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Very Easily Get High Rank Your YouTube videos..!! And Increase More Views...!!!

Very Easily Get High Rank Your YouTube videos..!! And Increase More Views...!!!

Assalamu Alaikum. Hope all is well. Alhamdulillah I am very good. You are here to teach people. Yes, I accept that nothing happens without interest. But it is not only by self-interest, but also for learning something
The reason is, after getting some good earning issues, you turn 14 of the same post into the same topic 14 times and post it 14 times.Many others post 1 day unpublish the post, then publish it again after 2/3 days.
Does this have any meaning bro ?? The question was ... Now let's come to today's Topic

Today's topic is how to rank youtube videos - Many of us are very keen on being a good YouTubeer. After making a lot of trouble making videos, frustration comes when there is no view. That is normal In fact, to be a YouTuber you have to work with a lot of patience and hard work. Keep uploading regular videos, make videos with popular content. Although I'm not a big youtube myself, I'm fairly new, using tips and tricks.
The above were motivational talk - now in the post

The view is not so. Again and again, if you work on my tunes today, your video will get a million views. If you bring a video tag of another subject to your content, then Public will not see what the profit is. Create content that everyone can see. That will be the view when people are interested in it. So today I will show you an app that will get you a good tag for your video. Now some will say that there is a post about it, that is a post on a website. But I'll give you some extras that will help to get a bit of a view. That is to copy the tags of any video from any video. 
★ If any viral video's tag is placed on your video, your video is likely to reach more people
★ Your video is more likely to go viral
So let's get started

You need an app first

App Name:- YouTags Pro

You can also find the Google Playstore or find the link below

The video I showed you with the tag is just for you to show. If you give a WWE tag on a cricket video, tell the profit, the public will see WWE, not cricket. So take the video tag according to the subject
First, the video from which the tag is taken must copy the video link. I hope everyone can, but for those who can't

★★ Enter the video you first copied the link from YouTube

★★ Then click on the Share button and then click on it. Click on COPY TO CLIPBOARD from here. Will be copied

★★ Now open the app, after opening an interface will appear. If you search for any topic by clicking on Hot Keywords, you will get a popular tag about the website as you find it. So I didn't show it anymore
★★ Our main task is to extract the tags from the video. So we will click on the GET TAG option
★★ An interface will appear, now paste your copied video link in the location shown in the screenshot and click on the SEARCH button

★★ See all tags for that video will be gone. After selecting SELECT ALL and clicking Copy Tags, all tags will be copied

★★ Now you can place tags on your video. If anyone does not know how to install the tag, please inform me in the comments, edit the post and add it.

Thanks for taking the time. Be nice and keep others good. See you with a new topic

Thanks For Reading The Post

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