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Forrest Gump • Movie Review & Download Links [A Masterpeice Of Alltime]

Forrest Gump Movie 

Forrest Gump
• ZemeckisProduced by
• Wendy Finerman
• Steve Tisch
• Steve Starkey
• Screenplay byEric RothBased • onForrest Gump
• by Winston GroomStarring
• Tom Hanks
• Robin Wright
• Gary Sinise
• Mykelti Williamson
• Sally Field

• Music by Alan
• Silvestri Cinematography Don
Edited by Arthur Schmidt

Production company:-
• Wendy Finerman Productions
• Distributed by Paramount Pictures

Release date:-
• June 23, 1994 (Los Angeles; premiere)
• July 6, 1994 (United States)

Running time:-
• 142 minutes Country United States Language English Budget $ 55 million Box office $ 678.1 million


Here, sitting on a branch of a public bus stand, named Gump! - Forrest Gump!

What about him? A billionaire? A sports star? A medal-winning army? Own a shrimp company? A record breaker? And the biggest thing! A SuperLucky dumb guy. A very good man too !!

Well anyway! What I wrote so far I do not know myself. Come to the context of the movie…

Forrest Gump (1994)
Genre: Comedy – Drama
- IMDb: 8.8 / 10
- Rotten Tomatoes: 72%
- Facebook: 4.6 / 5

• One of the greatest movie of alltime.

• Awards: Academy Award for Best Picture, Academy Award for Best Actor, and more and more…

• My Rating: Overall 8.5

I wonder why I haven't seen it for so long !!!

A man's life story, that is a bit silly. But his fate propelled him forward. Sometimes in sports, sometimes in the military! This is the story of Aga. And we see his whole life story.

Full Story Perfect Made With Excellent Ending There are emotions, comedy, thrills, etc.

• The acting of Tom Hanks was so good that the character of the story felt alive. And the whole movie was fun except for some * weak scenes.

Lastly, this is a "Best Watch" movie for all moviegoers.



★ Index of Forrest Gump 1994 - 1080p If you search on Google you will get a direct link.

I found many links to it but did not find any. However, with a VPN, you can see from the bottom the speed.

(HTML5 video player / mp4)


1080p - * (VPN recommend) *

- Index Direct Link 1

Index Direct Link 2


Bengali subtitles

The review has been a little short and random… it wasn't time to… hope to try better next time….

Thanks for reading my review

Happy Wathing The Movie…😘😘😘

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Venom Movie Review of Marvel Universe (Symbiotic Alien VENOM 2018 (Venom)

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Marvel Universel VENOM Movie Review

Venom Hourly Twenty-Minute Holloywood
Movie. The length is a little less. After watching my movie, it seems that if the movie were a little bigger then the story and character would have been better portrayed. As the events of the Tamil movie happen so fast, there seems to be a bit of an unfinished feeling.
There is not much fun in the storyline. I think the Marble Universe is not paying too much attention to Venom, as did the Spiderman franchise.

A lot of Mardanga is a movie, but plenty of forgotten and unfinished stories. Scientifically I'm reluctant to call this movie Sci-Fi. This is nothing but a fantasy of marble.
But the action and graphics are deadly.
Spiderman fans should not forget who Venom is. Marble's fictional character first appeared on the big screen in the movie Spiderman-1 in 20. Symbiotic This alien biological NT requires a human-like host with which it can survive.

This movie of Venom explains a little more about how he came into the world and some more details of his specs. I must say that I enjoyed watching the movie. Even though the acting and the half-finished story are going down, the Hollywood Maradanga graphics and Tom Hardy's acting look. I'm not a big fan of Tom Hardy though, but his combination with Venom didn't look bad.

VENOM (2018) Story Summary :
Eddie Brooke got into a fight with Billionaire Carlton Drake at the beginning of the movie. Because of which he loses his job, girlfriend loses. When Eddie turned around in frustration, a scientist working in Carlton's lab came up and revealed all the secret experiments. How Carlton has been dealing with aliens doing illegal things on people with Symbion.
The aliens were accidentally attacked by this alien symbiotic life when they came to collect evidence. Police and Life Foundation men have been behind him ever since. The name of this symbiotic alien is Venom.
Although Eddie initially tries to survive from Venom, eventually a strong bond develops between them. Venom's supernatural powers and fearful rage do good in trying to exploit Eddie.
Venom is essentially a villain, and in the movie he has been tried to cast the protagonist in a very gross way. It didn't happen in the character of Eddie nor Venom.
There are numerous mistakes in this movie. You can grab it if you want. But being a Marvel Universe fan doesn't make the movie bad. Not bad for Venom's Mardanga and Asuriic hunger.
Let's say a few mistakes - at the far end of the movie, Eddie gets into his familiar super shop, either day or afternoon. But the time of departure is seen at night. Venom eats a bad guy in a supershop, but nowhere is the rest of his body seen.
Numerous murders are reported throughout Porumvi but the police will not be able to match them.
Then, when Carlton was guiding a tour of the schoolchildren, he opened his coat and gave the lapel pin to a kid, but in the next scene, he reappears in his coat when interviewing.
The fact that the scanner displays and X-ray machines used to work in Carlton's lab is also not logical.
Stay tuned or say no. Come see a Maradanga Hollywood Tamil movie.

Welcome To VENOM