How To Start On-Page SEO On Your Website...?? How To Start On-Page SEO On Your Website...?? - FlagBD.Com

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How To Start On-Page SEO On Your Website...??

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How To Start On Page SEO On Your Website...??

Assalamu Alaikum.How are you.??Hope everyone is well.Friends, today I will talk about SEO with you.Talk some SEO method.The way in which a website is ranked in the search engine.That is, SEO is the process of displaying your website first and foremost in search engines.

Search engine: Search engine is one of the largest technology to find any information or picture of the website world.  All search engines collect information by indexing almost all of the website's information.  And they display it in front of the user's needs.

The top 5 search engines:
 1. Google
 2. Yahoo
 3. Bing
 4. Baidu
 5. Ask

What are the search results: If you search on Google - after searching "FlagBD" many websites will come out.  And above all my website.  Believe it or not, try searching.  This is the search result.

SEO work has to be done in many ways.  But in the meantime, these 3 tasks are done very seriously.  The job of SEO is three -

1. Onpage optimization
2. Offpage optimization
3. Technical SEO

Today we will not go anywhere else.  Today, we will just talk about OnPage Optimization (SEO) -

 Onpage SEO topics are things like:
1. Meta titles
2.Meta descriptions
3. The titles of the pictures used
4. Proper use of tags and captions
5. Internal linking etc. between different pages of the website.

Below I will also discuss these 5 topics in detail below -

Keyword research: The keyword is the search term or keyword that you are looking for and the purpose of knowing about it.  Keyword research is an important step in SEO.

There are 2 things to keep in mind when choosing keywords -
1. Search volume
2. Country Targeting

Meta description tag: Meta description tag This is an HTML tag.  The visitor can easily understand what kind of website or content it is.  This is usually the meta description tag below the URL title tag.

Keyword Density: Now let's talk about keyword density.  Keyword density is the percentage of the keyword.  For example, suppose you write a content of 100 words.  If you apply the keyword three times, then the keyword density is 3%.  The longer it is, the faster your post will rank.

SEO Friendly URL: The importance of SEO Friendly URL in Onepage SEO is very important so one should keep in mind that SEO Friendly URL is

1. The URL will be shorter.
2. The URL will not contain a setter mark (*), question mark (?), Under-score (_), etc.

Robot Text: Robot text allows Google and other search engine robots to index some webpages on the website or de-index certain webpages you specify.  This is the job of robot text. Besides, it will do a lot of good work to get your website ranked fast.  So use it on your website.

Site Map: Creating a site map on a website is very important for giving Google precise information.  Visitors can easily find posts on your website.  And if it is on your website, you will get Adsense and very quickly.

Image Alternate Text: The image size and file name resolution must be adjusted when uploading the photo content of the website.  It's good to use high resolution images.

Flash File: It is better not to use flash files of any kind on the site.  This may be slow on your website.  And it can cause different problems. You can use gif file instead of nasty flash file.  It will be much safer.  And Visitor Rao will get security.

Favicon: Create a unique favicon for the website, which will increase the value of the live brand of your website.  You can specify the size of the favicon by 16 pixels by 16 pixels.  This will be a standard size favicon.

Internal link: The link from one content to another content or download link or link to another website is the internal link.  There are some things to keep in mind when using internal links:

1. Internal link so that the content or keywords of the simulator is done.

2. Usually the internal link towards the end of the content is good.  The reader's attention is right when reading the content.

Broken Link: Broken link on the set that does not find the information you need to enter.  Broken links may not be placed on the site in any way.  You have to remove the Broken link from the site.  Broken links on the site may reduce your website visits.  They may have a bad attitude about your website.

If you can adhere to all of the above rules for your website for your website, then the on-page SEO on your website is fairly complex.  And if there is a problem with this post somewhere, please comment.  I will try to solve your problem insha Allah.

 Friends, this was today's post.  Hope you enjoy the post. See more about the new post in the next post.  In the meantime, everyone will be fine and be with FlagBD.Com


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