Monday, September 30, 2019

Want To Buy A Laptop? If You Want To Buy A Good Quality Laptop Then Keep 10 Tips...!! [ Must See ]

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Want To Buy A Laptop? If You Want To Buy A Good Quality Laptop Then Keep 10 Tips...!! [ Must See ]

Assalamu Alaikum I hope everyone is good .. After a few days I sat down to write again. I will not talk about the neighbor because the post will be too big at this time so I did not extend the talk.
There are different types of laptops on the market now that are priced from one to the other and in configuration
All different When someone asks a question about which laptop is best, it is often heard that there is no clear answer to this question. In this post we will talk about basically buying a Windows laptop.

Looking to buy Apple MacBook someday

The things to keep in mind when buying a Windows laptop are:-

1. Size:-
The main thing when buying a laptop is if you carry it, then buying a notebook is appropriate. The weight of the notebook needs to be taken into account when buying a notebook. It is best to buy any laptop that is marked as Ultrabook because it is so light
So simple. Typically laptops that have a screen size of 12.5 - 13.3 have a weight of between 1 and 1.5 kg. However, you will not find the Ultrabook at a moderate price (35 to 40 thousand taka). A 15.6-inch screen laptop can be a standard-sized notebook.

2. Screen value:-
Since you always have to look at the laptop screen, you should buy a laptop so that the screen fits with you. One of the more important things about the screen is the laptop's purchase, given its resolution. In this case the screen of 1920x1080 pixels is considered ideal for all functions. And you should definitely look at the laptop once while buying. If the screen doesn't reflect the light, it will be good to run anywhere.

3. Keyboard:-
The buyer must be comfortable with the type of board that he or she is comfortable with
Buy a laptop with a keyboard.
When buying, you should check whether the keyboard has a backlit or if there is a backlit, the buttons of the laptop can be seen even in the dark. Medium-priced laptops also have lights on the keyboard nowadays.

4. CPU and graphics:-
The CPU / processors of Intel's Core i Series are more in the market now because they can do different tasks at the same time. In general, buying laptops containing Core i7 CPU is good because it is
Provides a good service for most use cases. If you are in the middle of a budget you can also get a Core i5 or Core i3 processor laptop. And the graphics
In the case, if you don't do most video editing, do 3D graphics, and don't play heavy games.
A laptop with a separate graphics card will work even if you do not. And you
If you work in graphics and play high-end games, then you need a graphics chip. In this case, the overall budget is within the Nvidia GTX 1050 to 1080 (high value) or more modern
You can take a laptop with a graphics card.
That's why you can watch Asus' gaming laptop Rogi Strix Scar Edition. If your budget is high, then Asus Rogi Jeffras may be your favorite gaming or high-config laptop.

5. RAM:-
You must have 4 GB or more
Buy more than RAM laptop
If you want your laptop to run smoothly and smoothly.

6. Hard drive:-
Laptop hard drive bought more views
Should be necessary later
One does not have to suffer from lack of space to store information. 750 GB hard disk space is not bad, what to say? The conventional hard disk slows down over time. If you can increase the budget a little, then
Replace the hard disk with SSD storage

Can 250 GB SSD storage
The price is around Tk 8,000, where the 500GB hard disk will be worth Rs.

7. Battery:-
Laptop battery should be purchased according to the rating given on the battery. Batteries that have 44Wh or 50Wh in them can save up to a long time. Currently battery technology has been developed. Laptop official
Check the document and make sure its battery backup time. It is different according to your needs
may be. However 6 to 8 hours backup is good.

8. Wireless connection and Bluetooth:-
Given the power of the Wi-Fi adapter, you need to buy a laptop so that you can run wireless networks seamlessly. All of the dual band adapters available are of good quality. Bluetooth 4.0 is now reliable in the market for Bluetooth.

9. Full size SD card port:-
Laptops often require an SD card. For this, it should be checked whether the SD card slot with the laptop.

10. USB:
3.0: Data transfer through USB port is faster than USB2. That's why laptop ports are USB3
It should be checked. However, most laptops currently have USB2 and USB3 ports.
## If all these things match the budget, then the most convenient laptop should be purchased. However, the budget may not always match. The buyer may have to make a discount on any of these issues.


