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Parmanently Delete Your Previous Windows [Very Easily]....!!

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Parmanently Delete Your Previous Windows [Very Easily]....!!

Assalamu Alaikum I hope everyone is good. Today I will teach you how to delete a single Windows if you have multiple Windows installed on your computer. We install two windows on two different drives. But later we want to keep one, delete the other but we can't. This is my post for them. So let's get started.

3b. Approx. - There's nothing to fear. You don't have to delete any files, just delete Windows. Find them at this location-

The drive that Windows installed on is the Drive> User folder> your username

How to Delete ??
If any of your computer's windows is open, restart it. And when the computer is off, turn on. Then, of course, do not enter the Windows that you want to delete. Whatever you put in it, you go. Then follow the steps below.

1. Click on Start. You can also do this by pressing Start Key from the Keyboard.

2. Now, in the Start Bar, type Run and search.

3. Click on Run as picture.

Or you can do this by pressing Start key directly from the Keyboard and pressing R. Then Run will be open.

4. When Run is open, type msconfig in the Type box.

5. Click OK or press Enter from the Keyboard.

6. Then you will see that a window has opened in front of you. Click to enter the boot above.

7. Now click on the Windows that you want to delete.

8. Now click on Delete.

If you have two windows, you should never go wrong. Because you want to keep the Windows you entered. And Windows that can't be deleted can't be deleted. You can understand it yourself. If you click on one, if the Delete text appears in it, then you understand that you have to delete it. And when you click on the Delete menu, you will realize that you are on Windows. That is, the one you want to keep. That means you can't delete it. Of course, having three windows is different. In that case, you need to delete the Windows Drive Letter and delete it.

9. Then click OK.

10. Click OK and you will see a window similar to the following. Click Restart here

Diameter. You're done Now after the automatic restart you will see that your previous windows have been deleted.

So far this day. I hope that the post has benefited you.

Thanks For Reading The Post

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