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Now Great Way To Earn From ....!!

Assalamu Alaikum How are you ?? Hope you are well In fact nowadays, the first thing I hear about income from the Internet comes from client-based work on upwork or other freelancing websites. Some people again think of advertising as the only way to earn money online because of the lack of work skills. Many people suffer from depression by failing to earn these rules.

Because we know how difficult it is to account for upwork or other marketplaces from Bangladesh at present. On the other hand, even though it is possible to earn an ad, he has no reason to choose him as his profession. But we should all understand that there are no rules to prevent income from the internet. You can earn money in exchange for any work you do. In today's post, we will talk about ways to earn from, which recently became popular in Bangladesh.

Income from ...!!
The e-commerce industry is expanding rapidly in our country. People now choose to buy all the products they need online. Because of that, everyone in Bangladesh is now fairly familiar with They have set the key to their success in Bangladesh's e-commerce industry. Thousands of their products are being sold all over Bangladesh every day. If you want, you can easily earn from

How will be income ?? has an affiliate program whereby you can get up to 9% commission on Daraj's sale products. For those who have no idea about affiliation, affiliation is a kind of digital marketing. If a buyer buys you a product through, then will pay you a commission on the total value of the product you are selling.

What Are You Doing Is...??

You must have your own website or blog to do this. Then you need to be a member of's affiliate program.

Then you have to join affiliation program to earn from by clicking here Then you have to select different products from Daraj in line with your website or blog

Suppose if your website is trendy, then you can select different make-up, cosmetics products, or if cooking is banana, you can select different cooking ingredients or kitchen items. Then do some nice article on your blog or website with that product.

If you have selected an electric oven, write about the good aspects of the oven on your website, why it will be of benefit to the buyer when purchasing it from, and give your affiliate link. If the buyer is interested in the product, he or she must click on the link and purchase from And once the product is sold, you will receive your commission.

Payment process and other benefits:

Among the benefits available to you when you join the affiliate program to earn from ..!!

9% commission is available on the products sold. That means if you select a product whose value is 100 rupees and the commission is 9%, then if the buyer from your website buys it, you will get a commission of 9 rupees each time you sell it.

If a customer goes to Daraj dot com from your link, you will receive your commission even if the buyer purchases the product directly within the next 30 days.

You can receive your commission through any bank in Bangladesh.

If you join the affiliation program, there are a handful of skilled support teams to assist you all the time.

There are powerful dashboards for viewing and verifying different information from customers coming from your website.

In addition to affiliation, you will get their ad partnership program through which you can earn money by showing them various advertisements on your website.

The concept of affiliation is nothing new online. But to rank a website in English, it requires a lot of hard work and expertise. Moreover, a lot of money has to be paid for the work. Because of the lack of English language skills, we usually have to write content from a freelancer outside, which is much more expensive. It is possible to earn a lot of money from by selling a product by writing your own article by standing up for a Bangla website.

If you would like to set up a website in full Bangla language from Bangladesh and give full tutorial on how to earn from, then please comment. If you are interested, we will post a full series on it, showing you each step by step. So if you are interested then please comment now.


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