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How To Add Blogger Blog Email Subscription Widget...??

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How To Add Blogger Blog Email Subscription Widget

Add to Blogger Blog Email Subscription Widget...!!!

We will share with you another Email Subscription Form widget. In fact, every blog needs to have an Email Subscription Form. Because it will help increase your blog's Subscriber. When a blog subscriber continues to grow, the visitor will also increase.

You can see the demo of the Email Subscription Form widget in the image above. It is made entirely in combination with Css3. You can customize it to your liking if you wish. Moreover, the buttons have some additional 3D Css3 effects. Hope you like the widget.

How to add  ??

• Login to your blog first.
• Click on Layout from the Blogger dashboard.
• Now click on Add Gadget from the Layout on the right. See the image below -

• Then click on HTML / JavaScript.

Now copy and paste the following code into the HTML / JavaScript cell.

<style type = "text / css"># pro-subscribe {background: # 1B5E20; width: 100%; padding: 0 0 1px; font-family: inherit; display: block; margin: 0; border: 0; border-radius: 5px}.pro-subscribe-social-title {color: # FFF; font-weight: 500; text-align: center; padding-top: 15px; font-size: 15px}# pro-subscribe .social-profile {line-height: 1.2em; display: table; float: none; margin: 0px auto; text-align: center; min-width: 157px; padding: 5px 0px; border: 0}# pro-subscribe .social-profile a {background: # FFF; color: # 000; margin: 0 5px; text-align: center; float: left; display: table; padding: 4px 5px; border-radius: 50px; border: 2px solid #FFF; width: 15px; height: 15px; line-height: 0; font-size: 16px; transition: all 0.3s ease-in-out; -webkit-transition: all 0.3s ease-in-out}# pro-subscribe .social-profile a: hover {color: # FFF; background-color: # FF5959; border-color: #FFF}# pro-subscribe p {font-size: 15px; color: # F9F9F9; text-shadow: 0px -1px 0px # 000; line-height: 25px; padding: 5px 10px 5px; text-align: center; width: 80%; margin: 5px auto; border: 1px solid # 292929; border-radius: 0 50px}# pro-subscribe .mail-field {padding: 0; margin: 0 auto; display: block}# pro-subscribe .mail-field input {margin: 15px auto; font-size: 13px; color: # 000; text-align: center; display: block; font-family: inherit; font-weight: normal; width: 90%; height: 38px; text-transform: uppercase; outline: none; border: 1px solid #FFF; border-radius: 2px; background: #FCFCFC; box-sizing: border-box}# pro-subscribe .mail-field .button {background-color: # 08a276; color: # FFF; font-family: Arial; font-size: 18px; font-weight: normal; padding: 6px 15px; text-decoration: none; -moz-box-shadow: inset 0px 39px 0px -21px # 01AD7B; -webkit-box-shadow: inset 0px 39px 0px -21px # 01AD7B; box-shadow: inset 0px 39px 0px -21px # 01AD7B; border-radius: 4px; text-shadow: 0px 1px 0px # 067050; border: 1px solid # 08a276; margin-top: 15px; transition: all .3s ease-in-out; float: none; text-transform: uppercase; cursor: pointer}# pro-subscribe .mail-field .button: hover {background-color: # 03B47C; border: 1px solid # 03B47C}# pro-subscribe .mail-field .button: active {position: relative; top: 1px}</style><div id = "pro-subscribe"><div class = "pro-subscribe-social-title"> Social Media of Trick24 Pro </div><div class = "social-profile"><a href="#" target="_blank" title="Write Title"> <i class = "fa fa-facebook"> </i> </a><a href="#" target="_blank" title="Write Title"> <i class = "fa fa-twitter"> </i> </a><a href="#" target="_blank" title="Write Title"> <i class = "fa fa-google-plus"> </i> </a><a href="#" target="_blank" title="Write Title"> <i class = "fa fa-youtube-play"> </i> </a><a href="#" target="_blank" title="Write Title"> <i class = "fa fa-pinterest"> </i> </a><a href="#" target="_blank" title="Write Title"> <i class = "fa fa-rss"> </i> </a></div><p> Want to get updates posted directly to the email! </p><div class = "mail-field"><form action = "" method = "post" target = "popupwindow" onsubmit = " (' / a / mailverify? uri = trick24pro ',' popupwindow ',' scrollbars = yes, width = 550, height = 520 '); return true "><input type = "text" name = "email" placeholder = "Your e-mail address" /><input type = "hidden" value = "trick24pro" name = "uri" /><input type = "hidden" name = "loc" value = "en_US" /><input value = "submit" class = "button" type = "submit" /></form></div></div>

Finally Save the Gadget.

