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What Is On-Page SEO Optimization ? (SEO Tutorial)

Today, after learning about SEO tips, you will know all about how to do SEO properly on your blog. What is on-page seo? And speaking of the use of on-page SEO, just using it in a blog article is not enough. That means, when it comes to on-page SEO techniques, it's important to use and implement your entire website or blog.

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What Is On-Page SEO Optimization ? (SEO Tutorial)

Assalamu Alaikum. How are you? Hope everyone is well. I am also fine gress of allah. Today I will share with you what SEO means?  And how to do it, I have already explained in detail through your article.

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial :

However, in today's article in this "SEO Tutorial" I will share your "What is SEO on page?  Or "What is on-page SEO optimization" and how to do on-page optimization on a blog or website.

Today, after learning about SEO tips, you will know all about how to do SEO properly on your blog. What is on-page seo? And speaking of the use of on-page SEO, just using it in a blog article is not enough. That means, when it comes to on-page SEO techniques, it's important to use and implement your entire website or blog.

Therefore, in order to build a successful blogging career, you need to have only half the knowledge of SEO. On-page SEO, you need to have complete knowledge if you want to get more traffic or visitors from Google and other search engines. As we all know, using on-page SEO and optimization techniques can optimize our blogs, websites and blog articles for the "Google search engine". Consequently, there is plenty of opportunity to get more traffic and visitors from the search engine.

So, let's get to the bottom of what we call the on-page seo and learn how and in some way SEO optimization can be done on a blog.

In this age of competition, making a career in the profession of blogging has become much more difficult. Today, people are getting thousands of information or good content on any topic, topic or niche on the internet. In this case, if you are not careful about search engine optimization, it will be very difficult for you to get enough traffic or visitors from Google search.

By simply writing good unique content and using the right SEO and optimization techniques, you can get traffic from Google search.

Remember, the better the application of on-page SEO techniques, the better your chances of getting visitors and traffic from the search engine will become your blog. The job of on-page SEO is to optimize the content of your blog and blogs in various mediums for search engines (Google search). In this case, every optimization technique is limited to the blog itself.

That is, seo techniques that can be used in a limited way within your blog or website are called "On page SEO techniques". In it, search engines can better understand your blog's content, content and information. On page What is a seo and to know better about the different types of seo, what do you mean by seo, you need to know first.

What i Is SEO ?

SEO is also called search engine optimization.  However, SEO is a process where by using some optimization technique on any blog or website, the number of traffic or visitors to your blog from Google or other search engines can be increased by one and a half.

That is, search engine optimization (SEO) is a process whereby the content of your blog, website or blog is optimized in such a way that any search engine can better understand the keywords, topics or topics of your blog and blog article. This allows Google and other search engines to understand when your blog's content or articles should be displayed in search engines instead of keywords and search terms.

Suppose I am writing an article where I have created a complete article on "What does SEO mean" and SEO.

More precisely, in the article I have targeted the keywords "SEO What", "What is SEO", "SEO Tips", "SEO Bangla Tutorial" and "On-Page SEO".

What Is Keyword Research? How To Do, Why Blogging Is Important In Keyword Research?

Now, all I or any blogger would want is for someone to do a Google search query with articles or keywords (in my case, keyword SEO), as well as Google showing my article on SEO.

Now, SEO is one of the processes and means by which we can make it clear to Google search engine or other search engines that "The article I write is about SEO". As a result, in response to Google search queries or search terms, the article on our blog article on SEO increases the chance of Google showing up in search engines.  And as a result, proper organic traffic from Google continues to come to our blog.

But remember, if you do not use SEO properly in your blog and blog articles, then Google will not understand exactly what the topic or topic of your article is.

As a result, even if you publish high quality and unique content/articles on the blog, there will be little chance of getting traffic or visitors from Google search. So, you should have enough knowledge of what SEO is and how to do SEO, if you are planning to blog in 2020. So now you understand "how seo works".

What Types Of SEO ?

In this way the type of search engine optimization can be divided into several categories.

Such As:
  1. Technical SEO
  2. On page SEO
  3. Content SEO
  4. Off page SEO
  5. Local SEO
  6. Mobile SEO
  7. E-Commerce SEO
While all kinds of SEO types have some specialties, as a blogger, knowing your "On page SEO" and "Off page SEO", these two SEO techniques are enough. Because of this, SEO is divided into two main categories: on page and off page seo. And, all the other types of on-page and off-page seo come in.

By writing good quality and unique content on the blog, optimizing the on-page search engine properly, you can get good traffic from Google search. Because, Google search engine focuses most on the quality of articles written on your blog and how well people are reading your articles.

So, it's worthwhile to know what and how to do off-page SEO, though we won't have to think so much about it. We will learn about off-page SEO in another article.

Note: I focus a lot on on-page SEO optimization in articles written on my blog and this is the reason why my blog is getting traffic from search engine.

