Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Convert any of your information into QR Code...!! [QR Code Maker]

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Convert any of your information into QR Code...!! [QR Code Maker]

Assalamu Alaikum Hope you are well . . And I'm fine with your blessings. So today I brought you a new tip. Do not raise the word and come to work
- We now see almost all the commodities, or a company's QR Code.
- In this QR Code they keep their product or company information.
- And we can easily scan and collect data.
- Today we will show you how to create this QR Code for your own information.
-So let's shout….
First download the App and install it
Playstore Link

--- Now open the App

Click on the text…

Selecte the QR Code you want to create, I'm doing Text Selecte ..

Enter your text here

When finished, click on Generate.

Click the Save icon

Press ok

The QR Code will be saved in this folder

The Scanner App opens
- If your phone doesn't have the Scanner app, take it down from the Playstore -

Click the Gallery Icon

Selecte the QR Code

- Look at Scan
Show Writing

-Thanks for reading the post.
Hope to see forgiveness in a beautiful way if any mistake.
-Thank you-

So brother be good stay healthy Stay with FlagBD.Com. And if you like this site let your friends know.


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