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Some Ways To Avoid Foot Problem In Winter...!!

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Some Ways To Avoid Foot Problem In Winter...!!

Assalamu Alaikum How are you Hope everyone is very good. Today I came up with a post between you thinking about staying healthy. I hope it benefits you all. So let's get started

When winter comes, many begin to break their legs. As the weather becomes dry and rough in winter, the humidity of the air decreases. Because of this, the skin becomes dry and burst. Sometimes the foot is bursting so much that it causes pain or irritation, wounds, bleeding with cracked skin. There may also be bacterial infections on the skin.

In some cases, there is a definite cause for foot breaks in the winter.

Such as:
 Foot Patients with psoriasis have foot rash in winter.
☆ Diabetes, especially nerve-related diabetes, can cause blood loss in the legs.
☆ Neuropathy or neurosis also make the skin more dry. Thyroid patients are more like this.

Without any of these factors it is possible to prevent foot fractures with some general care.

The main task in this case is:
☆ Do not allow the skin to dry.
So moisturizer should be applied.
☆ Rinse thoroughly with warm water and light soap. Then apply a moisturizer to dry with pressure using a towel.
It can be done two to three times a day if needed.
After bathing, apply a moisturizer on the feet well.
☆ White petroleum jelly, lactic acid, liquid paraffin moisturizer works well.
A light scrubber can be used to clean those legs. It will raise dead skin and tissues. However, something too loud or hard, such as stone, can not be rubbed. There is a possibility of skin lesions.

In addition to winter, the foot raises another problem. That is, keratoderma or thickening of the skin of the feet. In keratoderma, some medicines may be used at the doctor's advice. Also, if you have leg wounds or bleeding or if you see signs of infection, consult a doctor immediately.

In this post, a person asked me 2 questions. I hope Question2 can benefit you and so I put the question 2 here.

Question: I am 27 years old. Coughing begins in the morning. There is always cough in the neck, and cough. Sometimes, at night, breathing problems also occur. What can I do to get rid of it ...?

Answer: You have a cold allergy. May also have sinusitis or asthma. These diseases are related to each other. It may be necessary to continue treatment for a long time or almost all your life. You should consult a nose-and-neck specialist.

Friends, this was today's post. Hope the post will benefit you. If this post is useful to you a little, then my writing is correct. So all the guns will be fine. There will be a new post on any new topic. The longer you stay the better, the healthier you will be. And stay with FlagBD.Com

Allah Hafiz

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