## So today I'm finishing up here, see you again in another post, if you like, let me know your valuable comment.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Saved WiFi password See In Windows...!! [Very Easily]

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Saved WiFi password See In Windows...!! [Very Easily]

Assalamu Alaikum Greeting everyone I have also appeared with a new tutorial today, there is nothing funny in today's tune. You can find out the saved WiFi password by using a few tricks.

Extending WiFi Password With Windows:
One of our daily tasks has been to use the Internet, we use mobile data, and again on wifi and many big snakes, WiFi in the office because there are more users, so there is a need for high-end wireless network with high bandwidth.

Many of us are in need of WiFi password if Kunu snakes or goes to Kunu friend's house and if he can connect himself then we can run but the problem is if I could see if the password was even more advantageous.

You can also see the password with the mobile if you want but the device has to be root for this. Today we will see the WiFi password through Windows.

How to find out ?
• First enter the network adapter settings. How to go: See Win + R pressing simultaneously on Run option.
• Type ncpa.cpl and press Enter.
• Then right click on your WiFi as in the picture below and select Status.
• WiFi Status Click on Wireless Properties of Windows.
• Click the Security tab and below
• See the Show Password is typed and your WiFi password will show the saved WiFi password.

Let's rule this out for many. Goodbye for everyone today, be good and learn to take care of yourself Do not be lacking with technology. Spend some time practically, success will come. And stay with us.


Thursday, September 12, 2019

How to download windows 10 ISO file ??

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download windows 10 ISO file

How to download windows 10 ISO file ??

How is everyone hope everyone is fine, however today I will share with you a little trick to download the ISO file of Windows 10? Many Google searchers know how to download the ISO file of Windows 10 but the result is not available in Google.

If you are starting to use a new computer, then of course you know that Windows 10 is a new iOS from Google that came out in 2015. And there are always new updates to this version of Windows 10, so if you want to install Windows 10 on your laptop or desktop computer, first of all you need to download a Windows 10 ISO file. And today I will show you how to download the ISO file of Windows 10 with 1 click. So let's get started.

How to download windows 10?
There are many different ways to download Windows 10 but today I will share with you a brand new tool that many do not know, so let's see.

Step 1: First of all, click on the link that you have taken and download the software of 1 MB size Rufus called Portable Version and you can download it as well.

Download Rufus software

Step 2: Rufus is basically a Bootable Pen Drive software that allows you to create bootable pen drive. Download and install the software. If you have downloaded the portable version, open it directly.

Step 3: After you open the software, it will open just like below. You can see the SELECT option, right click on the Arrow icon that has an Arrow icon and select the DOWNLOAD option. Then click on the Download button.

Step 4: Here you will have one Version, Rlelease, Edition, Language, Architecture options. Select all the flowers you need, one by one. There are a few options. Download using a browser. Click and wait for the download to start.

[Note:] If you want to make Windows 10 a bootable pendrive with this software, you can do so. If you can't do that below, I'll make a post for you.

If you like this post today and you also benefit from this post, then of course you will share this post with your friends.

As of today, you will remain as good as you are...!!

How To Folder And Files Hide In Windows 10....!!!

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Folder And Files Hide In Windows 10

How To Folder And Files Hide In Windows 10....!!!

Assalamu Alaikum How are you Hope you are well I am very good to you. In fact, many of us use Windows 10. But do not know how to hide files in Windows 10.

Windows 10 is not new anymore. Currently there are various posts about this new operating system but today I will give you a fun tips on how to hide folder files without any software.

It used to be the previous version, but the new Windows 10 system may be slightly different, especially for new users. So let's have a video with some simple process of how to make it work. However, using these tips will not work for old people because it is a very easy thing to do. It's just for newcomers.

How to hide folder files in Windows 10 ??

First, right-click your mouse on the file or folder you want to hide, and click Properties. Look at the picture...

Now look at what he hid, it does not appear. So far the system AKI is actually going to be a little newer than the system SBI AKI actually looks. Anyway how to restore this hid file.

You can click on this PC and click on File, from the top right, click on the Change folder and search option. Look at the picture....

Now look at the box that appears below the hidden files and folders option. Do not show hidden files, folders or drives, and there is another Show hidden files, folders and drives. If you do not select the OK show diameter. Look at the picture..

Last words:
Hopefully there will be no problem to understand. However, if there are any problems, please comment below to help. And of course if you like the post, please share it with your friends and comment how you feel. Moreover, if you have any questions about Windows 10, I would definitely help if you know. Be healthy and be healthy.

