Monday, October 28, 2019

Now Use Google Assistant In Bangla...!!!

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Now Use Google Assistant In Bangla...!!!

First of all, I hope everyone is well. After posting about 6 months in a very large space, once in a while, we get busy taking our own life, because of this we can not come up with anything new. No, but love for Trickbody will always be strong.

Subject: Google Assistant As we all know, there is nothing new to say about this, and those who do not know about Google Assistant will do a little Google search and get all the information. We are many people who are very weak in English so Google Assistant. We can not use the relation Robin is in Bangla.

Let's get started! First press the home button and turn on Google Assistant, then click on the profile picture at the top corner.

Then go to Settings

Go to Assistant> Language

Select Bangla (India)
Then see the Android Language Setting down there go to it ..

Here and select Bangla (India) ..

The base is now pressed the Home button and see Google Assistant now in Bengali

Today's post I just finished here, if anyone has any problem please comment.

Allah Hafiz.

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