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Set A Password Protect In Your Termux App Very Easily...!!

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Set A Password Protect In Your Termux App Very Easily...!!

Assalamu-Alaikum, hope everyone is well. Today I will show you how to set a password in the Termux App.

Many of us use the Termux App. Sometimes there is a valuable tool installed that we want to keep hidden from others. And with this TERMUX LOGIN SCRIPT you can set the password on your TERMUX APP. So that no one else can get into your Termux. In addition you will get the Parrot OS Shell for TERMUX which is USER Friendly.

Let's start by expanding the word:

First let's install Termux from Google Playstore Click Here

TERMUX LOGIN Installation Commands:

Let's input commands like picture.

♦apt update

♦apt install git -y

♦git clone

♦cd termux-login

♦chmod + x *


♦As below, you will understand that it has been installed. Now, type exit and close Termux and open it again.

♦Input user name, PASSWORD, RECOVERY KEY as picture and enter it. TERMUX APP WILL RESTART.

♦Now see what you want from USERNAME & PASSWORD. Without these you cannot enter TERMUX. {Hidden PASSWORD FEATURE}

♦To CHANGE USERNAME / PASSWORD enter CHANGE instead of the username. Then enter RECOVERY KEY.

So far. If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints about this post please comment. We try to answer every single comment. Stay tuned for new tips.

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