God hafez ,,,

Monday, August 26, 2019

Internet Download Manager (IDM) Free-Activated Version. Use Lifetime in a One Click, flagbd, Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager (IDM) Free-Activated Version. Use Lifetime in a One Click

Assalamu Alaikum How are you Hopefully not too well. I'm fine with your prayers too.
Internet Download Manager (IDM) is Windows software that acts as your download manager.

Regardless of the website you visit, if IDM is installed on your computer and it is integrated with your browser, then IDM will show you if there is a download file on that web page.

Needless to say, IDM is a popular and widely used software. If you are a PC user then this name is familiar to you. There is no need to discuss that much anymore. So I'll just talk about a little history of this software and the main features, how to download and how to activate it.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is Tonec, Icn. Developed by. And this is Tonec, Icn. An American company, which is indebted to The New Year. Of Tonec, Icn. Team is a developer team managed by Shareware. This Shareware comes with a great website from which you can get paid software for free. IDM was first developed in Windows 7 for Windows operating systems and is available today. IDM has received a total of 5 awards, most of which are high level honors.

There is nothing to discuss about IDM's features, its working style is known to everyone, so I'll just talk about some features of this pre-activated version and its modified programs. One of the people who have modified this software is a Russian programmer. Which is why when installing software you have to repeatedly give English for the language.

Download IDM from here

Direct Download Link 1: Download

After downloading the download button, you will see the download button below, and under "Download with Addons" tick it down.
• Complete the captcha and click on the "Download" button at the top and go to the main download page.
• Click "Download" and your download will begin.

Direct Download Link 2: Download

• There are two download options, you have to click Free or "Slow Download" (Upto 5MB).
• Then click on "Free Download" to complete the captcha.
• Click "Download Now" and your download will begin.

Premium Source: Website Page
Developer Website: Website

How to install and activate:
• Download the software from above

• Now Extract with Winrar or 7zip. Unless you download from here

• Now go to the "Setup" folder and install the software

As soon as you open, a box will appear to select the language. Enter OK with English

• Another box will appear, unmark / uncheck "Install as Homepage ......." next day
• Next time tick English Language again
• Click "Install" this time, wait a bit

The diameter was

Thanks for reading The post

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Free to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro. Backup all deleted data. [Vary Easy]

Free to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro. Backup all deleted data. [Vary Easy]

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Remember, after searching for a file and found that it is not on your hard disk or forgot to give it a full drive format, what to do?

In that case you will use Data Recovery software. But the Pro version is required for full data recovery. It also requires good quality software. But not everyone has the opportunity to use the full version for free.

Maybe you've heard of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro. It is very good quality software. So I brought you free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Pro, a good quality software.

Download The Software
Password: 123

You may be wondering why I will use the Pro version of this software? 

• Because it can retrieve all the data on the hard drive.

• Can retrieve data from USB flash drive, memory card, memory stick, camera stick, zip, floppy disk and other storage media.

• Can recover data from a hard disk crash or partition error.

• Can also recover deleted files from the Recycle Bin.

• You will see Faster Scan as well as High Quality Recovery.

• Can retrieve data from Windows and Linux file systems.

• Able to recover deleted files due to virus.

• Can also retrieve data from accidentally formatted drives during Windows installation.

Hopefully there will be no problem installing. So I did not show the install process anymore. Now install, use the full Pro version for free.

All the best, stay healthy thank you.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

How to disable laptop's Built in keyboard?

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How to disable laptop's Built in keyboard? 

deactivate laptops built in keyboard This post is very useful for you, if you are a laptop user.

Many people want to know how to disable / deactivate laptops built in keyboard. This is because the dust on our laptop's keyboard disappears after it is sanded, we use the External Keyboard but the problem is, then it is seen that some of the buttons on our built-in keyboard are automatically clicking, which is very annoying, like one of my friend's laptop's built-in. The keyboard's SHIFT button is auto-clicked, which causes it to type in lowercase and lowercase if it wants to type UPPERCAE. Ele was UPPERCAE. I think most of these problems are caused by laptop users.

So this is why we want to keep our built-in keyboard off but if we go to the mechanic they say that the laptop should be unloaded from the keyboard and they demand a lot of money.

So today I will show you how you can debug the keyboard from the laptop's system without opening a ravine, let's get started ...

