Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Best Cricket Game..!! I have Ever Played In My Life..!!

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The Best Cricket Game..!! I have Ever Played In My Life..!! 

The best cricket game I have ever played in my life, unless the cricket lovers see pasta.

Assalamu Alaikum. How are you all I hope you are fine. Not just a two-team game, but now it has become a money game there. Let's talk about that. We know that Android Deplover of India Itya continues to create new games must be played apanara Cricket Career, Real Cricket, wcc2, and played the game.

Some of you may have also played the game I will share with you today. I've been playing for a month. The game is called world cricket bettle. Let's not forget the details of the game

Benefits of the game:-
We have the most favorite feature player action in the game. If you want to play in the IPL then you will be given a fixed amount by any team that you can buy a player of your choice.

National Anthem:-
Here is the national anthem of all the groups. Stand still while singing the national anthem

Multiplayer System:-

Here you can play two friends with each other with a data connection

New Tournament:-
Here you can enjoy the fun of all types of tournaments of 2019

Many stadiums:-
There are more than 20 stadiums, including many big stadiums around the world, including India

Also the BGM is very good. You will receive fluency in two languages. English and Hindi

There are many more things to say that will go a long way

Disadvantages of the game:-
The game is 301 mb (which is a little more than the good price) .This game will cost you a lot of RAM.

The game charges a little more..!!

It is normal for each item to have both advantages and disadvantages. Those who wish to play may not download from the Play Store by download or download from the bottom (if you wish).

click Here For Download

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

☀ "PUBG MOBILE LITE" LAG PROBLEM SOLVED ☀ Play Smart Phones With 1 GB RAM - Smartley Play..!! This Will Be Not Hang....!!! ☀



☀ "PUBG MOBILE LITE" LAG PROBLEM SOLVED ☀  Play Smart Phones With 1 GB RAM - Smartley Play..!! This Will Be Not Hang....!!! ☀ 

Assalamu'alikum, how are you apnaara? Hope you are well I'm fine with your prayers too.

So what do we share today? What do you know about that beta, how do you know?
Brother did not think I will post in Tropic Voila. If I give those 6 inch voirs then I will remember.

So Geez started the post with a little fun ……. The topic of today's post is how to solve the problem of * PUBG MOBILE LITE *.

Let's know what the leg is for. Simply put, Lag is mainly for low-budget phones because those phones don't have strong processors and RAM CPUs. For these smartphones, high-speed graphics games like Pabzi have to run smoothly.

What many people may not know is the leg is that when you play Pobaji Mobile Lite or play any high graphics games you will notice that your phone will not be able to run that game smoothly. This means that your phone will hang and your head will be heated up and the poor innocent phone will hit the wall. 😧

But before throwing the phone away from the hand, think a little if you can eat 1kg sweet and what if you are forced to eat 2kg sweet? Maybe you can eat, but no matter what your situation is, you can say no. 🤗

So if you read the above steps, you must understand where the problem really is. So I am solving this problem today.

Before you tell me what works for the app

Click the link to download the app in advance

Don't be afraid it will only cost 3 MB.

Does this app work in Bangla? It means that if your phone can eat 5 liters of water then your phone will give you exactly 1 liter I will not force it.

As much as the graphics developer Mama points out at Pabaji Mobile Lite, this app will give your phone as much as it can with a smartly run and the rest will consume this app.

Now surely you can understand that this app is actually working so I did not feel the need to write in detail because I know Bengalis understand a little more.

And one more thing, this app will work only in the case of Pabaji Mobile Lite so free fire or any other game does not work in the comment box, do not write anything in reverse. 🙄

So let's go to the mobile screen and then the app has not set the settings properly and your dream game of this little budget poor phone runs.
The first to give a resolution is 768 × 432
And the graphics will be smooth first
Check out the rest of the screenshots.

As soon as you click on Run Game, if your phone has Pabji Mobile Lite, then the game will automatically run and solve your problem.

I know it is not a problem to understand the post if Bengali. 😊 eat tea and pour it? 😁

So Geez, today's post is being viewed so far in a future post so please like and share.

