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Take All Calls Recording Details To Any Mobile Phone..!! Whether GirlFriend Or BoyFriendone..!! Just Following Some Step...!!

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Take All Calls Recording Details To Any Mobile Phone..!! Whether GirlFriend Or BoyFriendone..!! Just Following Some Step...!! 

Assalamu Alaikum Viewers. I hope you all are well. I too am good in the name of Allah. Today I have appeared with you one of the new Interactive Tutorials. In today's tutorial you will find out how to get all the call recording details of your girlfriends or loved ones or any phone on your mobile using just these tricks.

So let's start by not raising the word:

Warning: I urge everyone not to use it for bad purposes. This is provided for learning purposes only. FlagBD or the Post Donor is not responsible for any misconduct or accident. 

One more important thing: the way professional hackers hack someone's personal information without having to hack all their information, if you think such a hack then you have to understand that you have no intelligence in your head !!! Because hacking like that is never possible by us in any way. For us, such a hack is just a dream.

But the trick that I will share with you today is also a hack. But what is different is that in order to get all the recordings of another person's phone on your phone you must install an app on the mobile of another or install the desired app of these tricks on the mobile of the person whose mobile you want to listen to the recording.

Now if you want to know what apps to install and what settings will be installed inside those apps, please see the complete tutorial.

First of all you need to download the app in the screenshot shown below.

After downloading the app, open the red screen in the screenshot below and follow the steps shown below.

You will then click on the three options in the upper right and click on the settings option and press the settings option.

After going to the settings, see again in the screenshot below I have tried to explain. In the screenshot I tried to explain in detail I hope you do not have difficulty understanding. And if there is a problem by chance, please comment below, I will try to solve it.

So here's the trick. Now by installing this app on the phone from the phone from which you want to hear these phone recordings, he will start to record everything he says. And as I saw above from Google Drive through your Gmail, what happens to it is that the people who talk to these people will automatically save the record, and when saved, the files will be moved to the Google Drive in your Gmail. This allows you to easily listen to the phone recordings of that person from Google Drive and understand how many minutes the person has spoken to.

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. If you like the tutorial and have the slightest benefit from it, then of course, like and comment on the post. Because one of your likes and comments will inspire me for my next post.

Thanks for wasting your valuable time reading this post.

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