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How To Create A Google Customs Search Bar. ..?? And Earn From Your Site...!! [Blogger, Wordpress]

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How To Create A Google Customs Search Bar. ..?? And Earn From Your Site...!! [Blogger, Wordpress]

Assalamu Alaikum How are you Hope you are well In fact, writing posts on the job front is a lot harder. So suddenly 2 - 1 days become sweet.

Today I am going to share a new topic. How to earn from the search bar?

Note: - In this episode we will show you how to create a search bar and wait for the next episode in how to earn from this..??

What, I wonder? I told you that. Many of us use a custom search bar on our site so that users can easily find the information and there is only one benefit that will be posted on their site. However, there are more benefits. In today's going to tell you how to earn from it. For that you have to work following the rules.
If you work according to some steps you can create custom customs properly.

So let's get started. First go to the link below ..!!

Click Here To Go The Link 

Then put your site in place of the example in the example below

Then click on Create and then work as below.

Now the public url. You can view the live demo by clicking on the Get Code, then copy the code from the Get Code and place it on your site.

Due to the short time, I finished the post. If you make a mistake, you will look with forgiveness.

How to earn income will be very quick
Wait then

Note: - Those who do not have an Adsense account... So you can not use this.. 

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Monday, September 23, 2019

Get Lifetime Subscription For Free With Yoast Premium Seo Plugin...!! Download It For Free..!!

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Get Lifetime Subscription For Free With Yoast Premium Seo plugin...!! Download It For Free..!!

It's time that the current goes on during the night and the heat becomes unbearable every night. Because of being a little fat, I sweat a little more than other normal sick people because I'm fat. So it is raining lightly and it is nice to put hot and cold together. The feeling is not evil.

So in the heat of this con, I sat down to write a post about another feeling. Most of the plugins used in our BanglaPen are almost premium. And I'll give you all the plugins you need. But I need your help for that. Want your love Giving love to all. Please fill our BanglaPen with love Comment below what you think the post will look like.

What I brought you today is Yoast SEO Premium. How do you do it? What you need is to download it. Ambi's fair price. Yes, I am explaining why I am.

What is Yoast SEO Premium?
This is a WordPress plugin. By which SEO is done. If we do not use these plugins, we need to do SEO on our site's manual. What is SEO? Every post that happens every day, every user who comes every day has to do SEO manually for all their data categories. For this, a person has to keep track of whether these SEOs will do it one by one. Which is just as difficult as time-consuming and requires a lot of money. And so Yoast SEO is used.

How to do Yoast SEO Premium again?
Yoast SEO Premium will handle many tasks professionally. And will offer many features that are not available in Basic. You will be surprised to know that sites like BanglaPen, WireBD, TrickBD use this plugin. You just post. Yoast SEO Premium will automatically index it on Google.

And let's not forget what features we get at Yoast SEO Premium.

★ All features of Yoast SEO Free.
★ Multiples Focus Keywords
★ Redirect Manager
★ Internal Link Suggestion
★ Customer Support For Life Time (my version)
★ Yoast Premium Ads Free

Did you see that ??

Now let's download. Click Download to download. Download 

So be good and be healthy. And there is no password in the upload directly. And the second phase of the Royal PTC site. Brothers can't upload my screenshot so screenshots can't be uploaded. And so it is not posted. So spend tonight tomorrow, the brothers will get the right post.


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

How To Install A Local Host On Wordpress....??? [Very Easily]

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How To Install A Local Host On Wordpress

Assalamu Alaikum, hope all is well, Inshallah I am also very good so today I brought you a great tutorial.

We know what a website is, or what a website is used for. The current online website for outsourcing is a great platform, suppose you have a website and you publish some good quality content and then send requests to some ad networks and make them very easy to earn by using their ads.

Now speaking, there are many of us who do not understand a lot about the website. If you do not understand the website, then you do not have coding skills, then how do you create a platform for outsourcing? If you want to do it with a developer, that would be good too, but I think it would be good to try something new yourself because if you do this your website will be ready and your skill in this regard will continue to grow.