★ Enter the social media address of the red color # above.

★ Write social media titles instead of Blue Color's Write Title.

★ Name your Feedburner account in place of trick24pro.

If you do not have a Feedburner account, you can create one here.

Thakns For Reading This Post

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How To Create A Google Customs Search Bar. ..?? And Earn From Your Site...!! [Blogger, Wordpress]

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How To Create A Google Customs Search Bar. ..?? And Earn From Your Site...!! [Blogger, Wordpress]

Assalamu Alaikum How are you Hope you are well In fact, writing posts on the job front is a lot harder. So suddenly 2 - 1 days become sweet.

Today I am going to share a new topic. How to earn from the search bar?

Note: - In this episode we will show you how to create a search bar and wait for the next episode in how to earn from this..??

What, I wonder? I told you that. Many of us use a custom search bar on our site so that users can easily find the information and there is only one benefit that will be posted on their site. However, there are more benefits. In today's going to tell you how to earn from it. For that you have to work following the rules.
If you work according to some steps you can create custom customs properly.

So let's get started. First go to the link below ..!!

Click Here To Go The Link 

Then put your site in place of the example in the example below

Then click on Create and then work as below.

Now the public url. You can view the live demo by clicking on the Get Code, then copy the code from the Get Code and place it on your site.

Due to the short time, I finished the post. If you make a mistake, you will look with forgiveness.

How to earn income will be very quick
Wait then

Note: - Those who do not have an Adsense account... So you can not use this.. 

If you like this post, come back to my site ..


Thursday, October 3, 2019

How to set specific custom url to a blogger page..??

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How to set specific custom url to a blogger page..??

Assalamu Alaikum Many other greetings and congratulations to all the other creed brothers.

A custom URL on a page of the blog site enhances the beauty of the blog, giving the visitor a clear idea about that page, which may interest the visitor; This increases the number of visitors.

By default, there is no option to set a custom URL on a Blogger page, but it is possible to adapt to a simple rule by using a small one. The first thing you need to do in this regard is to follow the steps below.

1. What you want to set as the URL of your page is to first copy it into a Notepad or a text editor, and place it in your clipboard.

Let's say your desired URL is about us. To view it as a URL, we need to copy about. This will result in your entire URL structure -

yourdomainname.ext / p / about-us.html

That is, the space between the words about and us will become a dash or a hyphen (-).

2. Now, by logging in to your account on Blogger, go to the Pages screen from the sidebar of the desired blog, click on New Page.

3. Now quickly paste the copied text into your clipboard into the Page title box, then click the Save button. Do this step so fast that you cannot get Blogger autosave before pasting the copied text. Maybe every 30 seconds Blogger gets autosave.

Well, here's the custom URL for your page. Now you can edit the title of your page and edit it.

Blog pages are very important content for a blog. Because they carry important content like Contact or About Us. Also, a blog may have different pages about different topics that are different from blog posts. So custom URL is needed to bring creativity to the blog.

Sorry if this post doesn't look good. If you find any errors please let me know, I will try to fix them soon; Do not allow others to think bad things by using derogatory language in just comments.

Thank you.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Set Google Map On Blogger Website..!! Make The Site More Attractive And Increase More Visitors...!!!

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how to add Google Map to Blogger website ??

Hi Viewers How are you all hope everyone is fine I am good to your blessings too.

how to add Google Map to Blogger website ??

Those of us content writers may have a small free blogger website.
We may earn some pocket money through this website. Today's post may have been understood by everyone after seeing the title. I will show you how to add Google's map to a blogger website. We may have seen many times on many big websites like WordPress Blogger below Google Map Add really how they add. Many people want to know why this post is for them today.
So if you read this post carefully then you will understand a to z.

With this Google map, beauty of our website increases and developers get an idea. If you want to understand that I have a few more posts on the blog post, it can be helpful to look a little hard. To set up a Google map, we have to first go to the Google Map website with a link here.

 Link Google Map

So let's get started

After clicking on the Google Map link, you can search the Google Map of the place where you add the ad. Search by clicking share.

