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How To Download Copyright Free Image From Google ??

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To Download Copyright Free Image ??

Assalamu Alaikum.How are you all?Hope everyone is well.Friends today I will share you how to download copyright free image.and use this image on your youtube video thumbnail.
Many people are searching Full HD Quality image to set their own YouTube video thumbnail or set up a mobile wallpaper.

When you download an image from Google, then this images are not copyrighted direct download image you can't direct upload your own youtube chanel.becouse thay are get you copyright sticks.Then you find a copyright free image, you have to buy it from with cost your dollars.

Now download the copyright free images from the google using pixabay apps.

So let's get started
Download pixabay apps Download

Install and open it

Search Now. I am Searching Cartoon.

According to my search, get copyright free images over 12,000+

Swipe Side 1 to download different categories image.

See more than 25+ categories

Select this,this is you like or need.

Click on the View button in the Corner.

It will be downloaded and saved in the file.

Friends it was today's post.Hope the post will greatly benefit for you.If you like this post, please Comments,and Stay with FlagBD.


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