Many of you may have heard of WordPress, perhaps WordPress is the most popular blog publishing application and powerful content management system (CMS).
Open source blogging software developed by PHP and MySQL. It is very easy for WordPress to create a professional quality website without any PHP, MySQL or HTML knowledge.

WordPress is growing in demand and the number of jobs every day is the best CMS platform for any type of website. Matt Mullenweg initially published this CMS, WordPress, on May 27, 2003, briefly called WP. Currently using WordPress CMS you can easily create any website in very short time. Not only freelance carriers, but also corporate and multinational companies, there is a huge demand for WordPress developers.

Being a skilled WordPress developer is a matter of time and trouble. No organization can build anyone as a skilled developer, and it can be a great exporter. Developing yourself as a skilled developer is not an option. However, it is possible to learn if you are planning. You must know HTML, CSS to work with WordPress theme development. Also, you need to know PHP and MySQL for jQuery, JavaScript and backend development. And only if you know how to use HTML, CSS and WordPress framework for WordPress theme customization.

In today's tutorial I will show you how to get started with WordPress by installing WordPress through Localhost, I think it's best to use localhost for beginners first, as you install WordPress using Localhost so you can continue to learn. You can then start buying domain and hosting when you learn how to use everything better To use your outsourcing platform, localhost, you have to use a software called Penguin, the server of this software I hope you like because I use it myself, and you can download the software from the Google Play Store. .

App Name: Penguin
App Size: 15.16 MB

Download Link 

Hopefully you have downloaded the software and I have also downloaded and installed the screenshot.

Now you need the WordPress software, I have downloaded AllReady for you to download.

WordPress: Download Link.

Good, now you're done, you open the Penguin software.

Now switch on the switch shown in the screenshot.

Now look at the server being started.

Now switch on.

Now you have to create a database to install WordPress, click on PhpMyAdmin to create the database.

Now tell you to select a browser, select the one you like, I have selected my phone's default browser.

Now you will get a login page like screenshot, enter username and leave the password box blank and then click on Go button.

Now click on Databases.

Now name the database and click on the Create button.

Now the database has been created.

Now log in to your file manager and see if a folder has been created and click on it named www.

Paste the WordPress you downloaded into this www folder.

Now you have to unzip this zip file - I am using Long Press, I am using ES File Manager. It is much easier to unzip it if you want to use it or you can use different software to unzip. Now I will click More.

Now click on Extract To.

Now click on the Ok button.

Now unzip.

Great, see we are unzipped. This marked zip file no longer needs us to delete it.

Super, now you're done, select a browser you like and go to http: // localhost: 8080.

Now that you have to set up WordPress configuration, click on Let's Go button.

Now you enter the Database Name and enter the username and leave the root and password box blank.

Now click on the Submit button.

Now click on Run The Install button.

Now you have to give some basic information that is required when installing WordPress.

Enter one of your email addresses now and click the Install WordPress button.

See, your WordPress install was successful. Now you have to click on the Login button.

Now enter your username and password then click the Login button.

See your WordPress admin panel has been able to access.

Now visit your website at Ready Local Host.

Hope you enjoy the benefits of today's tutorial.

[Note:] To create this content I have given the user name and password admin during WordPress install But when you purchase domain hosting and install WordPress, then use strong user name and password otherwise your website can be hacked very easily.

So be good everyone stay with FlagBD.

Thank You For Reading The Post

Monday, September 16, 2019

Now add FaceBook Like Box to your WordPress Site Without Any Coding...!!!

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Now add FaceBook Like Box to your WordPress Site Without Any Coding...!!!

Peace be on you, how are you all? Hope you are well After 3 days reduce the busyness of the work Today is a new one on FlagBD
With the plugin.

This is your site
Creates a Facebook Like Box.
Thereby opening the name of your site
Like to facebook page
Don't get into Facebook. Will be from the home page of the site.

