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Easily Turn On Dark Mode On Windows All apps...!!

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Easily Turn On Dark Mode On Windows All apps...!!

Assalamu Alaikum Once again I have come up with a new post. Today is my fourth post. Many of us want our Windows 10 app to be dark. It is gorgeous to look at, on the one hand, and it is also useful to the eye. So let's learn how to enable Dark Mode.

How to enable:
1. First of all you have to download a very small software. The name is Winaero Tweaker. Download from the link below.

Download File

♦This is a Zip file. Extract will get the App. Install it.

2. Then open the App. Will look like the picture below. From here, go to the left of the Dark Color Scheme.

Then tick Mark the two options to the right.

Now close the application and sign out or restart. Then you can see this Dark Mode in many apps including Settings, Calculator, Windows Defender.

NB.- If you want to do it again, give it to Tick Mark. Then it will be the same again.

Thanks. All is well and must be with FlagBD.

Allah hafiz.

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