Sunday, November 3, 2019

Free 5TB (5000GB) Space On Microsoft Onedrive With A Lifetime License....!!

Free 5TB (5000GB) Space On Microsoft Onedrive With A Lifetime License....!!

how are you all? I hope everyone is good. Today I will show you how to get 5TB of free space on Onedrive (5000GB) with license again. The trick is known to many. So those who know will be avoided.

Before going to the original trick, let me talk about the previous post Grammarly Premium Account Free. An account was given to all those who participated. And no one will give you any free premium account. I will not post any further posts on FlagBD with the account. Those interested in joining the Telegram group are given below.

Key Context:-

Even if you take 100 GB space from Onedrive, you have to pay a lot. How is 5000 GB possible here? This is an offer of onedrive. With this offer you can use onedrive's various product free of charge with 5 terabytes of space.

First you will need a special tempmail. If you search on Google, you will not be able to access any of the templates that you normally have. Please copy the mail from the link provided below.


Then you have to go to the special offer page. There you will need to paste your copied email. Then click on Start. Click below to go directly to this page

5 Terabytes Free Click

Next step is to enter all your information correctly. If you want, you can give the information and your wish

When everything is complete, place the code verification box in your Temp Mail and click on the Start button. Then skip the next step. You have become a 5TB account. After setting up your account, it will take some time for all the settings to be set up. Sometimes it can take 1-2 hours.

And this is Microsoft's official offer so everyone will get. If you already have a login to your Microsoft account, try with another browser. If you do not have an account, you do not need any VPN

After setting up an account, you will set the security question for the security of the account. It will not be a problem to recover the account later or login to another device.

Follow the step below to set a security question

Check out the screenshots below

Everything in your account will be set up soon. If there is a problem please comment.

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