To do this, first right-click on the laptop's My Computer and from there, click on the number 4 Option (Manage).

Then on your laptop the computer management page like the one below will appear, click on Device Manager, then click on Keyboards and right-click on the driver's name of your internal keyboard and click Update Driver. See screenshot -

Then click on Browse my computer for driver software.

After that, a page like the following will appear from there, click on the list of available drivers on my computer.

After that, the page will appear like the one below. And see, there are many manufacturer names here that you can select any one, except the manufacturer of your laptop.

For example, if you use a Dell laptop, you can select a manufacturer other than Dell.

Then click on Next you will see a warning coming in front of you, you will do YES.

After that Windows will have successfully updated your drivers then click close.

After closing you will be asked to restart your laptop.

After restart, you will see that your Built in Keyboard is no longer working.

So this was the post of today's deactivate laptops built in keyboard.

I hope everyone understands, if you do not understand anything, please comment to help me.

All the best, be healthy,

If anything goes wrong, thank you.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Now Control The computer With Your HandSet Android Device (Chrome Remote)

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Now control the computer with your handset To computer _ Chrome Remote

The topics I will be discussing with yoঠoday are to control the desktop at home with our mobile!

Team Viewer :
Team Viewer is a popularstraightforward app but alternatively there is a software that allows you to easily control your PC from your mobile.

So Let's Get Started :
Chrome Remote Desktop To use this process you will need a Chrome browser. No worries for Chrome users, Install The Free Chrome Remote Desktop App on the Chrome Web Store. You must have a Google Account login before installing. Note that you need to be logged in with the same Google Account you log into your Android. Otherwise the problem will arise later.

After installing Chrome Remote Desktop, click on the Chrome Remote Desktop app from the Chrome Apps list. If you can't see the app, open a new tab and type chrome: // apps / and press Enter. After launching Chrome Remote Desktop, you must first authenticate with your Google account. This is the first time you have to do this. But in my case for the first time I have to click on Continue and Accept button a few times.

Once the authorization is complete you will see the dashboard of the Chrome Remote Desktop. You can see that there are two sections. The first one is "Remote Assistance", which means you can generate unique access codes using these two buttons if you need help from a friend or need help from someone. If you want to give someone access to your computer, click the Share button. And if you want to get into someone else's computer then click on the Access button and enter the access code of his computer.

But we want to get into our own computer. This method will not work because there will be no one to generate access code on our computer. So we need to add our own, computers (yes, multiple computers can be added) to "My Computers". For this we need to click on the Enable Remote Connections button.
Clicking on this button will download a small host client software. When you download the software around 5 MB, install and restart the Chrome browser. Then, when you click Enable remote connections, you will be asked to enter a PIN number of at least 6 digits.

This pin number will be the only way to access this computer. But no worries, no one will be able to get into your computer only if you get the PIN number. The purpose of pin number is to ensure that no one can access the computer when you get your Android hand. For each computer you can specify different PIN number. However, every time a new computer is set up on the Chrome Remote Desktop, you have to enter the PIN number.

You will be asked for the PIN again shortly after entering the PIN number. Entering the pin number here will make your computer compatible with Chrome Remote Desktop. The connection from Android to computer is very straightforward. Install The Chrome Remote Desktop App Controllar From PlayStore and launch link2. The list of My Computers will show all your remote connections enabled computers. You can remotely access your computer in just a few moments by clicking on the set number you want to connect to.

Need Remove dless to say, both your Android and remote computers need to be connected to the Internet for this method to work. At 12 kbit / second speed, the chrome remote desktop system is also very good performance. It also seems easier to use in the field than TeamViewer. The 24.1 "8p resolution monitor is easily controlled from a 1.3" 122p display smartphone via
 Chrome Remote Desktop. The entire smartphone's touchscreen will serve as the touchpad of most remote computers.

 Remote Desktop will show a notification bar like the one above when connected to your Remote Desktop. As a result, your computer will get infected immediately as you enter it. (Keep your Android devices below to prevent intrusion!)

Some More Information :
Additional questions may arise when using Chrome Remote Desktop. Below are the answers to these potential questions.

Will The Chrome Remote Desktop Work If The Chrome Browser Is Not Enabled ?? 
Of course. Chrome will continue to run in the background since this application is installed in the Chrome browser. As a result, you can connect to your remote computer even when the Chrome browser is not open when you turn on the remote connection.

