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How To Play YouTube Video To The Background Music....??

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How To Play YouTube Video To The Background Music....??

Aslamu Alaikum How are you? Hope everyone is well..Smartphones and YouTube have become an important part of our daily lives. We use them both in case of need or need. However, when using YouTube on a smartphone, there are times when other tasks are required. That is, YouTube songs need to be released in the background to do other work. Many of us would like to have YouTube music or video playing, as well as other things we can do on a smartphone.

Many people may not be able to do this even after trying a lot on a smartphone. In fact, it is normal because multi-tasking does not work on all smartphones at present. Those on the phone are lucky. And those who don't have no reason to be disappointed. Because today our topic of discussion is how to do other things by leaving YouTube songs in the background of a smartphone.

There are many apps online and in the Play Store for other things like leaving YouTube songs on the background of a smartphone. In this article I have tried to discuss the most effective and simple methods. So let's start learning how to leave songs on YouTube and work.

YouTube songs in the background:
This can be done very easily using the app. Again, this can be done using some special browsers. Let's know both ways. If you want to know how to watch videos on YouTube without internet.

Using the app:
Direct YouTube App Alternatives There are some apps that allow you to leave YouTube songs in the background and do other things. YouTube Vanced is the first to come up with an alternative to the YouTube app.

Features and Benefits of YouTube Vanced
☆ YouTube songs and videos will play in the background.
☆ Built-in ad blocker. As a result, no further ad will come while watching the app or video.
☆ The advantage of customizing like will.

How to use:
First YouTube Vanced And MicroG Download these two apps. Clicking on the name will take you to the download link. Once downloaded, install the two files. You must disable the YouTube app on your phone before installing and will not update it in the future.

Open the YouTube Vanced App. Click the icon in the top right. Sign in to your Google Account Signing in doesn't matter if you don't. Now leave the YouTube song in the background for a rest and do more.

The name of the app that I will call two numbers is New Pipe. The funny thing is that it not only allows you to play videos in the background, but also features some great features, including downloading videos. Click on New Pipe to download the app and keep using it.
Place three floating tubes (Multitasking)

The last word:
While there are many ways to do other things on YouTube in the background of a smartphone, I've tried to show relatively simple ways. Now, whatever way you wish you would use.

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