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Learn Javascript In Just 1 Hours !!

Javascript is unmatched anywhere in web development or web design.Its object-oriented programming support, with its easy-to-understand syntax, makes it one of the favorite languages ​​of all.Today's writing will not provide too deep knowledge of JavaScript,

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Learn Javascript In Just 1 Hours !!

Assalamu Alaikum.How are you?Hope everyone is well.i am also fine gress of allah.Javascript is one of the fastest-growing programming languages ​​in the world.Although the name is Java at first, it is not like Java in any way.Entirely a single language, though copy-pasted from C and Java to create JavaScript.

Javascript is unmatched anywhere in web development or web design.Its object-oriented programming support, with its easy-to-understand syntax, makes it one of the favorite languages ​​of all.Today's writing will not provide too deep knowledge of JavaScript, but rather the purpose of introducing JavaScript.

If you already know the programming or have some knowledge of the language, then you can easily master JavaScript.The five pillars of programming will be discussed here.So, read the following article to learn JavaScript in 1 hours.

What is JavaScript ??

Javascript is the most popular scripting programmeing language.Javascript is usually built in with the browser.Since Javascript is used to make the web site dynamic, it can load properly if JavaScript is already built in the browser.The name Javascript is short because it is abbreviated as JS.

What Works JavaScript ??

As already mentioned it is used to make the site dynamic so you might be thinking that this is all it can do.However, you can change your ideas by looking at the list below.
  • Javascript is used to relate the client and backend of any site.
  • Blockchain technology uses JavaScript.
  • Javascript frameworks are dominated by web development.
  • Being an object oriented programming language, it is almost equally useful in all fields.

Why Learn JavaScript ??

  • Want to learn life's first programming can be the best choice.
  • JavaScript would be good if you want to get familiar with programming easily.
  • If you want to learn web site designing JavaScript Flame Mast.
  • Javascript is not available for backend development of the web site.
  • You can learn to satisfy your curiosity.
I learned to satisfy my curiosity.Not that I can do very well but I can do basic tasks.That will be discussed today.

It takes only 1 hour to learn a language without knowing the language or the language beforehand.

For Whom Is This Tutorial ??
  1. People who know the basics of a language, that is, almost all of programming.
  2. Although it can be seen, but you do not understand it must be searched on Google.
What Will I Learn Today ??

Today I will learn some very basic things, which are not new to the people here.So, if you have no idea, you can learn the part of the variable from the Python programming category of this site. we'll learn today.
  • How to install.
  • How to show the output.
  • What is a variable.
  • How to take input.
  • Basic DataType (String, Integer, Float, Boolean).
  • Operator.
  • Conditional statement.
  • Loop (for loop and wheel).
  • List or array.
  • Function.

How to install ??

We don't need much to learn JavaScript.Go to Google and search for "Javascript online ide" then you will get a place to run the code.Once there is only one browser, Chrome or Firefox will be anything.

Follow the steps below in the Google Chrome browser.


We will write code in that white space.Now you can get all the apps available by searching the Javascript IDE on the Play Store for all the Ready and Yes Android mobiles.

How To Show The Output ??

The output can be shown in many ways in JavaScript but now we will learn two methods.First write the code where the code is ready to go.
  • console.log ("Hello World !!")
Hello World !! Show the text.Congratulations you wrote the first program in JavaScript.Now enter another time as below
  • alert ("Hello World !!")
As you write this, a pop-up window will appear there Hello World !!There will be writing.In these two ways we can show some output in JavaScript.

So, if we want to display some output, we will write cosole.log and then within the double quotation with parentheses, we will write what you want to show the output by closing the quotation and closing bracket.

Another idea is to double-quote with the first bracket by typing the alert and entering the quotation and closing the parentheses will show the output in the pop-up window.

The Variable Key !!

The variable being variable is that if we do not know it then we have to know where to know.

Now let's see how to write variables in JS.Type the following in the code editor
  • var x = "Hello World !!";  console.log (x)
  • Writing this way will output the value of the x variable.
To write a variable, first enter var and then name the variable and give the value of the variable with the = symbol and end with a semicolon.

How To Take Input ??

To get input from the user, type the following:
  • var user = prompt ("Enter Something: -");  console.log (user)
In this way, if you press enter, input something in the bottom line and then output it.

So, if you want to input, you have to take a variable and write it as a value prompt ();

Basic data type (string, integer, float).

There are other types of JavaScript and data types like Language.They are:
  • String
  • The Integer
  • Float
  • Boolean
  • String
String is any text.This is how a string can be written in JS.
  • var x = "Hello";
That is, to insert a string into the quotation, the integer is to give an integer.Integer can be written as follows in JS.
  • var y = 5;
Float, float, is a decimal number.
  • var z = 4.0;
Boolean, Boolean data types are of two types true or false.true indicates false and false.