Requires Android To Use Chrome Remote Desktop ?? 
No Much like Team Viewer, you can connect from one Chrome computer's Chrome browser to another. For example, if you have Chrome Remote Desktop installed on your laptop and desktop, you can control or reverse the desktop computer from the laptop itself.

Will This Method Work In Chromebox ?? 
Chromebooks are still not very popular in Bangladesh. But even if you have a Chromebook, this method will not work in Chromebooks. Google says the feature will only work on computers on Macs, Windows, and Linux-based operating systems. And in case of a smartphone or tablet, only the computer can be controlled from Android. However, Google will soon launch Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS.

With the benefit of Chrome Remote Desktop now I can increase or decrease the volume of the desktop computer without changing the bed! Will you use the Chrome Remote Desktop utility to work?

Thank You So Mouch For Reading This Post

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Let's Know About Linux's Touch-Driven Linux Elementary OS (Details)

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Let's Know About Linux's Touch-Driven Linux Elementary OS (Details)
Greeting everyone and started today's tune. There are many Linux Lavers Many people want to know about many operating systems.
I fell in love with Elementary OS at the first show. Such a beautiful interface fascinates me. It will be yours.
The first shows a transparent panel at the top, a dock at the bottom. All very simple, but very nice, isn't it?

I have been fascinated by its iconic pack, sound effects. The animations, in particular, are simple but give great peace of mind. It is possible to fill them only when running. The interface of each app is equally simple, but will give a lot of peace to the eyes. Epcenter in particular is very good.

Like Elementary Mint, Stable is based in Ubuntu. Its release schedule is not specified in that way. This is very good for minimalists. Fresh will get a desktop, no extra apps are burdened, and there is an App Center for downloading your favorite apps.
However, not everyone will like this. Because most other OS provides a Ready Desktop at the beginning, the Elementary Office, Graphics Design, Web Browsing etc. will have to download the app.
Let me briefly say now.
At first the Bengali fonts were not properly displayed. Updated the font install and the language pack. But Bangla did not show up properly in the web browser named Epiphany. Firefox has to download. I am having trouble writing Bangla in the integrated Bengali layout. I installed Open Bangla. All in all, it has suffered quite a lot in the beginning…!

For example, there is no minimize button! Close window window border and maximize button on one side. Then they do not change the theme and icon. You can, however, fix it with the Elementary Tweak tool. Mainly because Elementary wants to give a stable OS, some feature blocks are placed.

But not the least, the notification system looks great. The updates come out well on AppCenter. That means the whole ecosystem is quite. Picture in Picture mode is quite handy. You can put the selected part of a window on the screen. For example, if you are designing a logo by watching a tutorial on YouTube in Gimp, you can put the video part of Firefox's YouTube side by side.

Hometown  all, if you want something minimal, beautiful and simple, the elementary is great. But if you want something hassle-free, I think it would be OK to go here.
The official website
You can buy the Elementary at any cost by visiting the Elementary website. Let's say $1, $10, $100, which is happy. Got worried No worries, write in the Custom Home 0 and you'll get it for free.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Download Video Editing Software Filmora Wondershare 7.8.9 Full Cracked For Your Windows 7/8/10 32/64 Bit PC, flagbd, top 3 best free video editing software, top 5 best free video editing software, top video editing software, free video editing software, free video editor, video editor free, best video editor free, video editing software free, movie editing software, free video editing, best free video editing software, free editing software, good video editing software, free movie editor, 2019

Video Editing Software For Low Quality Windows (PC)
Assalamu Alaikum, friends. Hope you all are well. Happy Eid Mubarak to all. Today, after a long time, I sat down to write a post. Today I brought for you Filmora Wondershare 7.8.9 Full cracked. This version will work on all of your PC's 1GB or 2GB RAM though.
So let's start without talking too much.

Filmora Wondershare 7.8.9
Name: Filmora Wondershare
Type: Video Editor
Size: 156 MB
Download Link : Click Here

First of all, download the file from the link above. After downloading, turn off your net connection.

Then extract the downloaded file 1

Then open the folder. You can see a zip file called KeyGen. Extract it.

Then open the app called BlockHost.

Then open the KeyGen app and click on Generate. Then copy the code.

Now install the filmora app. Then open. Click on the register. Enter any email in the email room. Paste the copied code into the Registration Code cell. Then click on the register button.