Then click Embed a map.

Copy the link now.

Then we have to open our Blogger website and click on Layout

Then go to Blogger where you want to add this Google Map and click on Add Gazette option.

Then click Html javascript from here

Give us a copy we wrote earlier

Check out the work done on Google Map Ad.

Thanks everyone for reading this post

Monday, September 23, 2019

[NEW] Zorex-Movie Blogger Premium Template..!! Diwnload It For Free..!!

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Zorex-Movie Blogger Premium Template

Assalamualaim… Hello friends!
I'm Rohan, today I came to you with such a premium theme. This theme is a fully responsive theme. And of course I am giving you this theme for free. You don't have to buy it for money.

Template identity:

Name: Zorex Movie Blogger Premium Template
Current version: V2.1
Designer: Rohan

Theme Demo. 

Download Link ..

Zip Password: Sadik @ 123

Theme Image:

Template Features: -

• Responsive.
• SEO Friendly.
• Mobile Friendly.
• Fast Load.
• Homepage Grid.
• Personal Blog.
• Magazine.
• Footer Menu.
• 3 Column.
• Social Share Button.
• Free Templates.
• Homepage Look Like Zorex Blog.

How to install the template ??

★ Download the Zorex Movie Redesign Blogger Template.
★ Extract the file.
★ Open the extracted Template File earlier.
★ Open the blogger dashboard page.
★ Select the Themes / Template menu »then click the Backup / Restore button» Click Select File.
★ Enter the extract file from the XML format »then click upload.


For the demo, please see this page .If the link is dead, inform the admin through the comments column.

Hope you like it….
Thanks everyone ... all good


Sunday, September 15, 2019

How to Verify Blogger Blog in Google Analytics..!!! [A to Z tips]

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How to Verify Blogger Blog in Google Analytics..!!! [A to Z tips]

Assalamu Alaikum How are you Hope you are well I'm fine with your prayers too

Today, I will share with you something very important, hopefully everyone who has heard the name of Google Analytics and how everyone goes with it, but those who are new to it do not know how to verify blogger blogs.

If you keep verifying your site in Google Analytics, you will get many nice benefits as you get accurate information about your blog view by means of how many visitors are coming to your blog this month, how many page views there are, how many visitors come throughout the month. Have the right visitor, etc. If you are new to it, then it will look good to you.

So let's see how to verify your Blogger blog in Google Analytics.

First you go to this link

Now click on Access Google Analytics, just like the image below.

Now, from the menu, click Admin - like the image below -

Now, from the Account options, click on create new account as below -

A new page will appear with your blog name, blog URL, etc. Click on the Get Tracking ID as the image below -

Clicking on the message box will appear under the Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement as I Accept.

Then a new page will come up and there you will get a Tracking Code that will be useful in the future by copying the code well and you will get some code there.

How to Verify Blogger ??

Now login to your Blogger account

From the dashboard, click on Template. Edit HTML

Find the tag below by pressing CTRL + F on the keyboard


Just below the tag above, or after the top Google Analytics code, insert the last one and click Save Template.

Now you're go to here

And login and click on Verification Details from the setting as shown below -

From the page that comes next, Verify using a different method. Click just like the image below -

Now select Google Analytics from the Verification methods option and click on Verify look like the image below -

Now select the image below and grab the right page view and the right information in your blog.

If you do the above, you will see everything as seen in the image below. It will be seen here daily and for weeks and months -

Diameter all work Hopefully from the above post you have no problem if any problem please comment below.

If you like the post, please share with friends. Be healthy and be healthy.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Download Now Super Fast Infinite AMP Responsive Blogger Template [Free Download]

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Infinite AMP Responsive Blogger Template

Download Now Super Fast Infinite AMP Responsive Blogger Template [Free Download]

Assalamu Alaikum How are you Hope you are well I am very good to you.

Those who visit our website, there are less and more blog sites.
Google has given us this opportunity to share something for free so we can write something today for free, it will cost 5000 + bucks to build a website in Eman.

Where will students like us have so much money? Apart from opening a blog site, there are also designs and requirements. If you want to bring a website aviator, you need to create beautiful monochromatic designs.

If you want to make your site attractive, you need to design it well. Now you have to be a web developer to design. Nor are some of the design templates available online for Brother Blogger.

