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Download Windows 10 .... 19013 ISO File-Official Download Link for Insider Preview (20H1)

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Download Windows 10 .... 19013 ISO File-Official Download Link for Insider Preview (20H1)

Assalamu Alaikum, friends. I hope everyone is good. And being with FlagBD means being good. Today I came up with a review version of Windows 10 Build 19013 (20H1) for you. We will also learn how to download it and its feature is there. So let's get started.

How to Download..?
[You must have a Microsoft account. If not, take it off. And those who have it will have to login first.]

Then click here first. Download

Then the following page will come up. This Page For Those Who Are Not Insider If you already have Insider, it will not come. Click Learn More here.

Then click on the following page, BECOME AN INSIDER.

This time a page like the following will appear. Swipe it down and move down.

Then look like the following. Here, click on the box in the Agreement box and submit.

Diameter, Insider's done. Now click here

Then a page will appear. If you go to the bottom of it you can see the picture below.

Now click on select edition.

Click on Windows 10 Insider Preview (FAST) - Build 19013 here.

Then Confirm.

Then click on Choose one of the product language.

Select English from here.

Confirm now.

Then a Loading Page like the image below will appear and your download will start in a few seconds.

Now click on Download and start your download.

This way you can download.

Some Updated Feature has been added to Windows 10 .... 19013 (20H1). The Start Menu design of this Windows has been completely changed. Moreover, this has been updated to Multiple Desktop on Windows. Minimizing Calculator, New Symbol and Face Emoji, Completely New Icon, etc. has caught the attention of Reviewer. It is not possible to describe such a feature here. So if you want to see from the link below you will see -

Features of Windows 10....19013


Everyone will be fine Allah hafiz. Assalamu Alaikum


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