Moreover, off-page SEO itself, I have never done any kind of work in Corinne or felt in Corinne. So, from my own experience, I told you that in 2020, "off-page SEO is not an issue at all".

How To Do On-Page SEO On A Blog ?

Use SEO in Blog Articles  About 5 years ago, on-page SEO or empty SEO, we only thought of "lots of keywords in blog articles." However, with the unlimited use of keywords in the blog article, we could easily signal Google search and there was no need for anything else.

But, as technology is becoming more and more advanced, search engine bots are improving. Consequently, in the 2020's now, seo should not be done using unlimited keywords only in the wake of blog articles. This is called "over keyword optimization" or "keyword stuffing".

Although keywords are still important in articles, if you use an unlimited number of keywords, Google will certainly penalize your blog at a later time (about 1 to 2 months).

As a result, optimizing the over keyword will no longer show your articles in Google search. Therefore, on-page SEO nowadays, keywords related to the topic of blog articles need to be used in a limited and urgent way. This is called "SEO Friendly Article".

Moreover, there are many other topics and techniques that you need to give a lot of importance to on-page SEO.

1. Optimizing Content For Search Intro:

On-page SEO optimization means creating an "SEO Friendly Article". In 90% of the articles on the Internet you will find that on page seo means to signal Google using targeted keywords in Gaza instead of articles. However, this process would have worked in the past although it would not work anymore.

Hey, Google search engine bots have become more sophisticated now, and you can easily understand what you've written an article about. Therefore, using more keywords in a blog article will not work.

If a user wants to know about a topic through Google search, you should meditate on it and write the article accordingly.

What To Do? How To Write An 'SEO Friendly Article' ?

First of all, you need to use different keywords, words, sentences and search terms related to the article in your blog.

I mean, suppose I'm writing an article about the topic "What is SEO". Now, if I am trying to create an "SEO Friendly Article" by simply repeating the word "What is SEO" in various places of the article, then our biggest mistake is to get it at 2020.  Why, Google considers these types of articles to be "low quality" and "over optimized content".

As a result, there is no chance of any kind of traffic or visitors coming to your blog from Google search in the future.

Now Listen How To Optimize My articles For SEO.

If I'm writing an article on the topic of "What is SEO," then I use some words or sentences related to my main keyword in the article, without having to use the "What is SEO" keyword repeatedly.

For example, "SEO What", "SEO Tutorial", "What is On-Page SEO", "How to do SEO", "search engine optimization", "SEO tips", "SEO courses" and so on.  Let's use keywords.

That way, by using some of the "related keywords" associated with the article "focus keyword" in your blog, you get 5 big gains. In this, Google search engine can easily understand the topic or topic of your article.

Because of this, I have used various related keywords in my article on SEO, so the chance of ranking my article on SEO in Google search will increase.

In this new SEO process, we won't use a keyword again and again. Therefore, there is no fear of over keyword optimization in articles and Google will never penalize your blog.

2. Improve Website Loading Speed:

About 80% of you bloggers do not have any headache with the loading speed of the website page, I know that well.

Ever clicked on a link from a Google search result to a website that took a long time to load or open? If you are like me, then you may go to such a slow loading website and press the back button on the mobile, and then visit another result or website. And, as Google well knows, a slow loading website doesn't get any good. Because, when a website only takes so long to open, that situation is very annoying for everyone.

Therefore, page loading speed of a website is now considered one of the most important ranking factors of Google. Besides, "page speed" is considered as one of the most important and important part of on-page SEO. First of all, loading your own blog or website.  Speed ​​Check.

You can use "Google page speed insights", "tools.pingdom" and "gtmetrix" to check the page loading speed of a blog or website.

Keep The Website Fast Loading Speed:

As you can see above, checking the page loading speed of my website through gtmetrix showed "fully loaded time" 2.3 seconds. In fact, my website takes 2 to 3 seconds to fully load in any web browser. However, this loading speed cannot be called bad.

If your blog's loading speed exceeds 3 seconds, then you have to work with the "page loading speed" of your website. Because, as I said before, a slow website is never liked by Google. And so, as a slow loading website, from Google. The chance of getting traffic or visitors will be reduced by 75%.

Moreover, even if your content or article is shown on Google's first search result page, it may take a long time for the website to open, leaving 5% of visitors frustrated, leaving your website.

How To Up Website Page Loading Speed ?

You can quickly increase the page loading speed of your blog or website. However, you must use some speed optimization techniques for that. Before uploading images to the blog article, each image should be compressed. You can use the website "compressjpeg.com" for this.

Remember, the size of the images uploaded to the blog or website does not exceed 5kb. Reduce the image size as much as possible and upload to the blog.

Use hosting from a good cloud web hosting company. The better your hosting server, the faster your blog pages load. When it comes to blogging, just use some of the best web hosting companies. Make sure you use a CDN (content delivery network). In this case, using cloudflare would be very convenient.

