Thursday, November 7, 2019

Change Facebook's Custom URL ..!! Follows Just A Few Steps...!!

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Change Facebook's Custom URL ..!! Follows Just A Few Steps...!!

Many times when we do not have to open a Facebook account, we do not care so much about the username, so an automatic user name is given from the Facebook authorities. So the next time you want to change it, the option to change it is not from the Facebook official app. So with the tricks I have brought you today, you can easily create custom URLs for your Facebook profile by following just a few steps through Messenger.

So let's start by not raising the word:-
Note: With the publication of the post, some people started commenting at the speed of this post. So brother, for their sake, TrickBD does not always have members of the same range. So the brothers who shared these tricks 1-2 years ago, people got to see these tricks but after 1-2 years the members added how can they know the tricks? So for them, the tricks were replayed again.

First, by logging in to your Facebook ID in the Chrome browser, going to the profile, go to the About option.

There you will see an option named Username, but the edit is written on it, but if you press Edit, there is no option to change the username.

You will need to switch to Messenger again. After leaving you will have to click on your profile in the top left.

After clicking on it you will see for yourself a user name option there, you can change the username automatically as you see in the screenshot.

Now to change the new user name given by changing the previous username, go to your Facebook profile and go to the About option and check to see if the new one was displayed.

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