Tuesday, October 1, 2019

AnyOne Know Your Facebook password..!! No One Else Can Not login Your Facebook Account..!!!

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AnyOne Know Your Facebook password..!! No One Else Can Not login Your Facebook Account..!!!

Assalamu Alaikum. Hope all is well, and I am fine with your blessings. Today again I came up with a new tips I am Rohan among you.

Let's not get down to work because you realize by watching the title, yes friends will do this Setting, your ID will be safe from the enemy, and even if you give someone your password, he will not be able to enter the ID!

Work as shown below

You can also do this setting with another number, so use a different number and click on the number.

Than You Give The Code In The Blank Box


Let's see the proof!

wow! If you see how beautiful the setting is, no hacker will be able to hack your ID if you do, and not even the number and password.

Thanks to everyone. Like I left here, I will be present with more new tips Rohan.

Thank You.

Allah hafiz.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

How To Giving Website Link Into Facebook Inside Continue Reading....!!

How To Giving Facebook A Link Inside Continue Reading....!!

Assalamualaim… Hello friends! I am Rohan Islam.

I will discuss with you today how you will link to a Facebook post inside Continue Reading.

The rules for giving links inside Continue Reading on Facebook are:-

It is known to many. However, those who do not visit will hopefully benefit. Large posts on Facebook usually have Continue Reading text. However, at present, some Facebook posts continue to click on the text and then go to another page. Today I will share with you how the link is given in Continue Reading.

What is required:-
(1) The page or group link that you give, the code of the page.

(2) Any word within the name of your page.

☞ Continue Reading Two links to other pages or groups should follow.

Source: (1): @ = [Page Code: Half Page Name]
Source: (2): @@ = [0: [Page Code: 1: Continue Reading]]

Think of it, your group name:
* FlagBD.Com
* Group Code: 1656466141273991

❇ Work step:-
Step 1: - (1) Write your wishes first. Then enter the first formula.
Example: @ = [1656466141273991: Android]

Step 2- (2) Once again write something you want, write the second formula.

For example:-
@@ = [0: [1656466141273991: 1: Continue Reading]]

Step 3- (3) Remove the (=) marks before posting
And no spaces or spaces can be left between the formulas.

Step 4- (4) Finish, post now. If everything can be done properly, you will see that the work has been done.

Now I'm going to illustrate the whole example.
➥ Banglalink again and free internet. But only for @ = [1656466141273991: FlagBD.Com] users. So let's get to work. To do this, first create an Apn like the one below.

Name: BP
Apn: Internet @@ = [0: [1656466141273991: 1: Continue Reading]]

If everything is done correctly, it will look like the following:-
➥ Banglalink again and free internet. But only for Midnight users. So let's get to work. To do this, first create an Apn like the one below.

Name: BP
Apn: Internet Continue Reading

➥ So enjoy everyone.

Lastly: Neither I nor the site shall be responsible for any damages of any kind incurred in any such work

✿ Special Note:
Those people are just wrong. So, look at the forgiveness of mistakes and mistakes.

Hope you like it….
thanks to everyone…

Thanks everyone

Download Facebook Video..!! Very Easily Without Using App...!!!

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Download Facebook Video..!! Very Easily Without Using App...!!!

Assalamu Alaikum. Hope all is well. There are many of you who cannot download video with Facebook / Facebook lite. So today I will share with you how to download the videos of Facebook / Facebook lite without using any external App and take it to Gallery.General Chat Chat Lounge
So let's not look at Trick in step two without raising the word.

First Step -
First, by logging into your Facebook / Lite, copy the link to the video you want to download.

Second Step -
Now access any browser or Downloader on your phone and go to this link


Then Follow the SrceenShots

You can see the video has started downloading. This way you can easily download facebook videos.

So this day ...

If you / you are benefited by reading this post then of course make a nice comment in the comment box.

[NB: Trick Maybe many know already. So for those who don't know, this is my post]

Thank you all

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Now Turn Off Your Facebook Access System..!! And Protect Your Facebbok Account From Hacking...!!

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Now Turn Off Your Facebook Access Syste..!!  And Protect Your Facebbok Account From Hacking...!!

As-Salamu Alaikum to all. I hope everyone is good. Today, I will share a trick through which you can access your Facebook ID and save your ID from hackers. Let us first start with the basic concepts.

What is access ?
In fact access is a name created by people like us. And that means resetting Facebook passwords with a username.

How to avoid the ID hack ?
After a hacker hacked a Facebook ID, a hacker started the hacking process through Forgotten Password with a username. Because he does not have the email or phone number of the ID. If you turn off password reset with a username, it will not be able to reset your password. As a result, he will not be able to start your ID hacking process! Access is far away!

How to turn off access:
If you do not have e-mail added to your ID, you should first add the e-mail. Then copy your ID link as below.

Now go to the Facebook login page from any web browser. Then paste your copy in the e-mail / number box.

