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Blocking Any WebSite Annoying Adds...!! And Protect Your Children From 18+Annoying Adds....!!

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Blocking Any WebSite Annoying Adds...!! And Protect  Your Children From 18+Annoying Adds....!!

What about you I swapon again with a new tune. You might be wondering what the tune will be today. Because I told you something in the toilet and you understand.

Anyway, how to block Site on your Android. As far as I know, sites can't be blocked on smart phones. There are a couple of methods for which you will have to work with paid apps to pay. But today I will show you a simple rule that will allow you to block your kids from harmful websites by Site Block.

What is Site Block:
Site Block is such a method, the site you block, the website will not be browsing on that phone. If you unblock Then it will work again.

First download and install the application from the link below Play Store link

Then go to step two:
Now open the software. Then click on GET STARTED.

Now click on GO TO SETTING and click on GOT IT.

Now your job is to turn the block site ON.

Now decide what site you want to block. That's why you have to click the green + button.

Now give the link to the site you want to block. And add it right away. Such or

Check if the site is blocked ??
If you've done the above things correctly, you should now go to your browser. The site will be blocked.

Adult Site Block:
If you turn it on. Then there will be no Adult Site or 18+ site browsing on your phone.

You can also schedule when and how long you want to block a site.

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thanks to everyone.

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