Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Bangla And English Stylelist Front For PicsArt. Now You Can Write In Any Style...!!

Bangla And English Stylelist Front  For PicsArt. Now You Can Write In Any Style...!!

Hello friends hope all is well. So today we have come up with something new. We almost all love to design photos and we need to display the logo of YouTube, Website because our computer is needed because every photo editor on our phone has 20 or 25 style fonts. It has one or two fonts that fit inside it So PicsArt is one of the popular photo editor software in Mobile, now add lots of beautiful fonts to your PicsArt without any clothes on. And design a photo like mind. Before talking too much, take a look at some font skinsots.

English Fronts :

Bangla Fronts :

Well SkinShot has seen many times this time not downloaded the zip file. Before that I do not have to say, I have selected the font and converted it to a zip file. I'll show that press too.

Download the zip file from below.

Download Font

Font English Font

Bangla Font

This time the zip file did not unzip the two. Now see the file in two .TTF file. Copy the file. Now follow the skinshot.

Now go to the phone memory

Now find  folder named PicsArt. And enter the folder

Now we see that there is a folder called Fonts. Paste the .TTF files into that folder.

Now go to your PicsArt app and go to Text and write the text you want to write

Now, the following skinset will be shown

Now click on My Fonts

So you got your stylish fonts

Now design your writing as you wish.

If there is a problem to understand, please comment.

So everyone is fine, I wish I was leaving today

khoda Hafiz

Monday, August 26, 2019

[Secret] Chat with your friends using Termux !!

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[Secret] Chat with your friends using Termux  !!

Asalamulaikum. how are you?? Hope you are well. I'm fine too He goes to the post without saying much.

There is nothing new about Termux. You know what a great tool this is for Android.
Let's not go over that and discuss how to create a secret server with Termux and chat with your friends.

First open the app and give a command like screenshot
[1] → apt update

[2]. Upgrade

[3] pkg install irssi

[4] → irssi

[5] → / connect chat.freenode.net

Here's how to give your nickname (place your nickname in place of your Nick name).
[6] / nick Your nick name

Here's the command to join your desired group
[7] → / join #Your group name

See if you win in your desired group.
Send your message.

See a message with your name on it

Issue a command to exit these tools

[8] 3 / exit

So be sure to tell us what this post looks like today. take care.

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

How Do You Install Termux AK47 Tool On Your Android.

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Install Ak47 Tool On Termux :
How are you? Hope you are well..This tutorial I am going to discuss today is - How do you install AK47 tool on your android. TOOL-AK47

So let's get started :-

Termux App Install

First install the termux app

Then run these commands step by step. Those who use termux that day will have no problem installing these commands. Hopefully everyone can ..
That's why I didn't give so many skirts ...
1.pkg install python2-dev python2 git -y
2.apt install python2
3.apt install git
4.pip2 install mechanize
5.pip2 install requests
6.git clone https://github.com/nasirxo/AK47
7.cd AK47
8.python2 ak47.py
Give these commands step by step ... Step by step ... All the commands would be good if you gave up skinshirts .. Sorry for not seeing them .. Look at the eyes of the disabled ... Do not abuse anyone ...
But 100% of these commands will not be a problem if you step by step ..
After giving the full command, you will be asked to login to Facebook / Gmail. Login with whatever you want, then install AK47 tool in front of you.

I'll give you whatever your mind wants .. I'll show you a few skins

You have successfully installed TOOL - AK47 on TERMUX. Many ask that since I'm installing then if I come out then I'll go back to that tool how they intended
ls .. Then cd AK47 then python2 ak47.py enter the commands.

Do not scold anyone .. Speak politely if you do not feel good, do not say no, do not need to insult.
Apologies again for not giving full command's skinshirt… I don't think it's necessary… ..I can easily do it without taking steps step by step. I'm finishing.

Allah hafiz..