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Top 5 Programming Languages You Can Learn..!!

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Top 5 Programming Languages ​​You Can Learn..!!

Assalamu Alaikum How are you Hope everyone is well. I am very good to you both. It is very important for a programmer to learn new programming languages. Below I will cover some basic concepts for learning five programming languages.

Each company wants an ecogen programmer who can write versatile and complex Java programs. As a developer, it is almost mandatory to learn multiple programming languages.

Why learn these five programming languase..?

You cannot ignore Java if you want to develop applications.

The reason for choosing Python is the scripting language although you can also opt in with Perl or Groovy. When it comes to online support, Python is more. There are many Python modules available that can get you done in minutes.

C is a language that I firmly believe developers need to learn at the beginning of their careers as it will help them to get closer to the system and conceal the key programming concept behind JVM or CLR.

There are a mix of different program languages, for example: object-oriented, functional, scripting, language, which offers low level control and language, which is widely used in server-side development.

1. Java

Java is one of the most popular programming languages. Its server-side application controls the world of development.

It holds a huge market share in mobile games and application development using the Android and Enterprise web development worlds.

If you decide to learn Java, Eudemi Full Java Master Class is a great course to start. It covers all the essential concepts of Java in Useful Detail.

You need to learn Java to build a powerful, scalable server-side application. You can create any complexity project in Java; There are tools, technology and communities to help with this.

2. Javascript

Part of the overwhelming success of JavaScript goes to jQuery, which has truly changed the way you use JavaScript on client-side.

You can replace Java in C ++ and Ruby with Python in this list. However, in today's world, there is no replacement for JavaScript. In the last 3 years, JavaScript has completely dominated the world.

You can use JavaScript on the server side for user interface development, with frameworks and libraries like Node JS, Angular and React.

As a Java programmer, you have numerous opportunities to use both jQuery and JavaScript, working in a JSP and servlet based application.

If you want to learn from scratch and in-depth Javascript, you can join Udemy's Full Javascript course.

3. C Programming

You cannot be a real programmer unless you know C or C ++.

This is one of those languages ​​that you must know. But you can get ideas about many key programming concepts, for example: structures, arrays, pointers, memory management, and so on.

If you want to learn this great language, you can find a good place to start learning C programming.

4. Python

Python is one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world.

Python is one of those languages ​​that can be used as a scripting language as well as large languages.

Python is increasingly used for new generation technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science. Not surprisingly, it's got some great machine learning libraries like TensorFlow, Psyche-Learn and others.

Although Python is very useful for doing scripts quickly, such as writing a UDP message listener within 5 minutes of Python versus 20 minutes in Java.

If you are interested in learning Python, you can start a full Python bootcamp course.

5. Scala(Scala)

Scala is a language that is based on best practice. It is also a functional programming language.

Although there are many functional programming languages ​​available such as Haskell or Scala. However, you can choose Scala because learning a Scala as a Java developer is easier than learning a Haskell.

No matter how many programming languages ​​you learn, to be a professional coder you must adhere to the principles of clean coding and design. It's the skills that help you the most in your programming career.

 Near systems like C or C ++, an object-oriented language like Java, Python, or C ++, a functional programming language like Scala or Haskell, a powerful scripting language such as Perl, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript. But yes, there is no replacement for JavaScript.

The last word:
Thanks, you've finished the post ... If you like this programming language, share it with your friends and colleagues.

If you have any questions or feedback or any other programming language that you think every programmer should learn, please comment.

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