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[Multi Cloud] Upload Any Big Size Files On Your Google Drive In Just Minutes....!!

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[Multi Cloud] Upload Any Big Size Files On Your Google Drive In Just Minutes....!!

Today I will share with you how you can download a file and upload it to your Google Drive in seconds. So let's not start with a second and a half ...

Suppose I want to upload a movie or a large app or a large file to my Google Drive. In that case, if the file is large, then the problem will be long time. Because it takes a long time to upload large files, it's normal. That sounds a bit boring. That is why we cannot keep many files in the drive for many times

Again, if you want to upload an app or a movie to your drive, you must first download it and then upload it to Drive. But wouldn't it be nice if you could download the file and upload it directly to your drive in seconds?

The only thing I will share with you today is how to download these files or apps or anything from the Internet without having to spend a few MB and upload them to your Google Drive account in seconds.

You should first go to this site which I have shown.

Then open an account on your site. Verify the email after opening the account.

Then login to your account and skip it when you do a show. Then click on the Add Cloud Drives option.

Then you can see all the types of cloud services the site has. Since we will upload the file to Google Drive, select the Google drive and click on the Save / Ok / Add option below.

Then click on the Add Google Account / Drive Account option. Then add the Gmail account of the drive account you will be uploading here. Connect iMin.

Then you will see your Drive account. Click on it.

Then click Upload in the top corner.

Then click on the Upload URL option as seen below.

Then paste the download link of the file you want to upload here. For example, you want to upload an app from ApkPure. Then when you go to the download page of the app, you will copy the link and paste it here. Then write the file name. Then give OK.

Then click on this small icon.

Then click on the URL Task option.

Then look at the file of the link you pasted the link was uploaded.

Go to Google Drive to see the file has been uploaded.

Note: Maybe everything will be uploaded from File Butt, if you want to upload a link to a file in Google Drive, it may not be uploaded.

So this was all the rules of today's post. Hope you understand everything. If you find it difficult to understand, please comment. [If you make a mistake in the post without making any nasty comments, please comment. ]

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