Then you will see a pop up window like below.

Now your Filmora editor has been registered. If you do not understand anything, InshaAllah will understand

Allah hafiz

Monday, August 12, 2019

Internet Connection From Android Phone To Desktop Computer, flagbd, Kaise kare, Kaise-kare, Kaise karen, Kaise-karen, howto, how-to, Hindi-tutorial, Hindi, Urdu-tutorial, Urdu, how to connect desktop to wifi in Hindi, Apne computer me wifi kaise banaye, Apne computer wifi se connect kare, wifi adapter, how to connect pc to wifi without adapter, wireless adapter for the pc, how to connect computer to wifi with android, how to connect desktop to wifi with adapter, wifi, connect, Computer wifi connect, connect internet throught wifi, wifi internet in pc

Assalamu Alaikum,
Hope everyone is well, welcome to the flagbiddy and wish everyone thmobile of luck in advance Eidzha. The reason we share today is how to share internet from mobile to desktop, because the reason that many of us have computers but no internet connection and modem and cannot buy them is beneficial.
As many of us know, the internet connection from the Android mobile to the laptop computer is very straightforward, just by turning on the mobile hotspot and connecting the laptop to WiFi. But how do we connect with our hotspot whose desktop computer goes after the problem? The desktop computers we use do not have WiFi systems. So today I will show you two ways to share desktop computer internet with mobile.

The Two Methods Of Internet Sharing From Mobile :

1.WiFi Adaptar
2.Uses USB Cable

How To Use ?? 

1.WiFi Adaptor
WiFi Adapter is a small device that lets you access the deprecated WiFi system on your desktop computer. That is, since desktop computers do not usually have a WiFi system, various companies have considered this difficulty in the market with a device called WIFI Adapter, which allows them to take advantage of the WiFi computer. Suppose you want to connect to your phone or router hotspot ie WiFi network then you can buy and use this software from the market. This method will cost you a bit, but if you have a router, you can have a PC without your aptop, and if you do not have a broadband connection, you will want to run it on a mobile hotspot. Will be

2.Uses USB Cable 
We have given a fairly good quality charger with those who buy or use fairly good Android mobiles, and that charger has a USB cable that I often use to know how to use Android phones. With USB cable, the only thing we can do in addition to exchange files by connecting the phone to the computer is internet sharing.

How To Make Internet Sharing From Mobile To Desktop Coumputer With USB Cable :
1. First, turn on the data that you have on the Internet package.

2. Now take a good USB cable and insert the charger pin into the phone just as you would charge the phone and insert it into the USB port of the computer on the other end USB port.

3. Now turn on the Setting> More> USB Tethering option on your Android mobile

4. Now, look at your computer, if your computer has Windows 7, then the following screenshot will come as Yes. If there is any other operating system or Windows 8, if you have any other options then you will understand that the next step will work.

5. You can see the icon on your computer in the taskbar showing the icon to stay connected to the Internet means that you can browse or download anything you want on the computer by keeping the mobile connected to your internet.

One of the interesting things is that I am writing this post with a net connection from mobile to computer. Hope you like the post, if anyone has any questions or comments, be sure to comment.


Tuesday, August 6, 2019

[Antivirus-Pc] Protect Your PC From Anti Virous Download 3 Best-Anti Maleware-Virus Protect Software

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Assalamu Alaikum How are you hoping you are much better Today I will discuss with you very important issues. So let's go and work without talking.

Sometimes our computer gets very sAnti-Malwareti-virus to protect our PC from virus, but do you know how much your anti-virus is protecting you?
So when our PC slows down, we provide a new OS, no need for it, you can eliminate the problems of viruses, worms, adware, spyware and Trojan windows without having to set up a computer and laptop with Windows setup. That's why you need to use only three software.
1. Anti-virus
2. Anti-Malware
3. USB Security
Why do you need these software
4) Due to the fact that my PC's RAM and processor are being used too heavily, the PC is deadly slow and the processor fan is turning too loud, it is taking enough time to open any files or windows, the whole system has been completely infected with the virus, new Scanning with antivirus does not get any virus and if it does not delete or kill it is hanging. Again this antivirus deletes all of your program files called viruses. But for now, setting up is impossible for you. Because there is so much important information.
5) Your computer is infected with shortcut virus, by no means can remove it
6) When you want to browse a website in Mozilla or Google Chrome, many ads tabs are open without any reason which is very annoying. You have set up Windows for the above problems. But after a few days saw again the same problem !!! In fact, if you set up Windows only, the system drive is the format on which the operating system is installed. Other drives remain unchanged. As a result, if the virus is present in the system drive, it gets deleted, but the virus on the other drive remains in the PC as it was before. If these viruses are so deadly that antivirus cannot be installed for them, then the virus will remain on the PC.

