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Best 6 Tips To Increase Long Life Battery Backup Of Your Laptops....!!

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Best 6 Tips To Increase Long Life Battery Backup Of Your Laptops....!!

Assalamu Alaikum How are you Hope everyone is very good. Today I came up with a post among you. With 6 tips to increase the battery backup of a laptop. I hope it benefits you all.
At the beginning of the discussion, today we will talk about the battery backup of the laptop. Following some tips, your laptop backup will last a long time.

So let's get started:
1. Do you maintain a flash drive with an external device such as a speaker, external hard disk or laptop. If yes it does know that your laptop's battery is after a week and that all these devices need power and they take power from your battery, then only when Connect to a laptop when needed.
2.If you want a good backup, do not multitasking. Multitasking means "doing a lot of things at once", ie using Google Chrome during the MM word and running all these programs at once, and your battery drains faster.

3. Laptop battery is the main part of it, so it is also important to take care of it. Giving a good backup of the laptop battery, making sure to pay attention to power management and choosing a power plan for yourself. Open your control panel to choose a power plan. And go to the power option, which is where you get the benefits You can choose the child's plan.

4. Never allow the battery to drain completely, this can cause your battery to drain quickly. To charge the battery, turn off the laptop and apply it on the charging. Take special care of the laptop charger, if you have a voltage problem, use a stabilizer.

5. Use a genuine charger only if the charger is damaged. Local chargers are also likely to suffer from battery damage and laptops.

6. Don't use unnecessary WiFi and Bluetooth as these connections consume a lot of your battery. Turn it on when needed, turn it off while doing office work.

Friends, this was today's post. Hope the post will benefit you. If this post is useful to you a little, then my writing is correct. So all the guns will be fine. There will be a new post on any new topic. The longer you stay the better, the healthier you will be. And stay with FlagBD.Com

💕💕Allah Hafiz💕💕

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