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How To Return Your Product on ??

How To Return Your Product on, product retur,, flagbd, flag

How To Return Your Product on  ??

Assalamu Alaikum.How are you?Hope everyone is well.friends The current aeria of is the digital aeriya.Shopping,we are everything else in this digital markets place.That is, I'm talking about e-commerce site.The Daraz is now very popular among e-commerce sites in Bangladesh.There are thousands of shoppers shop online every day.Since you have to shop online,you have no verification options here.As a result, many times our purchased product is not the same as our desired product.

That is, the product I purchased was not as I expected.What to do then?Since I did not like the product, what would I do with it now.Then the only solution is to give back the product.So here is my post today with detailed information on how to return the purchased product on the Daraz.And yes, remember this is the first and only post on this topic.I found everything online, including various technology sites and YouTube, there is no tutorial on this topic.So this is the first and only post.So let's start with the details on today's topic.

If you find that the product you ordered at the product is not what you expected it to be.Then return it and visit the Daraz site or enter the Daraz app.And yes, keep in mind that you will be able to return the product within the next 7 days after the product is purchased.

Then click on the account follow the screenshot.Then login with your email or mobile number and password.

Then click My Orders follow the screenshot above.

Then you will see your ordered products as shown in the screenshot above.From here, click on the product you want to return this.

Then see there is a button called Return, click on it.

After clicking the Return button, the screen above will look like this.Here you need to select Return Reason and give a comment.

After clicking on Return Reason, then the screenshot above will look like, select the reason for your refund.

Then select Shipment Method.Clicking on it will bring up a text, BD-DEX select it is exactly like the screenshot above.Then click the Confirm button.

Then click Edit Refund Method.After clicking here then you can see two options follow the screenshot above.  One is Bank Transfer and the other is Voucher.Bank transfer is a bank account that allows you to withdraw the price. your purchased product in any bank account.And the voucher medium is an added advantage of the drawer.The price of your purchased product will be converted to a voucher.You will be able to purchase another product with a coupon number given.But I would say that for those who have bank accounts, the bank transfer options are quite good, they will do to select the voucher option.

After clicking on Bank Transfer, select the bank in which you have the account, as in the screenshot above and select the bank branch name, account name and account number and click the Confirm button.

Then click on Submit button when all the above screenshots are selected.Diameter, your refund is complete.This time, click on the product you requested back, which will look exactly see the screenshot above.

Also, after requesting a return, a message will appear on your number and email as above.

Then, wait 2-3 days.You will see that the money has arrived in your is exactly like the screenshot above.See, Daraz has sent money to your account, they send me a massage.wait Have to another 10 days.In the meantime, the Daraj people will come and bring your returned product.Just you like went through your product after ordering.

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