There are many templates available online that can be used as categories, but some of these designs are fascinating. Which will satisfy your visitor. Would love your visitor. So today I will share with you a template.

Difference between free and paid:
Although there are many templates available online, these are also available for free and paid and available.

Now what's the difference between free and paid ??
Whichever template you use for free, they will be given a credit that will be written on your site, such as Dizon by-the-blank.

But it will not be on paid. You can give your name in the paid. The template includes SEO, which is not buckled. There are many more.

Today, I will share with you the template of which one-on-one online price is above 800 rupees. But you don't have to spend any money. Since you have been spending megabytes on our blog. Since you are with us, I will give you the free premium templates.

Super Fast Infinite AMP Responsive Blogger Template


I made the download system with one click. So that you do not suffer.

• Template Future

• Responsive

• Mobile Friendly

• Seo Friendly

• Blogging

• Magazine

• Ads Ready

• HTML5 & CSS3

• Browser Compatibility

• Custom 404 Page

• Google Testing Tool Validator

• Fast Loading -

• Minimal

• Simple

• Clean Layout

• Clear Design

• Drop Down Menu

• Social Sharing

• No footer credit

• Premium Version

• looking awesome

This day. Then download the above template and upload it to your website. And give your website a beautiful look. Next time I will see new posts in a new topic. In the meantime, be healthy.

Khoda Hafiz

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Add A Custom Domain To Your Blogger Website.[Very Easyly] With Detailes Illustrations. [Don't Understand Where You Go]

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Add A Custom Domain To Your Blogger Website

Add A Custom Domain To Your Blogger Website.[Very Easyly] With Detailes Illustrations. [Don't Understand Where You Go]

Greetings! How are you all? Hope you are well A few days ago, I showed you how to take Top 5 domains for free for 1 year.

I got another post today because of your overwhelming response. Today's post is about domain setup.

Subject: How to add a domain with Blogger.
The work of the domain we took but just started. After taking the domain, the main task is to associate the domain with Hosting. In this case, if you want to join Free Hosting, you need to link to Blogger or WordPress.

So, in this episode we will show you how to setup your domain on Blogger / Blogspot. This task is relatively complex.

So if you carefully follow step by step, it will be easier.

Preparation Episode:
I'm going to show you (.ooo) domain setup with Blogger to teach you. No matter which domain you take. The basic procedure is almost the same.
Sorry for me it is not possible to show all domains.


1. Visit first.

(Make sure you have Blogger login with Gmail.)

2. Then click on Setting.

3. Click Basic.
4. Then click here Add a third party.

5. Now enter your domain in the box with www. And save the day.

6. See, here (we have not been able to verify your authority to this domain) is showing an error. Don't worry.

Here you see the Name, Level and Host field and Destination, Target or Points to field.

We have to set these up somewhere.

7. Now you have access to your domain's Control Panel

(Only in the case of .ooo will be In case of another domain there will be another link. Please leave a comment. I'll tell you.

8. Now select your Email & Password and Customer and click Login.

9. The Verification Code has gone to your specific number. Click on Activate in the box.

10. Now switch to the Dashboard of the domain.

From here, place the Manage Order on top of the text and click on the List / Search Order text.

11. Now you should click on your domain from here.

12. Now click on the DNS Management text below.

13. Now click on write CNAME Records.

14. Then click Add CNAMES Rerords.

15. Now you can see such pages. Here is the information in the boxes.

16. Copy the data as shown in Figures 1 and 2 respectively.

17. Paste the information copied above as illustrated. And click Save.

18. Then copy data 1 and 2 the same way again.

19. Now paste the copied information as illustrated. And click Save.

20. Now click on the A Records as picture.

21.Then click Add A Record.

22. Now, there are 4 Google IPs in the picture. You have to add them all together.

So, add numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively.

So, first copy the number 1 IP.

23. Paste the information copied to the specified box in the image and save it.

24. In this way, save all the information according to number 22.

25. Diameter, our data has to be properly placed.

Now, wait only 12-24 hours. Your settings will take effect during this time.

After waiting 12-24 hours, you can log back into your Blogger account and perform the tasks from 1 to 5 above.

This time your domain will be saved.

Now, wait 2-5 hours again. Diameter, it became our desired domain setup.

The post is too big for you to simply explain. If you do not understand please report it. I will try my best.

😍😍😍 Thanks For Reading The Post 😍😍😍