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[Auto Blogging] Build Your Own Auto Blogging Website | All Site Posts Will Be Automatically Shared On Your Site...!!

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[Auto Blogging] Build Your Own Auto Blogging Website | All Site Posts Will Be Automatically Shared On Your Site...!!

Assalamu Alaikum How are you Hope everyone is well. Today I will show you how to create an auto blogging site in Blogspot. Buttons rules can be built differently in WordPress if you want. I'll share one later.

Auto blogging site is a type of site where you do not have to write anything. The post will be written automatically. If you want FlagBD, Techcrunch or Worried you can also share those posts on the automatic adoption site. Whenever someone posts it will be auto-shared on your site. That's basically the job of autoblogging.

General Chat Chat Lounge:
So first you have to login to your blogspot site. Then go to this link IFTTT.  link and create an account. I did not say how to create an account Bikaj Just Login with Gmail then it will happen. Then you will act like the skin shorts shown below.

Then you enter the Feed URL here. That means rss feed url is RK. WordPress sites typically have a feed url, such as such as

Then you work like the following skin shorts, step by step.

Then you can edit anything you want here. For example, you can remount the text IFTTT in the Labels, as well as the remnant from the Vai in the Body or the rest from the From. Your wish

The diameter is nothing more. Click on Just Finish. Now all is connected. Now if someone posts the link you see on the site, it will be automatically shared on your site.

As you can see i link to wizbd so when someone posts new on wizbd it is also shared on my site.

Some words: Those who know this trick, skip the butt but don't talk foul. Secondly, when you search the blog and select the blog above, you may be taken to the Google login page. Then your site will ask to connect. So select the Gmail you are opening your site with. The diameter is nothing.

It was as much as a rule. I hope everyone understands everything and if you find it difficult to comment then comment in the comment box. And if you have a little benefit in today's post, you will visit our site.

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