Operators, operators are not the same as the other languages, but still look a little +, -, *, /, for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division respectively.== A comparison between two means that the two are equal.However, there is a slight problem with this.Never seen the following example,
  • var x = "2";  var y = 2;  console.log (x == y)
Now typing this code will come true even though false should come because the value of x is a string and the value of y is an integer.
In fact, JS doesn't just look at the value here and see the extracted value.However, in that case we are.
  • var x = "2";  var y = 2;  console.log (x === y)
If you enter the correct result.In this case, JS compares the ext value.
  • Indicates the operand on the left with "<".The ">" indicates the operand on the right.
  • The operand on the left by "<=" indicates small or equal.
  • The operand on the right by "> =" indicates small or equal.
  • Indicates the disparity with "! =" And works with the extracted value with "! ==".
  •  "||" is the operator used to refer to use.
For example:
  •  2 === 2 ||  3 === 4;
Writing it will come true.If either of the two conditions or conditions on either side of the or both of them is true (|| or or) it is considered true."&&" is the operator used to interpret and.

For example:
  • 2 === 2 && 3 === 4;
Writing this will make false.And if both of the conditions or conditions on either side of them are true, then both (&& or and) are considered true and false otherwise.

Conditional Statement: For those of us with a little knowledge in programming, this concept will be very easy.Just like any other language.See the example below
  • var x = 23;  var y = 43;  if (x === y {console.log ("Match")}
Here, I first put two values ​​in two variables.Later, if the values ​​of the two are the same, then I tell you to give Match output

To write the conditional, you have to type if and then condition it with parenthesis first (for example x === y).Then you need to give a curly brace or second bracket for the indentation.

And then what to do if the condition is true (like console.log ("Match")) and finally close the second bracket to close the indentation.

Now we will see the use of else if and else:

If this is the case that the first condition is not true, then if the next condition goes, then I can write like this.
  • var x = 23;
  • var y = 43;  if (x === y) {console.log ("Match")} else if (x> y) {console.log ("Left is greater")}
Here, we will first check the first condition, ie two numbers or one if one, then the code will stop there with the output of Match text.

And if that first condition is not true then check the condition of the next if if it is true then it will work or else if the next if else the code will stop.
  • var x = 23;  var y = 43;  if (x === y) {console.log ("Match")} else {console.log ("Not Match")}
Another thing I did here is if the first condition is true then the output will match and if that condition is true then anything else will work.In this case Not Match will output.

This is our conditional statement !! 

Loop: Now we will see a loop.Since I'm assuming you know a language or can do programming, I won't discuss anything but just give syntax.

For Loop: For loop, we have to write as below.
  • for (var i = 0; i <5; i ++) {console.log (i)}
Syntax is basically like C programming.First you have to type for and then give the first bracket.Now we have taken a variable i and its value is 0, then we have given the condition how long the loop will run.

So in this case i <5, that is, the loop will continue as long as i is below 0.In the next statement I gave i ++ that the value of i will increase one by one.This statement can be written like this
  • for (var i = 0; i <5; i = i +1) {console.log (i)}
That is, just like before, the last statement is a little easier.

While Loop: The syntax of the wheel loop is just like any other programming language.
  • var i = 0;  while (i <5) {console.log (i) i = i + 1}
As you type this, the output will come back as before.Here,

First, we take a variable and give it a value of 0 and then we write the condition between while and bracket.In this case, i gives i <5, that is, as long as i is less than 5.

Then, we output the value of i and increase the value of i one by one.

List Or Array:

The rules for writing a list or array are the same as the syntax of Python.
  • var item_list = ["Mouse", "Keyboard", "Monitor"];  console.log (item_list)
This is how an array or list can be written in JavaScript.

Function: Don't even discuss the function because I assume you do programming or reading.
  • function calculator (num1, num2) {return num1 + num2} calculator (12, 20)
To write a function, you must first write the function.And then give the function name.After entering the name, you have to enter the parentheses with parameters.And then you have to return or give the code what you need.

And after writing a function, you get output only when you call the function.

OK, we have learned about the basics of JavaScript.However, this is not to say anything.

As I said earlier this is not for those who are beginners.It is not possible to learn anything from this article if you do not know one of the programming languages.

Nothing can be learned in 1 hour, and programming is a matter of distance.If I try to teach Javascript in this 1 article, that would be stupid.

Introducing Javascript is JavaScript in this 1 hour.

I am not a good quality programmer so I will forgive any mistakes.It would be better if you wrote a comment to tell me what I did wrong.Tell me how this article looked like in the comment box.If you want to introduce JavaScript to your friends, please share this article.See you next post will be good at this new topic and stay healthy and stay with us.



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FlagBD.Com: Learn Javascript In Just 1 Hours !!
Learn Javascript In Just 1 Hours !!
Javascript is unmatched anywhere in web development or web design.Its object-oriented programming support, with its easy-to-understand syntax, makes it one of the favorite languages ​​of all.Today's writing will not provide too deep knowledge of JavaScript,
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