Tuesday, October 29, 2019

[Brute force attack] Wifi Hacking Without Root. ...!! [termux]

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[Brute Force Attack] Wifi Hacking Without Root...!! [Termux]

Assalamulaikum .. Hope everyone is well..Sometimes after a short hacking tool again .. Hope everyone would like .. Read the post with no connection. Do not go to the heel. I can not do it, but in my opinion, it is good to learn everything .. There is no problem in learning.
The post I am sharing today is how to attack brute force over any wifi ... even without rooting again.

What is Brute Force Attack? It is less known to everyone. If no one knows, you can see it on Google.
Brute Force will crack passwords through Force Attack… The password on this tool will only hack your desired WiFi password if it matches the password in the file.
I apologize for the mistake before. Ohlee forgiveness.

Let's get started + ———— Install the termex app…

Then install these three commands..I hope everyone can get it so I don't give skinshirts anymore ..

Install these three in a row
👉pkg update && pkg upgrade
👉Pypkg install python2
👉Installpkg install git

Now enter
git clone https://github.com/faizann24/wifi-bruteforcer-fsecurify

★ Then give the ls command.
Then type cd wifi-bruteforcer-fsecurify‌.
Give ls again .. Copy it and paste it with chmod + x ...

★ Permission to pay for this money will come like this.

★ ls again
Then paste chmod + x and then add ls again.

Now do the same as the skinshirt below. Now copy this blue text and paste cp like skinshirt and add / sdcard with it.

And one thing is to give the termux app permission before doing everything .. Paste an app in your memory has arrived .. Like this ..

Then install this app and then open it ....

Then they will look like this ..
Scan..Click on the place where the skins are shown.

Turn on the location of your phone and tell it to turn on ... You will see the wifi network in your vicinity ... Click on whatever you want to attack ..
This is how the click on start

Attack will start… .That may come to fruition. Kahkun. The red circle you see is white. Once it becomes white… everyone understands that it takes time. .Password‌‌ Milli‌ WiFi will connect -

Today is the day
… ..Thanks for reading the post .. apologize if it is good. If you want to know, you can contact Facebook.

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