Create Awesome Cartoon Videos On Your Android Phone In A Professional Way....!! Create Awesome Cartoon Videos On Your Android Phone In A Professional Way....!! - FlagBD.Com

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Create Awesome Cartoon Videos On Your Android Phone In A Professional Way....!!

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Create Awesome Cartoon Videos On Your Android Phone In A Professional Way....!!

Assalamu Alaikum, how are you all?  Hope you all are very good, I am very good to you.  And if any of you are a little sick, pray to God to help you heal faster.  So friends today I will not talk much anymore.  In this post today, you will learn how to make a cut video very easily.

Whatever it takes to make your favorite cartoon video -
• Some degree of intelligence
• An Android phone
• Plotagon story This app is 101 MB size
App download Link: Click here To Download

So if you have these three things, you can go ahead to make a video cut.  Hey brother why are you thinking?  If I am not able to do it once a thousand times.  So let's get to work, just give you some support.

First download the app from the link provided above.  I have given you a direct download link.

After download, install the app and open it.  I hope everyone will get the install process so I did not show up.  If you can't tell, I'll see it too.  So let's open the app.

When you open the app, you will see that it will take a while to load.

Then do the app as follows: Follow me step by step.

There are so many options for creating characters that you can create a better and more beautiful character for your videos.

Then follow the screenshot again.

Now select any video background you like, in which you want to make your cartoon video.

You've learned a lot.  Then you have to add the character created here to make the video.  You can add characters as you wish.

So follow me step by step again.

So we're going to have a conversation between the two characters.  So now we have to add another character.

So follow me step by step again.

Now click the dialog button to tell who these characters are.  And type the words you want to say or say it with a microphone.  So your character will tell you exactly what you said or wrote.

So friends post has become too big.  Hope you like it, Posti.  And I can understand you very well.  Then please comment those who have a problem with understanding.  Inshallah, I will try my best to help them.

So friends will be seeing this post today, so soon everyone will be fine with something new in this post.  And stay with


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