💕💕 Khoda Hafezzz 😍😍

Monday, September 16, 2019

Get Free UC And Royal Pass At PUBG [With 100% Proof]

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Get Free UC And Royal Pass At PUBG [With 100% Proof]

Assalamu Alaikum How are you Hope you are well

Get Free UC and Royal Pass at PUBG with 100% Proof.
Usually online games cannot be hacked, however. I'll show you my 5 simple tips through 5 apps. With which you can win Free Royal Pass and submit UC.

Let's start with

Download Application

After the boon you go to Apps and register

Selected Gmail Or Facebook

My Gmail Selected

Now give Google Capsa

After this, Spain / Daily 1Uc installed Reward And App and submitted to UC

Let's take a quick look at the pressure UC has on your formation

Follow the Sshot below

Enter Pubg Id here

PUBG ID. See those who do not understand below

After 24 hours, I will give you UC

I see UC get proof of that below 5% but it's a little hard

Forgive me wrong

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Download A Awesome 3D Zombie game..!! For Those Playing Love The Zombie Game..!!

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Download A Awesome 3D Zombie game..!! For Those Playing Love The Zombie Game..!!

Assalamualaikum, how are you all?? Hope everyone is well. I'm fine too Let's come to work without delay.

Today, the theme of a great zombie 3D game is that of the single virus spread among all the patients because of the wrong treatment in a hospital. They all become human beings as we call it a zombie. Your task is to kill the zombie. There are different types of tools in the game.

Size Of Game: 100 mb
Click Here To Download This Game

I took some photos of the game.

Everyone will love the game. See you at the next post.

thanks to everyone

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

If You Also Want To Be A PUBG Hacker Then This Post Is Also For You To Do PUBG Hack [PC]

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If You Also Want To Be A PUBG Hacker Then This Post Is Also For You To Do PUBG Hack [PC]

Hello friends Hope everyone is well today for you I have appeared with the tutorial on PUBG Hack, the most popular games of the present time.

It would be nice to say earlier what you can do with this trick:

You will get ESP benefits:
With this ESP you will know when playing PUBG you will be marked how far your Enemy is located no matter where your Enemy is hiding behind a building or a hill, the more benefits you get, the more important is when you walk past a house or building. From the outside you can see what's inside the house, such as weapons, Scope, Energy Drink, First Aid, and much more that is normally inside the room. Not only this fall Airdrop is, how far the car can also take note of these things, you will be shown on the Text.

Aimbot Advantages:
You can headshot your Enemy no matter how far away it is, when you press Q or E from your keyboard, your mouse pointer will automatically point to Enemy's head and your task will be to just shoot.

What will be the problem with Banned ?
No, you or your ID will not be banned if you use this hack. Although I use other hacks but not as safe as this Trick is likely to eat Banned most of the time so I shared the Safe Trick for you.

What you will need to do the job:
১. Computer.
2. Gameloop Emulator
৩. Dego Launcher
৪. Registering a Website
Those who are thinking of running this trick on the PC do not say you will need 4GB + MB to work. And your PC should have 8GB of RAM, 3.20Ghz Processor, 4GB Graphics.

Download Emulator from the link below.
Once downloaded, install it at your own risk. Remember that during installation you have to keep the Internet running because the entire installation will be online.

Once installed, it will be your job to download the PUBG game from the Games Center by installing Emulator and once installed you will be able to play.

Now you can start the PUBG game and if you want to hack then keep watching the steps below.

Now, you need to register on the link below and every time you launch the hack, you will get a key by completing the advertisement on the short link, which will allow you to login to the hacker's Launcher.

Registration Link

And if you want to download the hacker's Launcher, you can download it from the link below.

Password: ******

Then you realize that first you need to install Gameloop Emulator then you have to download PUBG games and when that happens you need to start PUBG and login to a site and finally open the Hack Launcher.
And by logging in to the Launcher, a POP UP window will be opened on your PC's browser and you will have to collect a key through short link interruptions, then this PUBG hack will work on your PC.

You can see the hack setting by pressing the Home button from the keyboard while playing PUBG. From there you can configure everything as you like and then pressing the Home button will make the Hack Setting disappear.
So goodbye will be seen today like any other day.