So the plugin will find this wordpress Plugin Store.

Plugin Name: WS Facebook Like Box Widget

There is a light setting that you can enter into the plugin if you want.

Today another post will be seen on this topic. Be healthy stay healthy

Allah hafiz

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Now Download Some Awesome WordPress's Paid Themes..!! Download It For Free ..!!

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Now Download Some Awesome WordPress's Paid Themes..!! Download It For Free ..!!

Assalamu Alaikum How are you Hope you are well
All of us who work in WordPress need a theme. Because making a WordPress site without a theme is Impossible. However, these themes are not available for free. These themes have to be bought with some money. However, it is not possible to buy the theme and theme of all. Because in a country like Bangladesh everyone knows how hard it is to make $ 70. Most of the themes cost $ 59.

If you know the popular marketplace, you will see how a single theme is priced. That's why I brought you some paid themes today. You can create a blogger site that uses them. So let's not see how you can get some paid theme free.

But before I say it, the themes I talk about today are not crack themes or red themes. So in this case your site will be 100% safe.

Today I will give you 3 themes. The first theme is,

2. CVitae - Premium Responsive WordPress Resume

This is a theme for creating a personal website. This is especially needed for those who are freelancing. But if you want to create a personal website for you, then this theme is best for you. The current price of this theme is 44 $. Which is like Rs 3450 if you do it in Bengal. So download this theme now.

Download link:

2. Shadower Pro - A Clean & Responsive WordPress Theme for Bloggers

This theme is a blogging theme. This theme is ideal for you if you want to do blogging. I used this theme myself. Neck Fast is a theme. Which will help you get ranked in Google. Besides, it has all the features that a blogging site needs. Its current price is $ 45. This is equivalent to Tk 3500 in Bengali money.

Download link:

3. BPF - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

This theme is basically a business theme. This theme is perfect for those who want to do business online. Those who want to do the hosting and business of the domain can easily do with this theme. And one of the special features of this theme is the wp bakery plugin. With this plugin you can easily customize your site.

Download link:

So much like today. Feel free to comment.


Top 2 WordPress Hosting Providers

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Top 2 WordPress Hosting Providers

Assalamu Alaikum How are you Hope you are well
You must know what WordPress Hosting is and what its benefits are. If you don't know, then know that WordPress hosting basically refers to the one hosting the most secure.

Websites hosted on WordPress have a lot more benefits than normal hosting websites. If you are planning to host your website on WordPress, find out the details about the best WordPress hosting providers in the world.

Best WordPress Hosting Provider
Almost all hosting companies provide WordPress hosting. However, there are some companies that are best and experienced in WordPress hosting. Likewise, you can have ideas about 2 hosting companies.

Blue Host

In addition to Shared, Cloud, Dedicated and VPS hosting, Blue Hosting also has WordPress hosting. Bluehost offers WordPress hosting services in both the Normal and Optimized categories.

The opening price of the Normal Hosting Package is $ 3.99 per month for the first year, which will be $ 7.99 from next year. This price is for the Basic Plan. Plus plans are $ 10.99 and prime plans are $ 14.99.

There are 4 categories for optimized hosting. The first is the WordPress standard, priced at $ 39.99 each. 2nd WordPress Enhanced which costs $ 59.99 per month. The 3rd WordPress Premium R will cost $ 89.99 per month. After all, WordPress Ultimate is priced at $ 129.99 per month.


While all other hosting, Godaddy is famous for WordPress hosting. This company has 4 types of WordPress hosting. They are Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate and Developer.

In the meantime, basic WordPress hosting costs $ 8.99. The Deluxe package is priced at $ 12.99. The Ultimate package costs $ 19.99 and the developer package costs $ 24.99.

[Note-1:] There are some discounts on each package for the first year. Therefore, the price is always mentioned without mentioning it.

[Note-2:] Godaddy's support system is just over the phone. That is, for any type of support you need to call and explain your problem in English. They don't have live chat or email support.

