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Wikipedia Beta App Launches Android 10 System Level Dark Mode On...!!

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Wikipedia Beta App Launches Android 10 System Level Dark Mode On...!!

Assalamu Alaikum, friends. I hope everyone is good. Many of us are occasionally Wikipedia bases for information. Wikimedia Limited has come up with two Wikipedia apps. One of them is Wikipedia Beta. Even though Dark Mode has been on in Wikipedia Beta for a long time, it is not called Pitch Black, it was kind of gray. Wikimedia Limited has released 2.7.50305 Version Release of Wikipedia‌ Beta last Monday (November 21st). This version has a Dark Mode On system similar to Android 10 which is included as Black Mode. It can protect the eyes from excess light at night.

References: Android Police

 How to get started ?

First download Wikipedia Beta from the download link below -

Size: 7.8 MB
Released On: 26 Nov 2019

Now install it and open it.
Click on the option bar in the top left.

Click Settings.

Go to App Theme.

Click Black here. And enjoy Black Mode.


Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. If you like the tutorial and have the slightest benefit from it, then of course, like and comment on the post. Because one of your likes and comments will inspire me for my next post.

Thanks. Everyone will be fine, healthy.

 Assalamu Alaikum

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