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Get Any Website Template Full HTML Code In Just 2 Minit

Get Any Website Template Full HTML Code In Just 2 Minit 

First take my salam.Hope you are well.In fact, Allah loves everyone and always give everybody is good.If no one is good, don't visit the FlagBD.And I'm fine with your prayers.So today I brought brand a new topic.Do not talk any more direct come to point.

If you love to edit the code of a website. then today's post is just for you.Today i will talk about an app that can extract the html code of any web site.Yes, many people use different types of websites for this work.They will say - what does the app need to do for this work? who use Java phones only they can use such various websites for this work.

Android users, this app have many will find on any other your wish.

Whatever The Benefits On The App:
  • You can extract the code of any website.
  • You can save the code as a txt file.
  • You can see all the links at in the web site.
  • You can bookmark it after extracting the code.
  • Get full template html code.
  • Get everything in just 1 MB.

Whatever keep your mind, you'll understand where are you use it.Another thing is that the site code that you extract will be absuletly from Wapkiz, XtGem, Vmwap, Waphost, etc websites.That means the site link must be html.Because some such sites are using only this html code.And if your target this website, you can easily extract the code.and you can easily get many primioum template for free.

How To Work This App:

When you first visit the app, than same page will open.

All you have to do copy your target website link and pest the link.Now click on OK.

See all the code A to Z was come on your target website.

If you want to save the page converte bookmark and save it.

if you chek the website all link. than click on the checkNow.then the website all link and a page will be open and you can see this.

Now Download The App: Click Here

So this was my today post,so far today.See you in another post.Everyone will be fine and stay with FlagBD.


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