Some Basics For You To Know First :
Symptoms of the virus -
1. Computer boot is taking longer to boot.
2. It takes longer than usual for a program to load.
3. exe file to be corrupted.
4. Suddenly showing an unexpected error message while the computer is on or running.
5. Creating an exe or executable file with no need for a folder or filename.
6. Folder options are diable or hidden.
7. The computer is slow.
8. A file is going to be folder hiding or super hiding which cannot be unhid from the properties.
9. Task manager not working.

How The Virus Spreads:
1. Exchange data or any data via pen drive, memory card, CD / DVD, hard disk, etc.
2. When using pirated software.
3. Because of the Internet, e-mail or connection of one computer to another.
4. Double click on the virus infected file or try to run.

Some Precautions To Prevent Virus:
1. If a file is copied from another computer or downloaded from the Internet, it should be scanned with anti-virus.
2. The software should not be downloaded from any website…
Should not be taken from any site other than a trusted or reputable site
3. The autorun should be kept off.
4. The virus batch program should be added to the automatic batch (Autoexec.bat) file. It will check the virus every time the computer is turned on and any external drive is plugged in.
5. When exchanging data with a pen drive, it needs to be zipped and zipped to the pen drive (software must be zipped). Because the virus can't get in the zipped file.
Now let's not take anti-virus before.

So what do you think?
mcAfee is good, is it?
Yes, and we have a bad habit, we know where to find cracks, do you know that if you crack, some options of that software have to be discontinued, the software's own protection is reduced, but what else to do, buy with money. Not forbidding us.However, mcAfee will get you 6 months for free, with all full features including all premium features.
But this is not possible from the official link, so you have to use a hidden link on their server.

Macafee Download



 Link to your email info to get 5 months premium active. And it doesn't need a crack.
Now let's not go with anti-malware

If you are a general user, then this is for you

Gridin Anti Malware


Install Process:
Disable or Pause antivirus protection
Extract rar file 4times
Password: rialms
• Install Program.
• After install your Start / Launch Program
• Run patch as Administrator
Apply the patch.
• run reg.reg file
1) Install in the normal way just before the finish (tick the Lunch Program) box option… ie your Start / Lunch Program.
2) If you have an antivirus on your PC, disable it for some time
3) Then copy and paste the patch file into the install folder and open it with Run as an Administrator (right click on patch file and get this option) Click on Just Patch your software is full version…
Note: Do not update the data but never want to update the software.
If you are an advanced user, then this is for you



Install Process:
Disable or Pause antivirus protection
Extract rar file 4times
Password: rialms
• Install Program.

• After install your Start / Launch Program
• Copy SpyHunter4.exe from crack folder
• Paste SpyHunter4.exe on C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Enigma Software Group \ SpyHunter
Turn off update from SpyHunter settings

SpyHunter is very powerful software, before scanning it, make a backup of your current windows, and make windows bootable on pendrive. If the windows do not load after scan and fix, press the power button to shut down the PC, then insert the bootable pendrive and go to the boot option. Then when the windows install option comes up, you will enter the CMD and enter the following code, diameter, restart, all will be fine as before, no software or file you have installed will be deleted.
General Chat Chat Lounge General Chat Chat Lounge

