Thursday, November 7, 2019

Edit Your Own Company's Message Or Friend's Message On Your Phone..!! And Customize It Using Just One App...!!

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Edit Your Own Company's Message Or Friend's Message On Your Phone..!! And Customize It Using Just One App...!!

Assalamu Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullah

Hello Viewers. Hope you all are well. And why not be good! People with FlagBD are always good. I am good in the mercy of Allah Ta'ala.

Today, I have appeared to you with a new tutorial. By watching this tutorial you can edit your company's message or friend's message on your phone and have fun with your friends.

(Never use this act for any immoral or dishonest purpose, even to harass someone or not. I am sharing it with you only to entertain you and to teach you something new.

So let's start by saying:-
First of all you have to download an app, you will not find this app in the Play Store, but no worries you can download it from the website.

This is a trusted website very much like the Play Store and security is called complete so there is no reason to fear.

First of all go to and search according to the screenshot shown below, then a new web page will start, click on the page above it. If you do not understand, see the screenshot below.

After downloading the app, you will download and install it on your mobile. The process of downloading and installing is very easy and the kids work so it is not shown in the screenshot hope you will understand.

So when downloaded, the interface of the app will look like this.

Now when you enter the app, click on the message you want to change or the text that your friend sends.

Then the message name, when the message was sent and the body of the message or the original text you can change.

When done, click the save button and perform the rest of the task according to the screenshot.

Now let's show you the proof. Does this really work or will you just go to your default messenger app and see that the things you changed are being shown to you?

The following screenshot provides evidence that the change I made was shown in the original message.

Hope you understand. If you like the tutorial then of course like and comment. Because one of your likes and comments will inspire me for my next post.

If I have a mistake, I will benefit if I misjudge the wrong part by not saying it badly.

Finishing here as it is today. Inshallah will be seen in the next post.

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