Thanks For Reading The Post

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Download 10 Best WordPress Paid Theme And Plugins.. For $1072 And Download It For Free [ Free Download ]

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Download 10 Best WordPress Paid Theme And Plugins.. For $1072 And Download It For Free [ Free Download ]

Assalamu Alaikum How are you. Hope you are very good. I'm fine with your prayers too.
If you have a WordPress site, below are some valuable themes and plugins for you. Which you can download and use for free. Most of the sites currently created by WordPress. In fact, the reason for building a site with WordPress is that compared to all other CMS-CMS-Content Management System, CMS is easy to use, large-scale Adonos Place (theme, plugin) store, extensively customizable and much more.

Whatever it says but not all addons (themes, plugins) are free. Most work addons (themes, plugins) you have to buy.

But don't worry about it, because from now on, every week, the top ads (themes, plugins) paid version will be shared that you can use for free. And if you have an espace theme theme plugin, be sure to comment.

How to install or activate:
First download the theme or plugin you need from below.

The file that will be downloaded is now extracted in .rar format with Winrar or 7zip (If You Do Not Download..So Download Now)

Now you will get 2 folders "Setup" and "Documents", then you will need to upload the .zip file that you will find in the "Setup" folder in your WordPress.

Diameter, enjoy the paid version for free.

1. All in One SEO Pack Pro

Version: 3.2.4
Price: $ 559 / 47299BDT
Category: Plugin

Developer Website: Website 

Download for free:

1. Direct Download Link: Download 

2. Direct download link: Download  

2. Keyword SEO Rank Tracker

Version 2.0.0
Price: $ 29 / 2453BDT
Category: Plugin

Developer Website: Website   

Download for free: 

1. Direct Download Link: Download   

2. Direct Download Link: Download  

3. Newsomatic - Automatic News Post Generator

Version: 2.4.3
Price: $ 39 / 3299BDT
Category: Plugin

Developer Website: Website   

Download for free: 

1.Direct Download Link: Download  

2. Direct download link: Download    

4. Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin

Version: 4.13.1
Price: $ 21 / 1776BDT
Category: Plugin

Developer Website: Website  

Download for free:

1. Direct download link: Download  

2. Direct Download Link: Download  

5. Profile Builder Pro - WordPress Profile Plugin

Version: 3.0.3
Price: $ 149 / 12607BDT
Category: Plugin

Developer Website: Website  

Download for free:

1. Direct Download Link: Download    

2. Direct Download Link: Download  

6.SEOPress PRO - WordPress SEO plugin

Version: 3.6.3
Price: $ 30 / 2538BDT
Category: Plugin

Developer Website: Website

Download for free:

1.Direct Download Link: Download   

2. Direct download link: Download   

7. Swift Performance - Cache & Performance Booster

Version 2.1.1
Price: $ 40 / 3384BDT
Category: Plugin

Developer Website: Website

Download for free:

1. Direct Download Link: Download  

2. Direct Download Link: Download   

8. Use-your-Drive - Google Drive plugin for WordPress

Version: 1.12
Price: $ 34 / 2876BDT
Category: Plugin

Developer Website: Website   

Download for free: 

1. Direct download link: Download  

2. Direct download link: Download  

9. WP Rocket - WordPress Cache Plugin

Version: 3.3.6
Price: $ 49 / 4146BDT
Category: Plugin

Developer Website: Website   

Download for free: 

1. Direct Download Link: Download

2. Direct download link: Download

10. Yoast SEO Plugins Pack

Version: 11.9
Price: $ 89 / 7530BDT
Category: Plugin

Developer Website: Website  

Download for free:

1. Direct Download Link: Download   

2. Direct download link: Download     

This was the event of the week, be sure to comment somewhere or understand the problem. And if you have a paid theme or plugin that you need, be sure to tell. Next week, the request will be on a paid theme or plugin. Can you tell how the postie felt?

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