Use a light, clean and fast theme. If you are using WordPress, you can use "wpastra", "generatepress" or "genesis framework" themes. These are recognized as the fastest and best themes of WordPress.

If you've blogged using WordPress, you should definitely use a caching plugin. Moreover, in the WordPress blog, make sure to use an optimization plugin such as "WP Fastest Cache", "WP Rocket", "WP Super Cache", "W3 Total Cache" or "WP-Optimize".

So friends, this is how you can use the small techniques, page loading speed of your website fast and fast, you can get better blog on page SEO.

Create A Blog On A Topic ?

3. Use focused keyword targeting in articles. O above I have said that repeated use of targeted keywords in articles is too bad.

However, in some areas of the article, using targeted keywords naturally is very beneficial.

Use Targeted Keywords:

You can understand by looking at the picture above that I wrote an article on "Earn Money from YouTube". And, if you still search on Google by searching for this topic, my article will be the first to appear.

However, the reason that Google ranks first on the topic is that I used my targeted keyword in certain places of the article, in addition to using other on-page SEO techniques.

So, after using the targeted keywords in these special places, you can see what happened after you snap them up.

So, What Places Used In The Targeted Keywords On Article ?

Answer: If you look carefully at the picture above, you will understand where I used my target keywords.
  • First, you should use the title of the article.
  • Then, use the keyword in the Permalink url of the article.
  • Now, in the first paragraph of the article, you should type in your targeted keyword or sentence one to two times.
  • And then, it's important to use targeted keywords one to two times in the H2, H3, and H4 TAGs used in the article.
This way, by using focused keywords in certain areas of your article, Google can easily explain your content to the search engine. And as a result, your content will be much better optimized for search engines.

4. Use Alt Tags In Images:

Google itself does not understand the images we upload to blogs or blog articles. So, we can use "alt tag" to explain to Google about the images used in our article.

This makes it easier for Google and other search engines to understand what the image is about and thus increase the chance of getting traffic from google image search. In the case of on-page SEO optimization, it is very important to use the alt tag in the image.

And, we can optimize the content better SEO by using our targeted targeted keywords in place of these image alt tags/text.

5. Simple & Readable Content:

Remember, the content of your blog and the quality of the article must be of the best quality. Today, there are thousands of content or information on any topic on the Internet.

So, if the articles you write are difficult to read or understand, then hopefully visitors to the blog will be back in just a few seconds.

Therefore, write content on your blog in a simple and straightforward way so that JK can read a lot. Also, write short paragraphs.

The longer your visitors read the articles you write, the higher the bounce rate will decrease, and the ranking of your articles in Google search engine will continue to improve.

Therefore, you should always write articles on the blog so that visitors or readers will get a lot of interest in reading your content and they will not have any difficulty reading your articles.

6. Use Internal Linking Technique:

You may have noticed some links in each of my articles. Hey, this article is also. Thus, when writing an article on your blog, the process of providing a link to other articles related to your article's topic or keywords is called "internal linking of articles". And in blog articles, such links are called "internal links".

For Example:
If I am writing an article on "blogging", then I can definitely link to my other articles on blogging. In this, hope bloggers on your blog will be able to gain a great deal of knowledge on any particular topic and the "bounce rate" of your blog will be reduced. In SEO, the interlinking of articles like this is very beneficial.

In this, the article link inside your blog leads to SEO link juice pass and internal backlinks are created. This technique of on-page SEO is much more important if you want to rank your article pages in Google well. Then you understand what the "internal link" is and how to do it.

7. Regularly Post Articles:

But how much you publish article in your blog month, you also have to be careful. Google loves blogs that publish regular high quality articles. So, keep trying so that you can publish 3 good articles on your blog in less than seven weeks.

Moreover, blogs that are not published in regular articles, say only 2 to 3 articles a month, those blogs are of low quality in Google's eyes. And, Google does not rank well on its less-updated blogs such as SERP.

So, if you want to get a good amount of traffic or visitors from Google Search Engine, you should publish regular new content on your blogs. In the case of on-page SEO, it is very important to focus on E-Bay.

Our Last Word:
So guys, today we learned that "what is on-page SEO", "how To do on-page SEO" and many other things about SEO.

Remember, the purpose of seo on the page is to optimize the articles on your blog better for Google or other search engines. And as a result, it is more likely to get more traffic or visitors from Google search engine.

So, if you are a blogger, then you should definitely focus on this topic. Otherwise, getting traffic from Google will be very difficult for you.

Today is the end of today's post. See you in the next post, you will be good and will stay with FlagBD Comeing soon immediately.



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Largest Technology Website : What Is On-Page SEO Optimization ? (SEO Tutorial)
What Is On-Page SEO Optimization ? (SEO Tutorial)
Today, after learning about SEO tips, you will know all about how to do SEO properly on your blog. What is on-page seo? And speaking of the use of on-page SEO, just using it in a blog article is not enough. That means, when it comes to on-page SEO techniques, it's important to use and implement your entire website or blog.
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