From the next page you will be sent a password reset code in your e-mail. Directly my email is missing because I do not have a number in my ID.

An e-mail will now be sent to your address. Open the email and click on Let us know as below.

Then a page like the following will actually click on Continue.

Now click on Turn off Reset for my Username.

See the password has been reset. Now click on Continue when you're done!

From now on, the password of your ID cannot be reset with a username. If you forget your password you can reset it by number or email.

This was today's writing. Be sure to tell us how you felt about the article. Will be talking in the next post. Better then, stay safe.

Allah Hafiz.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Facebook Messenger Chatting Hide..!! Hide Message Chatting In Messenger...!! [ Just 1 Click]

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Hide Message Chatting In Messenger

Hello friends how are you..? I hope everyone is good . I am good at the mercy of Allah. If no one is good, don't visit FlagBD. Thanks for coming to FlagBD.

Today I have brought a great Trick for you. Using this Trick you can hide anyone's Chat or ID. If you chat with your loved ones or friends, if someone else unknowingly takes your phone into the Messenger Duke chat list, but you can not see the ID or chat of your favorite person or friend. So those who want to do this will read my post at the end.

Let's start with:
I hope you all have the Messenger app on your phone and if you do not go to the Play Store, you will find the Messenger app. As long as the app is available on the phone, they will update.

First you have to install and open the app.

I dunked in the messenger app. Now you have to select whose ID you will hide. Click on the ID that you want to hide. I'm hiding a group.

Click on the location shown in the Screenshot.


Here you see the group is not there.

To return you will have to search by entering a name in the search box.

Here you see the group has arrived

If you have trouble understanding anything, please comment.


Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Now Unfriend All Facebook Friends Just In One Click And Cancel The All Send Pending Request Just In 1 Clicks. [Root / Unroot]

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Unfriend All Facebook Friends Just In One Click

Now Unfriend All Facebook Friends Just In One Click And Cancel The All Send Pending Request Just In 1 Clicks. [Root / Unroot]

Assalamu Alaikum How are you all I hope everyone is good. And I am fine with your blessings Alhamdulillah.

Today I came to share how you can unfriend all Facebook friends in 1 click ?? Even though we send less of friend requests, many gradually become friends, which is almost impossible to remove one at a time. But if we can remove 50 to 60 friends with just one click then our labor will be very low and save time too.

This time you may be thinking that the title does not match the post !! Hey brother, all the work has to be a little time and a little effort. However, you can remove more than 50/60 friends at once.

How ??
You may notice that if you first go to the friend list then the name of 15/20 people is seen, but if it is pulled upwards then the ID of 15/20 will come out. And as you pull upwards, the profile of the friend will come out. And all the profiles that will be removed in just a few clicks of Friend Just I will be unfriended.

However, many chatty people who did not understand, will understand when to start the screenshots.
Today I'm going to share two things
(1) Removing all friends in 1 click.
(2) Cancel all cent requests in 1 click.
Now let's talk a little bit about number 2.
Number 2 is to cancel all cent requests in 1 click.
When we send a friend request, some accept the request and many hang it.
If 50 friends request cents, it is found that 15 or 20 are receiving and the rest are hanging.
How does it feel when someone hangs you ??? But from today no one will be able to hang you.

Once you go to friends> view sent request you see how many Facebook profiles are hanging. However, today you can clear all the garbage.
I will discuss just two things today and the rest [confirm all friend request, delete all incoming friend request, leave from all group, all friend invite to your page and more… .. in one click] you can and will not Then let me know in the comments, I will help. Otherwise, my Facebook link will be given below Knock on Facebook.
I am giving the app download link below Google Play Store… ..

You install from the Google Play Store...CliCk Here !!

This will save Tour MB.....😘😘

Open the app first
Enter the Chrome Store and Search in the Search bar.

Then Follow The Screenshot

Click on the search box and type in the keyword .. The keyword is "Remove Friends Free" then click on Search___

Then click on the shown markup ... here's how I don't know the language in my browser has changed.

Then click “Add Extension”

Now go to home and click on facebook> username or email address> password> login ___

Click on "OK" or "Not Now" (as your wish).

Then follow the screenshots and work steps by steps >>

This time, continue to swipe up as much as you can. Because I said before.

Now see what happens __Man can not be understood but after sometime a notification will appear on the screen then all the friends are unfriended.

Number 2 (All Sent Request Cancel for 1 click). 

Come home and do a Chrome Store search again.

Search by typing FB Tools in the search box.

Add extension as before

Click on Desktop Mode On Friends.

This time, however, the top 5 Swipe ___ then click 3Dot> Extension> Toolkit for FB.

There are many options, each one is useful. Since we will cancel the Saint request, find "Click All Cancel Pending Friend Request" and click on Start Tool.

See loading below ___ and Sent Request Canceling ___

So far this post has been. See you next post. take care

 . Thanks.