Now let's not take USB security
General Chat Chat Lounge 

Get rid of Pendrive Virus Keep your PC healthy, ie no more viruses will be infected by Pendrive, DVD and any other removal drive.
Download the latest USB Disk Security 1.0 pre-active Silent Installer and Lifetime Full Version for this.
You can also lock your USB port, which means no one can send data from your computer to USB without the password you provide…
Infecting the virus from PenDrive into the PC is not a new problem. this
Many are very upset over the suffering of the viruses. The viruses that spread through PenDrive are mostly Trojan generation. These are commonly called worms. Some of these worms cause access to the Internet on your PC. Also missing folder options, hidden
These viruses are very common, without having to show files or access a particular system folder or open a registry editor or system configuration utility. Many people use many antivirus, but sometimes you can not solve this problem. Many people do not even know when the virus entered.
The default autorun service is turned on for Windows. As a result, when you insert a disk into a CDROM or DVDROM drive, or pendrive to a PC, they automatically start up or ask you how to turn it on. First of all, the autorun takes the virus. If you have these drives
Turn off AutoRun from the Autoran tab by going to the property; Still
The viruses are inserted when you double-click on a microcomputer to open that drive. This is because if there is a virus inside the pen drive
If it does, then it prepares an autorename INF file (on the route) inside Pen Drive. In this file, it is instructed that only the pen drive is open so that the virus can enter the PC.
If you want to keep your PC free from Pandrive virus, install the software below.
Then solve all the problems…

USB Disk Security


Today Be sure to tell us how the tune is done, if you use this antivirus to benefit from Qunu, then my tune will be useful. Goodbye for today.

Monday, August 5, 2019

How to view your hide login password !!

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Assalamu Alaikum, friends today I will share with you very interesting tips Hope you will enjoy.

 I have said in the title above how to view your browser's hidden login password. Many people can think of these hack tips. Whenever you type passwords like gmail or yahoo mail or facebook etc. you don't see the password you just typed in the form of a button. Today I will see what you wrote about how to view hidden passwords in the form of buttons, so let's take a look below.

How To See This Hidden password !!

First you go to the gmail or facebook login page. Right-click on the password box and click on Inspect Element, then a box will appear at the bottom. A line is highlighted. From there, there is a line like type = "password". And look in the Password box to see if you can see the password you entered. See the figure below.

Intial value = Password "Showing Password"

The diameter is hopefully nothing more than one way you can see the password for any login page.
Then I am going to bid farewell again like today. Parvati will see a new post in a new post, then be good and stay healthy. And take care of yourself


Friday, August 2, 2019

How To Recover Deleted Data From Your PC (Unlimited)

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Assalamu Alaikum
How are you Hope you are well I love your prayers too. After reading the title of the post, you can understand what I am talking about today, so I am going straight to the post without talking.
Still tell me.
Deleted files from your computer's hard disk, portable hard disk, Pendrive or SD card, such as pictures, videos, audio, Microsoft files, Zip / RAR files. If you delete all these files by mistake. Or if your mind is unknowingly formatted. Then you can bring it back very easily.

The software may be recognized by many.
The name Disk Drill.

The best recovery software I have seen so far. However, its free version lets you recover files like 5 MB. But I'm giving you a crack file. Then you can use the file for free. And recover unlimited files.

Download from below

Click Here To Download The Software

Disk Drill Pro (With_Crack) .zip
Unzip Password: --etcSearch

After unzip the file you will find a file like the one shown in the picture below.
Install it.

If you have trouble installing please note the following pictures.

The software has been installed. Ask you to activate it as in the picture below. do not do. Cut all the windows.

Open the file shown in the image below.
(Unzip it, look inside it.)

Copy the part shown in the image below.

Then open MY Computer.
And paste the copied text in the image shown below and press Enter.

See you have been taken to a folder.
Extract / unzip that zip file. Look inside it there is a Crack folder. Inside that folder is a file named DD. Copy it with the mouse. And after pasting the [C: \ Program Files \ CleverFiles \ Disk Drill] copy, paste the DD file copied to the folder you were taken into. And select Overwrite.

Live. It was cracked. No more problems now. No trouble with 500MB. You can easily recover as many files as you want.
Now let's show you how to recover the file.

The drive you want to recover deleted / formatted files. The view to the right of that drive is inscribed.
Click here.

Then the recent deleted / formatted files will be recovered.
And if you want to get back to the car file long ago. Then you can select Deep Scan.

When the scan is finished you can see the picture below.

From here you can recover the file you want.
Find more folders inside a folder. Folders are different by file.
See the picture below.

If you want, you can mark and delete the SOF file at a time.
(But before deletion, the file name was saved. Don't get that name here. All filenames will be as below)

By clicking on the file you want to recover, by clicking the right mouse button on one of the files, you will get the recovery option.

See the picture below.

You will receive a notification when it is recovered.
See the image below.

Then clicking on the notification below will open the folder where the file was recovered.
Anyway, a lot happens.
It seems to benefit you.
You must understand any problem to understand. See you again in a new post about a new topic. You will be fine and healthy

Allah hafezz