact or About Us. Also, a blog may have different pages about different topics that are different from blog posts. So custom URL is needed to bring creativity to the blog.

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